MONDAY: What’s your favorite kind of pie?

Since we’re in the midst of a milestone celebration, this week’s been especially busy in the inbox. I’ve enjoyed seeing what directions your assorted curiosities have taken us in the Threshold Q&A. Since all of my serial posts were delayed this past week, you may have guessed (correctly) that I had a busy week in other ways. Photos to share. Lots to tell. Come and see!

MiniMe by JupeWriting Assembly. This past week, I was able to speak in a school assembly at a charter school here in Southern California. Nearly 200 kids from 3rd–8th grade came together to hear me talk about “Hatching Plots.”

After the big group chat, I met with each class separately for Q&A sessions, and I provided teachers with worksheets to use for hands-on writing workshops for the rest of the afternoon.

♦ What Makes a Good Story?
♦ Assemble your Cast
♦ Plot Starters
♦ Design Your Book Cover

After weeks of preparation, it was fun to don my “traveling shoes” and meet the kids! Several asked for my autograph, and I was able to shake many hands. A few of the students told me about their own dreams for becoming authors. It was such a good time. And now that all my materials are ready, I’m ready and willing to visit other schools.

Here are the bookmarks and art cards I was able to leave with each of the students:

School Assembly, Hatching Plots
Milestone Party. You have one more week to take part in our celebrations for The Garden Gate‘s book birthday. If you’re able to take part in my review drive, I’d be ever so grateful. But there are plenty of other ways to have fun … and win fabulous prizes. You can leave questions for the Threshold Series cast on the Threshold Q&A post. (Can you believe there are already over 100 comments on that post? Wow!) And it’s been fun to see more votes trickle in on the favorite angel poll. Once I catch up on comments, I do believe that Baird will have edged out Koji for first place! Find out how you can take part >>

Central Library. Last Friday evening, the San Diego Public Library kicked off their 49th annual Local Author Exhibit with a big to-do. Live music. Dessert buffet. Red carpet. Roving photographers. The central library is practically brand new, and it’s a gorgeous place with multiple levels, beautiful views, and open-air courtyards. It was lovely to stroll around, snap some pictures, chat with other writers, and hunt for my books in the numerous display cases dedicated to San Diego county authors. Here’s another snapshot from the evening, taken in front of a wall completely covered in open books:

Downtown Library

My 2014 title was The Garden Gate [Threshold Series, Book 4]

Local Author Exhibit, CKinde

Reader Participation. It’s always heart-warming when readers let me know that they’ve been thinking of me or the Threshold Series. I love getting surprises in my mailbox (like this book that Elizabeth sent me for Christmas) and pictures in my inbox (Like this one from Esther, whose family decided to try their hand at Prissie’s secret recipe for Candy Apple Pie.)

Gift from Elizabeth, Christmas 2014

Candy Apple Pie 2014

Which brings me to the question … what’s your favorite kind of pie?  : )


22 thoughts on “MONDAY: What’s your favorite kind of pie?

  1. Arian says:

    Hmmm … pie isn’t much of a thing in my native land – sweet pies, anyway. I can’t remember the last time I was offered any type of pie but apple – oh, or the little fruit-mince pies at Christmas. Both those are tasty.

    The ‘meat pie’ is of course famous across the world as Australian fare. I quite like those. But my favourite savoury pie is chicken and asparagus. Yum.


  2. THE BOOK WORM!📖 says:

    Apple, Cherry, Straberry rubarb, Rubarb, Pecan, Apple, CHOCOLATE!, Pumpkin, Blackberry, Huckleberry (we have a huckleberry bush by our house and it takes ALOT of picking to get enough for a pie), sweatpotato, chicken pot pie!! I could list my second favorites if you want……. = D)))))))


  3. Esther says:

    Candy apple pie! Or any apple pie, really. But candy apple pie is angelic . Thanks so much for the recipe, Mrs. Kinde! (It’s kinda weird to see my pie posted there where lots of people can see it). But I also really really like strawberry-rhubarb pie, especially the ones my step-grandpa used to make. Key lime, lemon meringue, cherry, and strawberry are pretty good too.
    Can you tell I really like pie?


  4. I’m not too picky, but my favorite pies are the fruit pies. :) Unless you count cheesecake as a pie because I absolutely love cheesecake!! Warm or cold! Have you ever had brownie cheesecake? It is sooo good! :D


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