The Garden Gate: Milestone & Giveaway

To celebrate The Garden Gate‘s book birthday, I’m hosting a giveaway. Naturally, this involves fabulous prizes, and the way this is set up, you could win more than one!

The Garden Gate

50 limited edition postcards
5×7″ glossies of story art

♦ Rules ♦

  • Comment to enter. It’s that simple. Siblings are welcome to join the fun. ; )

There are several ways to increase your chances at winning. These are entirely optional, but for each of these items, your name will be added to the drawing again. You could win multiple times!

Usual Stuff:

  • Post a quote from The Garden Gate here. Or even better, tweet it using the hashtag #ThresholdSeries (I’m @ChristaKinde on Twitter, and I’ll retweet your picks).
  • Or tag me on Facebook. (I’m listed under my maiden name: C. J. Milbrandt.)
  • Tell me about your favorite scene from The Garden Gate. Why did it grab you?

Fun Stuff:

  • If you haven’t yet, cast a vote for your favorite angel. Informal Poll >>
  • Post a picture of The Garden Gate next to a fence, gate, or garden. With your permission, I’ll share it with everyone!
  • Pin a garden-themed picture to the Reader Show-and-Tell board on Pinterest.  If you’re a pinner, and you want to be added to the group boards, let me know. ♥

Helpful Stuff:

Encouraging Stuff:

Review Drive. Reviews are incredibly important to authors, and you need to know that. Leaving feedback is one of the biggest ways a reader can go above and beyond to support an author. According to a blog post I read recently, a story needs at least 30 reviews before Amazon will recommend it to potential buyers. Most of my books are skimping along below that number. (The Blue Door finally hit 31!) So just as I did last summer, I’m making a review drive part of these celebrations. For each new review, I’ll drop your name in the proverbial hat. Fair and honest opinions, please. Your goal is to help future readers decide if this series is worth their time.

Threshold Series books and stories:
The Blue Door ♦ The Hidden Deep The Broken WindowThe Garden Gate
Angels All Around ♦ Angels in Harmony ♦ Angels on Guard
Rough and TumbleAngel on High

Sites where the Threshold Series can be reviewed:
AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboCBD

Facebook. I finally set up an author account on Facebook. Like me! : )

So! For this giveaway, you have all of this week and the next to enter. I’ll do the drawing at noon (Pacific) on Monday, February 9. To alert me to entries, comment here or send me links and pictures via email. I’m christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you, and I’m so very thankful for your encouragement and support. ♥


The Garden Gate is the fourth and final book in the Threshold Series. If you haven’t finished the series yet, you may encounter spoilers in the comments!

48 thoughts on “The Garden Gate: Milestone & Giveaway

  1. Marie says:

    Well, My favorite part (one of many) was when Prissie had to sleep on the couch, and heard Ephron singing. She went to him and told him she was sorry, and asked if he was mad, but he said that he wasn’t and there was nothing to be sorry for. It really spoke to me and told me things I’ve always needed to hear, and just the emotion and the beauty of pure faith in God to see him safely through his torments, oooh man. Such a powerful scene.


  2. Emma says:

    I love a lot of quotes from this book, but I think my favorite would have to be when Abner says, “This is bad and worse, but perhaps not the worse.” I find myself saying that pretty often.

    I think my favorite scene would have to be when Marcus gives Prissie her sun catchers. (Closely seconded by the one where Prissie and Tamaes are reunited on the roof.) <3


  3. Megan says:

    “With a shrug and a smile, Ransom said, ‘I became a Christian.’ Just like that. Right out loud.”
    I wish we all had Ransom’s easy acceptance and simple pride in Christ. He isn’t afraid to say it and wants others to know. It’s a beautiful moment of witnessing just in his stating the truth.


  4. Esther says:

    Oh, my favorite scene. So hard. I probably have to say my absolute favorite is when Prissie finds Tamaes in her dream. (the scene where she actually is reunited with him in person comes in a close second). I love that scene for two reasons: one, it released nearly two hundred pages’ worth of anxiety and crying over Tamaes, and secondly, I love it because it shows God giving both of them something they really want and need, and it’s super encouraging to think He cares about us that much, and also, even though it doesn’t seem like God is answering your prayers right now, that doesn’t mean He never will, and He’s just waiting for the right time. My favorite quote (I’m not currently in possession of the book, so it won’t be quite exact…) is when Ransom says: “Shouldn’t you be nicer to me? The Bible says you should be kind to strangers ’cause you never know when they might be angels in disguise.” and Prissie says “That’s… true…” and Ephron and Koji start laughing. So hilarious…
    But I’ve got a question–after we post a review on Amazon, do we need to post here to tell you that we wrote one, or do you have some other way of knowing?


  5. Savannah Perran says:

    My favorite quote? Here it is!
    ‘Clearing her throat, Prissie carefully replied, “That’s … true. But you’re definitely not an angel. I know better.”
    Ephron tittered. Koji giggled. And then they just broke down, filling the kitchen with joyful noises.’
    ….okay, maybe that is a little long for a quote :-). But I’m guessing that it still counts :-).
    My favorite scene? That’s even harder then picking my favorite quote! Hmm …. I think it is the one where Ida is doing Prissie, Ransom and Koji’s hair, and then Kester takes a pic to send to Baird. I’m not sure why I like it so much I just … do :-). I also REALLY like the scene with Prissie and Tamaes on the roof.
    I would have commented on the ‘Sage and Song’ story page … but I couldn’t quite figure out how :-). So, I’ll just do my comment here! I REALLY love Sage and Song, especially since it is all about Kester, and he is one of my favorite characters. Do you have an idea of how many parts ‘Sage and Song’ is going to have?
    I have been reading your other blog for quite a while, and LOVED the review copy of Meadowsweet that you gave me (by the way, I posted a review for it on Amazon. Not sure if you had seen it yet. I also posted the same review on Barnes and Noble.), and I have been having a great time reading Deuce! Can’t wait until Rakefang comes out!
    I commented on my fav chapter of ‘Tried and True’. I had a hard time picking which was my favorite …. but I finally picked Chapter 40. I love Omri! I also voted for my favorite angel … which is Baird :-).
    I’m going to be writing a few reviews and posting them, and I’ll write another comment when I have done that. -Savannah


    • Whoops! I didn’t have comments turned on for the Sage and Song page. Fixed it. : )

      And no, I’m not entirely sure how many chapters Kester’s story will have. But if I wrap Sage and Song up in one year (during 2015), that’ll likely mean 100 chapters.


  6. Micailah Cialella says:

    Okay, favorites are impossible to choose.
    I liked when Abner said to Adin, “The girl is a girl and keys are for locks.” I just feel like that really highlighted Abner’s quirky personality and it wasn’t the answer I was expecting!:D
    I really liked when Prisie found Tamaes in the dream, it was so sweet a moment and a great feat for her, crawling across to get to him.
    But I also liked it when Randsom joined Prissie in the dream just before Koji left. Koji’s leaving made me cry, so I can’t say I liked that part very much.:)


  7. My favorite scene was the dream Prissie had during which a bunch of the angels were sent.
    I Pinned a garden themed pin. And I commented on both Sage and Song, and Tried and True.
    How do you want us to tag you on Facebook? Do we just send you a message?


  8. Savannah Perran says:

    Alright, my reviews are done! Here is where I posted them …

    THE BLUE DOOR: Barnes And Noble, Goodreads
    THE HIDDEN DEEP: Barnes And Noble, Goodreads
    THE BROKEN WINDOW: Barnes And Noble, Goodreads
    THE GARDEN GATE: Barnes And Noble, Goodreads
    ANGELS ALL AROUND: Barnes And Noble, Goodreads
    ANGELS IN HARMONY: Goodreads
    ANGEL ON GUARD: Goodreads
    ANGEL ON HIGH: Amazon, Goodreads
    ROUGH AND TUMBLE: Amazon, Barnes And Noble, Goodreads

    All my reviews on Goodreads will show up under the name RJP. My Amazon reviews should have my name in the title, and my Barnes and Noble reviews will have my name on the end of the review. :-) ~Savannah


  9. 12345 says:

    I posted my favorite here. i voted for my faorite angl and did tried and true and rough and tumble. I also asked soke questions on the question and answer. Does that count?


  10. Arian says:

    One of the quotes I like best is:

    ‘With the barest of smiles, Taweel declared, “I am grateful to be Tamaes’s mentor. it is my privilege to share his joy.”
    ‘ “So is being a mentor like having a second chance?”
    ‘ “I cannot speak for others, but for myself … yes. When Tamaes was placed under my watch-care, it was as if I tasted redemption. God is wise beyond knowing.” ‘

    Rather too long to tweet… I’ll find a shorter one for that. :)


    • Arian says:

      I don’t think I can choose a single favourite scene, but one that keeps coming back to me is the scene where Baird is telling Prissie to give Koji as much of herself as she can before he has to leave. “This is going to be epically hard for someone besides you.” It’s reminded me more than once to look past my own distress and try to mitigate someone else’s. Baird gives good advice.


  11. Soleil says:

    I pinned,
    I commented on S&S,
    I couldn’t find the page for Tried and True, but I think that one of my favorite chapters was when Tamaes helped Taweel overcome his loss by his friendship.

    My favorite quote:
    Marcus squeezed her hand. “Do you got a plan?”
    After a short pause, he prompted, “Can I hear it?”
    “Get Koji back,” she replied tersely.
    “Nice and simple.” Without a trace of mockery, he said “Plenty of battles have been won by sticking to a simple plan. Kill the giant. Blow the trumpet. Conquer the grave.”

    My favorite scene:
    “I REALLY wish he’d stop doing that,” she muttered.
    …”Every time I’ve seen Adin,he’s worn something that matches what I have on.”
    “I remember. Made him easy to spot at the mall. The guy’s trying to hard. You should dump him.”
    Prissie’s disbelief melted into to amusement. “You give relationship advice?”
    “I have opinions.” Marcus gazed steadily at their opponent. “Most of whichI keep to myself. But I’ll take a stand when it’s important.
    After a moment’s though she smiled up at him. “So you’re the protective type?”
    “You know it.”


  12. Esther says:

    I posted my favorite quote and scene from the Garden Gate; I wrote and asked you for postcards; and I entered the informal character poll. That’s about it. Good luck everybody!


  13. Arian says:

    Gaah! I’ve been composing reviews for a lot of this afternoon, and I was silly enough not to save before I answered a call away from my computer. My dear son apparently objected to the file open on my desktop and closed it on me. :(

    I’ve spent a lot more time thinking than writing, so I hope I’ll be able to reassemble my text reasonably quickly. But gaah! Gaah, I say!


    • Arian says:

      *takes a deep breath* Okay. I did these things:

      * Posted a quote from GG

      * Tweeted a different quote with #ThresholdSeries hashtag

      * Tagged a post on Facebook with ‘Christa Kinde’. (Couldn’t tag ‘CJ Milbrandt’ as you and I were not yet Facebook friends, but I sent a Friend request.)

      * Posted a favourite scene from GG

      * Voted for favourite angel

      * Pinned a garden-themed pic on the Pinterest board

      * Became friend and fan on Goodreads, shelved all Kinde books and rated all the ones I’d read

      * Commented on the Sage and Song story page

      * Commented on Tried and True chapter 300

      * Wrote reviews for the four books of the main series, and posted them on:

      Amazon ♦ Barnes & Noble ♦ Kobo ♦ CBD
      Zondervan ♦ NovelCrossing ♦ GoodReads

      that is, four reviews posted to seven places each.

      (Except for ‘The Broken Window’ – only six places for that, because it doesn’t exist on NovelCrossing. And they also think ‘The Gardent Gate’ [sic] is the first book of that series… )

      I had to register specifically for five of the seven sites; I was already on Amazon and GoodReads. But I just love you that much. :P


    • Arian says:

      Okay, now that the Friend request has gone through, the Facebook post is tagged with ‘CJ Milbrandt’ as well. Too late for the competition, I know, but it might get a few more people looking. :)


  14. Jesslyn says:

    Quote: “Prissie blinked up at Jedrick, then loosened her hold on Ephron. ‘Please do. Your wings will work better than mine.’ The tall warrior blinked back. ‘Prissie Pomeroy, humans do not have wings.’ Ephron actually smiled. ‘Have you no imagination, Captain? Many have wished for wings, but few for such noble purposes.'”
    I also liked what Abner said when he was explaining the rules of the field trip. The whole thing, but especially when he said, for those who are directionally-challenged to find someone who knows the ropes and if not, to find someone they didn’t mind being lost with. It’s funny and it also reminds me so much of my mom’s best friend of more than 20 years. <3
    I also tweeted a couple of quotes.
    Favorite scene: This is a hard one. I love your book and love many scenes from it. It is so difficult to choose. But I might have to go with Ransom and Prissie's phone call, when Prissie invited Ransom to come to her birthday party.
    I already voted in the informal poll a long while ago and I have done all of the "helpful stuff" in previous book birthdays.
    I commented on my (current) favorite chapter in "Tried and True" (chapter 167).
    I pinned a couple of garden pictures on Pinterest.
    I'm about to take a picture of the book now. : )


  15. Jesslyn says:

    I just sent the picture to you and I commented on Sage and Song (chapter 4) on why I liked the story. Cute story thus far! <3
    I have left reviews before but I don't remember which websites and whatnot.


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