Q&A Session: Threshold Series

Book Birthday! January 28, 2015 is the first anniversary of the release date for The Garden Gate. In other words, the fourth and final installment in the Threshold Series is celebrating a book birthday. -confetti toss- To mark the milestone, I’m opening up a brand new Q&A Session.

“I’ve been wondering….”

This is like an interview. Or a pop quiz. Or an interrogation. (Eep.) You can ask me stuff. Or you can direct your questions to the characters themselves. (Heaven knows, they know their own minds on matters.) I’ll check comments throughout the week and respond regularly. (Fair warning: your questions may pile up because I’m up to my eyebrows in Sage & Song and Pursuing Prissie, but I’ll tackle them during writing breaks.)

So what’s on your mind? I’m ready to field your questions! ♥

[[SPOILER WARNING]] If you haven’t finished all the books in the Threshold Series, beware of possible spoilers in the comments. And everyone, please be considerate of other readers by not ruining any of the surprises that are built into my stories. Discoveries are more fun when you make them yourself. ; )

277 thoughts on “Q&A Session: Threshold Series

  1. Abbey says:

    Crista: Do you plan on writing another series? I know you are writing the serials Sage and Song and everything, but I was wondering if maybe there were more Threshold books themselves lying in wait sometime in the future?


    • Yes, I have plans for more books. The first book in an exciting new trilogy has been done for a little over a year now, but I’m waiting on a publisher. And Pursuing Prissie, the first of the Pomeroy Family Legacy stories, is due to release sometime this spring. That Threshold Series sequel is set ten years after the events of The Blue Door. And of course, I’m writing books under my maiden name, so if you’re interested in family-friendly fantasy, you can choose from the Galleries of Stone trilogy and the Byways books as well! : )


    • Abbey says:

      Thanks! Wow I totally didn’t even realize that the C in C.J was Christa! Lol. I completely thought that you were just promoting someone else book series through those being on your page!


  2. Micailah Cialella says:

    Harken: If Randsom and Prissie were not believers would they have been wearing red in the dream?
    Kester: Am I right in remembering you once lived Hawaii? How old were you the second time you were grafted?
    Milo: Do you have any pointers for teaching little kids about God?
    Marcus: Are you protective of your sisters? Since you’ve basically always been a graft, what sort of games and things did you grow up doing?
    Aleff: Was Marcus your first apprentice? Why the motorcycle? (which is awesome by the way:P)


  3. Arian says:

    Marcus: when did Prissie’s name come under your hand? Is there a name for this sort of watch-care? You’re not her Guardian, and you’re not a mentor or captain or overseer… Watch-care obviously comes in a lot of varieties.


  4. Jedrick: As a flight captain (and a very busy one at that) you are responsible for your teammates and their care. Who is responsible for you?

    Padgett: Are caretakers always sent when there are wounded a battle or only if there is one in one of the leigon’s many flights?
    Do Angels itch and sweat like humans do? Would you say your senses are more attuned than ours are?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Prissie: did you ever get a new stained glass window?
    Aleff: Do you have an apprentice?
    Marcus: What is your favorite kind of music?


    • Kester: According to Harken and Milo, my accent is a “mysterious” blend of Russian, Persian, and ancient Hebrew. The accent lends plausibility to my provenance since according to my paperwork, I grew up in Russia.


  6. Sheay says:

    Jayce: would you give Ransome permission to date Prissie?

    Naomi: what would you say if Prissie dated then married Ransome?

    Nell: what is your opinion of Ransome?

    Pete: do you feel protective of Prissie?

    Tad: are you going to rough up the guy(s) Prissie dates?

    Neil: have you ever wanted to punch somebody because they got to close to Prissie?

    Bau: are you and Prissie close?

    Zeke: should Prissie every get married?

    Jude: would you like it if Ransome was your big brother?

    Ransome & Prissie: have you two put your differences a said yet?

    Ransome: If you get married who will be you best man ?

    Prissie: if you ever wed who will be your matron/maid of honore?

    Marcuse: is Ida’s baby sweet?

    Ida & Loren: are you going to have more kids?


  7. Esther says:

    Jedrick: All angels come in pairs, but flight captains rarely have apprentices. If that’s so, who are flight captains paired with? I assume they aren’t paired with mentors, because I doubt an apprentice would be the captain of a flight..


  8. Micailah Cialella says:

    Abner: Why is it such a big deal if an angel grows dim? I know they don’t die. Are they in danger of Falling?
    Randsom: Do you and Marcus live close to each other? What do you think of Marcus’ foster family?
    Prissie: Have you met any of Marcus’ foster siblings?


  9. Savannah Perran says:

    To Kester: Do you remember the name of the old lady who said she could see your wings? When did you start collecting instruments?
    To Tamaes: If you could describe Prissie in one word, what would it be?
    To Baird: What do you have against the name Myron?


  10. Arian says:

    Sheay’s third question was directed to Grandma Nell, rather than grandson Neil. So I’ll ask her. :)

    Nell, what *do* you think of Ransom?

    Baird: what one word would you use to describe Kester?

    Ransom: do you know why your parents gave you that name? It seems a very strange thing to name a kid from my point of view, though maybe that’s because I’m from somewhere else.


  11. Micailah Cialella says:

    Randsom: Do you like Star Wars?
    Beau: Have you ever read Lord of the Rings? Do you still smell demons when they’re around?
    Mr. Pavlos: Have you met Randsom’s friend Prissie? What do you think of Randsom marrying her?
    Tad: (this is assuming it’s 10 years after the Blue Door) Are you married?

    Prissie: What happened after the close call with Adin at your school? Did the firemen come and find you, Koji and Marcus upstairs or did Padgett open a door for you to get back?


  12. Jaidyn Perran says:

    To Baird: what’s one of the best things about being an angel?
    To Ransom: do you like Prissie? And…… do you think you guys will be good friends soon?
    To Prissie: what’s it like to know that you may see Koji again some day?
    To Jennifer: why do you like Marcus so much?
    To Zeke: what’s the best thing about having Prissie as a sister?
    To Jude: what’s the best thing about chickens?
    To Jedrick: what is the best thing about being a flight captain?

    ~ Jaidyn!
    P.S I love your threshold books Mrs. kinde! :)


  13. Savannah Perran says:

    To Ephron: Did you ever get another mentor after Shimron?
    To Taweel: Why does Omri like to be in your hair?
    To Kester: Where did you get the idea to give Baird six strings of Christmas lights for the sixth day of Christmas?
    To Baird: What did you think when you saw the Christmas lights that Kester had hung in your apartment?


    • Milo: Not really. It’s easy enough to explain that we know each other and why. For instance, I’m Harken’s neighbor, or Baird and I know each other from church. I have a harder time meeting people I already know “for the first time.” Like the Pomeroy family. I’d known them for years before that day I introduced myself to Prissie.


  14. Arian says:

    Why are Abner’s eyes described several times as ‘icy’? Why would an angel have eyes that are cold?

    Or is it ‘icy gray’, referring to the colour? If so, I think it could do with a hyphen, because I for one misinterpreted what was meant.


    • Abner’s eye color is certainly in the “piercing” range, but his gaze is naturally cool, even icy. That’s part of his personality. I think he sometimes forgets to rein in all of the brilliance harbored by angels of his order. There’s enough lightning in his gaze to make an enemy weak in the knees.


    • Arian says:

      Yes … but he seems to look at everyone like that. It must make his job as a park ranger more difficult, if he’s exuding “I disapprove of you” at everyone who asks him anything. :(


  15. Savannah Perran says:

    To Prissie: Have you ever met any of your sibling’s guardian angels? Do you have a favorite type of braid that you like to wear?
    To all the angels: Is it very rare for an angel to get attached to a yahavim (Like the way Taweel and Omri are attached)?
    Baird: You once said ‘Say, Kester, I think I have that bridge figured out.” What did you mean by that?
    Kester: Who was your mentor before Baird?


  16. Sheay says:

    Marcus: what do you think/feel about Jennifer’s crush/obsesition with you??

    Ransome: is it weird that a girl would have a crush Marcus?? What would you think if Marcus turns out to be cherub? An angel of God, who fights for believers ?

    Jedrick: what do you think about Jennifer’s crush on Marcus?

    Harken&Baird: is it common for young ladies to develop a crush on a graft?

    Kester: what instruments are you unable to play?

    Taweel: is Omrie, your favorite a manna maker? And how does he make himself understood?


  17. Micailah Cialella says:

    Harken: How long have you been a graft in West Edinton? Were you ever a graft before that?
    To all the “reserved” and serious angels(Tamaes, Taweel, Jedrick, Marcus, etc.): Do you ever laugh? (smirking does not count) What sort of things make you that joyful?
    Marcus: I’m assuming here that if your jacket is covering your wings you can’t unfurl. Doesn’t that make you even more vulnerable seeing as though you without a weapon as it is?


  18. Priscilla White says:

    Mrs. Kinde: how do you stand theologically? Your book holds a variety of ‘accepted’ christian doctrines from the Presbyterian to the DeVee. I would like to know what you believe.


    • I have a diverse background, having grown up in churches that range from the highly structured and liturgical to independent and charismatic. I’m grateful for the perspective this has given me, and I suppose this shows up in the three churches you see in the Threshold Series. As far as my “theological stand,” I’d be considered conservative. A real stickler and slightly stodgy. However, I don’t want people to be intimidated by the Bible, so when I teach (which I do every week), I try to get my ladies to laugh a little while they learn something. : )


    • Priscilla White says:

      Thanks! It’s amazing how many of a writer’s beliefs are written into their story, all the way from how they use ‘USA’ in a sentence to the details of how God predestined the future. Just wanted to know where you stood :{)


  19. Micailah Cialella says:

    Baird: When your pastor sent you that text about Randsom, were you surprised? Had you already known he had become a christian? How did you feel about mentoring him?


  20. Sheay says:

    Prissie: why does Jennifer have a crush on Marcus? And what does she mean by her type? Did/have/will go to college?

    Ransome: any clue why your mom left?

    Jude: why do you like chickens? Is Prissie important to you?

    Zeke: why isn’t Prissie one of you special things?

    Tad: what is your favorite apple?


  21. Sheay says:

    Grafts: why are you so darn good looking?

    Baird,Harken,Shimron,&Kester: we’re there any grafts in Jesus’ time? And by that I mean did he meet with any while he walked up on the earth?

    Harken: I know Gabriel found you in his study, but when and how did you come to be? Did you wait thirty years before making yourself know to him? If not, how did you maker fashion you while he walk the earth?


  22. Abbey says:

    To the angels (Whoever wants to answer): What do you think the passage in 1 Corinthians 11 means when it says “Because of the angels”?
    Christa: Will Ransom ever find out about Marcus being an angel?
    Ransom: How do you think you would react to that ^?


  23. To all grafts: Isnt it hard associating yourselves with non-believers knowing that you’re fellowship with them might not last into eternity? Isn’t this kinda the same as becoming friends with the Fallen?


    • Arian says:

      Eep, I hope it doesn’t feel like that to them! A human being always might come to faith, after all; we’re not broken beyond mending, as the Fallen apparently are. And an angel must surely be among the most convincing of witnesses. I assume they show the love of God to non-believers, as we should, and do everything within their power to help them come to faith.

      After all, a Guardian’s charge is always a non-believer to begin with: a baby doesn’t believe, and it’s clear that a Guardian’s joy is made full at the time when his charge makes *their own* commitment. And there’s no certainty that the person ever actually will. But God keeps on giving charges to Guardians anyway, and bidding them to love those charges as He loves them, whether it turns out to be only for the length of that charge’s life or for eternity.

      So I think that must be what Grafts are bid to do too. I’m certain it’s what *we* are bid to do.


    • Milo: Like befriending a Fallen? No!
      Marcus: Walking into a room full of non-believers is like walking into a room of strangers.
      Baird: But a stranger who believes is like a friend, even though we just met.
      Harken: That would be the Spirit of God, who knows us as well as we know Him.
      Abner: And we can’t know what’ll happen in a human heart.
      Padgett: Everything can change in a moment.
      Kester: Salvation is beautiful.
      Marcus: Strangers become friends. The forever kind.


  24. 12345 says:

    Padgett: Is Abner a first one?
    Tameas: Why are you so shy?
    Milo: How long had you been watching the Pomoroys before you were grafted?
    Prissie: Do you have any tortoiseshell cats?
    Marcus: What would you think if Ransome knew you were an angel?
    Kester: How many times have you been grafted?
    Baird: How old are you on paper?


    • I don’t have much (if any) say-so in the cover design for the books in the Threshold Series. Who is that? -helpless shrug- He’s a visual cue to potential readers that this series has angels in it.


  25. Arian says:

    Kester: You’ve had four mentors as well, haven’t you? So were you grafted along with each mentor? We know about your grafting with Asaph, the museum curator and Baird; the other time was with the angel who was next after Asaph?


  26. Tyme says:

    Sorry this is a long one!
    Prissie: Do you still have a crush on Milo even thought I know he’s an angel?
    Harken: How long were you waiting for someone to find you?
    Milo: Have you given rides to humans before?
    Tameas: Were you the one in the blue door blocking them on the way to the ferries wheel? Or was that Taweel?
    Taweel: How many apprentices have you had? If you have had others what were their names?
    Jedrick: Is Marcus your first apprentice?
    Marcus: Do you know any other angels with gold eyes?
    Prissie: Who is your best friend currently?
    Prissie: Have you had any cats named Camille?
    Prissie: What’s your favorite kind of cat?
    Ransome: Why didn’t Prissie like you for a long time?
    Tameas: What’s the difference between gold, yellow and amber? Because I want to know weither my cat has gold, yellow or amber eyes.
    Ms Kinde: Have you thought of naming one of your characters Tyme?
    Prissie: Have you had a himalayan cat before?
    Jedrick: Have you been paired with a Second before?
    Jedrick: Do Flight captains usally have apprentices?
    Marcus: How old are you on paper?
    Milo: How old are you on paper?
    Ms Kinde: How many more serials are you going to do? Because I really like knowing the backstory of the characters.


  27. Arian says:

    What is the age difference between Jayce and Ida? She seems to be noticeably younger. Maybe it’s just her personality, and not having any children yet. :)


    • I’ll probably get around to updating the glossary one of these days. Just to be clear, “Second” isn’t another order of angels. It’s the title given to whichever cherub is considered a Flight’s second-in-command. Usually, he’d be the captain’s partner.


  28. Sheay says:

    A note to the ladies: these questions contain groos stuff, if you are easily grossed out please skip this question
    To the older angels: there is a story in the book of Judges, chapter four, ( I think) where a Benjamite kills an fat evil king, by stabbing him with a sword, then the king’s fat swollows up the sword, and then the binjimite tells the king’s attendants that he is, more or less taking care of going to the bathroom. Where any of you there?

    To the Pomrays: what do you think of this story

    To the younger angels: what is your opinion of this real life event?


    • Jedrick: No, the members of my Flight were not present during these events.
      Milo: Eglon’s death is popular with 3rd-4th grade boys.
      Jayce: The book of Judges is certainly … vivid.
      Ransom: Judges. Crazy book. I prefer Acts.
      Pastor Bert: Lots of heartache and heartbreak in that book. When people turn away from God, everything falls apart.


  29. Sheay says:

    Pastor Bert: what do you think of the story of the fat king who died on the toilit in the book of Judges, chapter four? ( I think that’s were it’s located)

    Ransome: what are your thoughts and feeling on the story of the fat king whose fate swollowed a sword? Judges chapter four? ( I think)

    Ransome’s dad: any idea why your wife left? And have you ever thought about becoming a believer? And if so have you joined the family of God?? And how do you feel about Randome becoming a baker?? Have you meet Pricialla? What are your thoughts on Marcus?


  30. Tyme says:

    Milo: How old are you on paper in Pursuing Prissie?
    Ransom: How old are you in Pursuing Prissie?
    Tad: Are you married in Pursuing Prissie? If so what is your wife’s name? And do you have any children? If so what are their names?
    Beau: How many people know your real name? Have you meet your guardian angel?
    Prissie: In Pursuing Prissie where do you work?
    Prissie: If you had to choose which angel is your favorite?
    Prissie: Which cat is your favorite?


  31. Jesslyn says:

    Angels: How do you (angels) know if one is a Christian if you don’t know the person? How do you feel about wars (both spiritual and human)?

    Marcus: You were talking to Beau and said you forgot something important. What did you forget?

    Ephron: Will you be able to walk again? Or is it permanent?

    Milo: How long have you been around? Like according to Biblical timelines.

    Baird: When you were texting Prissie, you said OTL. What does that mean?

    Mrs. Kinde: What state is West Edinton supposed to be in? Is there any art of the trio with their hair done up like Baird’s? That would be an awesome picture. :D Are you planning on doing a serial for all of the angels in your series? Random thought: Jayce was 14 when Ida was born, and Ida was 14 when Prissie was born. Interesting how that worked out. :)

    Kester: What did you think of flying on an airplane, especially considering the fact that you can’t fly? What were your thoughts when you saw Prissie, Ransom, and Koji with Baird’s hairdo?


  32. Jesslyn says:

    If I could draw, I would be happy to draw it for you! But as it is, I am not graced with artistic abilities.

    Angels: Since you’re obviously okay with what humans consider blinding light, does that mean you can look directly into the sunlight and it not hurt your eyes?

    Ransom: How old were you when your mom left? How old are you in the Blue Door? When is your birthday?


    • Harken: I can usually tell someone’s troubled by their attitude and expressions. The better I know someone, the easier it is to see that something’s off. And yes, sometimes it’s as sure and simple as a Sending.


  33. Tyme says:

    Milo: Why did you crash into Beau in The Garden Gate?
    Baird: What’s your favorite song?
    Kester: What’s your favorite song?
    Padgett: Do you have a apprentice?
    Tameas: When will you become a mentor?
    Prissie: After you die will you be able to see Tameas and the others angels in Heaven?


  34. Micailah Cialella says:

    Jomei: When two people marry and become “one” does something special or ceremonious happen between the two people’s guardians?
    Marcus: Had you ever experienced evensong before joining Jedrick’s Flight?


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