MONDAY: How do you goof off?

After clearing a couple of projects off my desk, I was able to goof off a little this last week. For me, that often means adding used books to my teetering To Read pile, poking through the stacks at my local library, playing word games like Bananagrams™ and Scrabble™, and sneaking over to my favorite place to buy boba smoothies. This week’s chit-chat includes a bit of nostalgia, an informal survey, review copies of Meadowsweet, and library-related news.

Symphony. Back in college, I used to take my afternoon’s reading or some handwork to a set of benches near the choir room. They usually practiced with the doors open, and the hall would ring with the eight-part harmonies of choral pieces, often in Latin, always glorious. ‘Twas a feast for the soul. ♥ I’m experiencing a reprise on Saturday mornings, but of a slightly different genre. One of my daughters has joined a youth symphony, and I get to sit in on rehearsals. Violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, oboe—this is my kind of bliss! ♫

Galleries of Stone_Deuce by C. J. MilbrandtInformal Survey. I’m curious how many of you are following Deuce, the newly begun serial over on my other blog.

Without warning, a blade flashed past Aurelius’s ear, clattering against the wall behind him Another glittering dagger was already poised between the girl’s fingertips. —excerpted from Deuce

Have you also read Meadowsweet? If not, are you interested? I’ll make a couple of review copies available. [I would gift the first book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy to you via Amazon; in exchange, you agree to post an honest review.] Email me if you’re interested: christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

SDPL logoLocal Author Exhibit. The San Diego Public Library celebrates local authors every year with a huge exhibit in the main library downtown. Authors are invited to enter books that were published in the past year, and they go on display for the month of February. This year, my contribution was Book 4 in the Threshold Series. I’m looking forward to the big party they throw for the unveiling of the displays. I’ll bring my camera and my +1 and nab some pictures for y’all. The Garden Gate released on January 28, 2014, which means we’re coming up on a milestone very soon! More about that on another day.

EDIT: I just spotted The Blue Door e-book on sale at Amazon for $1.99. A great deal if you want to add this title to your virtual library. : )


15 thoughts on “MONDAY: How do you goof off?

  1. Arian says:

    I’ve sung a lot of Latin choral music. My favourites are Mozart’s Requiem and Vivaldi’s Gloria. It helps that I understand Latin. :)

    I am reading ‘Deuce’, and I have read ‘Meadowsweet’. Reviews don’t seem to be happening, I’m afraid … I was hoping they might come about the easy way, by forming in my mind so I only had to write them down. But they appear to need the hard way, which involves sitting down and glaring at paper, and not getting up again till there’s a satisfactory amount of writing on it.

    I’ll keep my eagle eye on the text for you. I recall a couple of apparently omitted words in the text of Meadowsweet, but I’ll have to read it again to remember exactly where. It’s about time I re-read it anyway. :)


    • Arian says:

      Odd as it may sound, I often find that things I want to write do compose themselves – even reviews. I look at the question or comment that I want to respond to, and the words assemble in my mind, without any conscious exertion on my part.

      It’s rather like conversation: you don’t consciously compose every utterance and then pronounce it. The thinking and the saying happen together, without you noticing that you’re actually thinking. And so it is with a lot of what I put into writing.

      Bu-ut not this time. I’ll have to get out the hammer and tongs.


  2. Thank you for letting me have a review copy of Meadowsweet Mrs. Kinde! I left my review on Amazon, and Barnes And Noble. I LOVED Meadowsweet, and I’m sure I’ll be buying Harrow very soon! ~Savannah


    • I’m enormously thrilled that you’ve finally met Tupper and Freydolf. (I’m also awed by how quickly you zipped through a book of that length!) Do nab Harrow soon. The third and final book in the trilogy will be releasing next month! ♥

      And THANK YOU for your review. Those mean a lot to authors. : )


    • Savannah Perran says:

      When I find a ridiculously good book, I normally can’t put it down until I finish it :-). Can’t wait until the third book comes out, and I’m going to try to get to Harrow before it does :-).
      Your welcome! I enjoy writing reviews for people :-).~Savannah


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