MONDAY: Do you have a bulletin board?

After poking and prodding my new posting schedule, I’ve come to the conclusion that my Friday posts (The Week’s Accumulation) need to migrate. So weekly chit-chat and updates will now happen in MONDAY posts. They’ll be linked daisy-chain style to one another, same as ever, and I’ll also give them a slot on my new Index page. This week was all kinds of fun (with a side of hard work), and I can’t wait to share! Come see all the glorious clutter!

Name Change. One of the biggest, loomiest deadlines I’ve ever labored under was officially vanquished over the weekend. I turned in my rewrites and revisions for the angel-themed devotional due out next September. The book has changed shape quite a bit since the beginning, and it’s gone through another title change. Let’s see if this one sticks!

Originally: Realms of Glory: A 90-Day Devotional
And Then: Angels of the Bible: A 90-Day Devotional
Finally: Angels: A 90-Day Devotional about God’s Messengers

This isn’t my first brush with name changes. For example, my publisher decided to switch my original title for the second book in the Threshold Series to The Hidden Deep. I’d called it The Chained Deep. No big deal. The working title of “Angels All Around” was “The Providential Prince.” And “Angels in Harmony” started out as “Improvisation and Accompaniment.” But Zondervan wanted to keep the word ANGEL in the titles. (And for me to stop using big words.) : 3  I’m curious. How would you react if a publisher decided to rename your book? What about a character?

Angel Unaware. I’m so happy that the first installment of Angel Unaware is available. If you haven’t read it yet, scoot! And here’s a picture that cropped up in comments a while back. I was all coy at the time, but I’ll reshare his portrait now. Meet Aleff, a.k.a. “Uncle Al,” a Caretaker who makes an appearance in this storyline.

Copper-haired Caretaker

Bulletin Board. Just for fun. Do you have a bulletin board? I do. (Well, I have several, but I keep this little one close.) Wanna share a snapshot of yours? I love show and tell. ♥

Bulletin Board


22 thoughts on “MONDAY: Do you have a bulletin board?

  1. Micailah Cialella says:

    Oh you’re bulletin board is awesome! Haha, I love the “You make me as happy as when a swift kick fixes the washing machine”. I don’t recognize the person on the bottom right-hand corner of the board.


  2. :P That bulletin board looks very similar to mine. It’s full of angel postcards, plus a few pictures of my family, and some of my own artwork.

    Did you name your book after the saying on that paper, or did you make it after making the book Tried and True?

    If someone ever tried to rename a story I’ve written, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if they tried to change a characters name? NEVER!!


    • Rachel says:

      I concurre! Though I think my titles fit my stories rather well. Just so you know I am posting under my pin name. I don’t want any body online knowing my real name. But that’s because I want to Protect the ones I love. :-)


    • My daughter spotted that card with the “tried and true” saying a few months ago. ‘Twas a providential find that made me very happy. ♥

      True Facts: My publisher asked more than once if I’d change Prissie’s name.


  3. Arian says:

    Some of my teenaged writing borrowed names from other places. I knew no reason not to – I thought they were good names, and after all, I was only writing for myself. I expected copyright never to be an issue.

    But attempts to revise those stories in more recent decades have run bang-smack into the fact that my characters can’t keep those names if anyone else is ever to meet them.

    They’re not at all happy about it. Those *are* their names, and they’re most resentful of being expected to answer to any other, thanks very much.

    So that would definitely be one piece of advice I’d give to other writers: don’t borrow a recognisable name from somewhere else, ever. Not even if you’re thirteen and don’t expect your story to ever be read by anyone but you.

    Because it’s a sure bet that a decade or three down the track, you’ll see how to make that first idea come out possibly-publishable, and your characters will not be amenable to a late alteration to their identity!


    • Arian says:

      That was a bit of a sidetrack. :)

      The connection is that if I have such trouble changing my own characters’ names, I doubt very much that I’d be happy with an editor wanting to do it. You create a person with their name and around their name. They can’t just have another one pasted on them after they’re already well-defined.

      For the book title, I think I’d be less worried, unless the new title made the book sound completely unlike what it really was. Then I think I’d protest.


    • Names do have a tendency to stick.

      Interestingly enough, I have a character who remained flat and frustratingly passive until I changed her name. Suddenly, she developed little things like a personality and, even better, a backbone.


    • Arian says:

      I reckon that’s another manifestation of the same thing. For instance, I have three quite different images in my mind of people named Jean, Jane and Giovanna (even though they’re clearly all members of the Johns family :D), and to change the name of a character from one of those names to another would be to alter the way I thought about her. So by changing your character’s name, you changed your perspective on who she was, and so she changed. Makes sense to me! :)


  4. Jesslyn says:

    Since I’m really bad with naming things, I probably wouldn’t care too much. Unless it happened to be a REALLY good title, then I would probably care for like 5-10 minutes and then I would move on with my life. Haha :)

    I had a bulletin board when I was younger, but I don’t have it anymore. I used to use it for hanging up index cards with various stuff on it, such as various Scriptures.


  5. Rachel says:

    Ohh, Baird! I firguard out why you do not like to be call Myron! It is because of the meaning, isn’t it?
    Myron means: sweet oil, perfume.
    Hahaha! LOL!! Baird is a sweetie and a softy! The mean isn’t all that bad! We are supposed to let our prayers and our worship be like incense before The Lord. But Baird, I really like your first name.

    Here is the background and history of “Baird”(‘s) “real” first name :
    Derived from Greek μυρον (myron) meaning “sweet oil, perfume”. Myron was the name of a 5th-century BC Greek sculptor. Saints bearing this name include a 3rd-century bishop of Crete and a 4th-century martyr from Cyzicus who was killed by a mob. These saints are more widely revered in the Eastern Church, and the name has generally been more common among Eastern Christians. As an English name, it has been used since the 19th century.


  6. If someone tried to rename one of my main characters I would be privately throwing a hissy fit and outwardly I would not budge; however if it were a minor character that is relatively insignificant to the plot of the whole series and only going to be in for a book or two, I wouldn’t mind so much. Were you offended when your publishers wanted to change Prissie’s name, Mrs. Kinde? I would have been. Prissie is unique and adorable.
    Also, if someone wanted to change my series name, Imaginary, to something else, I would also be offended because it took my almost three years to finally agree with God on my book’s series name. (After two years of being settled with the name, God has just recently given me revelation behind my odd book title. Everything has a purpose and a meaning, including book titles, the dictionary definition of imaginary is something that exists only in the mind. Recently, God revealed to me the reason; His love is not imaginary.
    If my publisher asked me to change the series name I would most defiantly put my foot down.


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