FIRST MONDAY: Happy New Year

How odd to come to a Monday and not have a weekdaily chapter to write! I miss Taweel and Tamaes already. Of course, I’m not exactly twiddling my thumbs. I have both writing (Sage and Song) and editing (Angels of the Bible devotional) on today’s agenda. But I wanted to drop in and highlight a few recent changes on my blog.

New Tabs. As promised, I’ve been rearranging some of the pages on my website. Several things are still in-progress (place-holders and broken links aplenty), but it’s been fun to mix things up. Some notable additions are the Threshold Story Index, which is arranged chronologically, and the Threshold Cast page, which has often been requested. I’ll be adding short descriptions soon, so it won’t simply be a list of names. But it’s a start! : )

New Board. For those of you on Pinterest, I’ve added another board to the Threshold Collection. It’s simply called Zeke! I hope you’ll also explore…

Threshold Series
Threshold Series – Misc
Prissie Pomeroy
Give Baird a T-Shirt
Threshold Series – Secret Santa
Story Art – Threshold Series
Reader Show-and-Tell

Ask the Author. To quote myself… It hasn’t escaped my notice that many of my “regulars” are writers in their own right. While I’m happy to field your questions as usual (by email or snail mail), using the blog as a forum will give us more room to share and compare notes. If you have a writing-related question for me, please add a comment over on the Ask the Author page >>  You may inspire an upcoming (as in next week’s) Ask the Author blog post!

Serials in 2015. I’m juggling multiple serial storylines this year, and I invite you to join me as these three very different tales unfold. Sage and Song updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Angel Unaware appears in my column at Christian Fiction Online Magazine and updates monthly. Deuce is a Galleries of Stone prequel that posts to my other blog, where I write family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name.

2015 Serials

Milestone Celebration. Looking ahead, we have a book birthday to celebrate later this month. On Wednesday, January 28, The Garden Gate will reach its first anniversary. Festivities will include a cast Q&A. Plan to take part!

If you haven’t finished Angel on High, there are spoilers in the comments.
Scrollers, beware! ; )

24 thoughts on “FIRST MONDAY: Happy New Year

  1. Arian says:

    All right, I can’t take it any more! Please tell me what ‘elymnifoquent’ means! cannot tell me. A general web search turns up references to C J Milbrandt, plus one person using the word to (I assume) praise a fanfic.

    I can’t come up with an etymology for it; Wiktionary evidently can’t help me; even Perseus doesn’t seem to know.

    I don’t even remember the last time I couldn’t either work out or find out the meaning of a word.

    What does it meeeeeean?


  2. Sheay says:

    Waiting expectantly for sage and song, angel unaware, and most Importantly Pursuing Prissie!!!!!! When? How Long? PLEASE HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • All I can say is that she’s better. . . . Just kidding.:) I think she will (and I would be highly disappointed if she didn’t) somehow I feel those two were made for each other.:)


    • Sheay says:

      Totally! I wonder what he did to make her dislike him in the first place. If they did get married, I bet Marcus would be the best man. Baird and Kester would probably do the music,……. Wanaaaa, I want to read it.


    • Arian says:

      The Threshold Story Index page says ‘Pursuing Prissie’ is due out in Spring 2015.

      I’m less sure that Prissie and Ransom are well-matched. Is “being the only boy she knows who’s not her brother, much younger, or an angel” enough of a qualification? :)

      If Prissie and Ransom are to end up together, I’d at least like to have her meet someone else who likes her, but in the end she chooses Ransom because she likes him better. I’d be just as happy if she married someone else, and so did Ransom, but I guess that might disappoint you shipper types. ;)

      As for what Ransom does to annoy Prissie (aside from tying her plaits together when they were little kids – hey! Echo of Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley in the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series… maybe they’re destined to end up together after all!), Prissie answered Gabriela Garcia’s question about that in the Q&A Session on Jan 28 2014:

      Prissie: It’s hard to explain why Ransom is annoying. Maybe it’s because he never stays at a polite distance. It’s like he’s never heard of small talk. He asks questions I can’t answer. He makes me uneasy with myself.


    • Micailah Cialella says:

      Yes, Arian that may have something to do with it.:) But I was also referring to the fact that Randsom reminds me a bit of Jayce Pomeroy and I think in a odd way Prissie. . .respects him for it? It’s hard to explain.:)
      Miss Christa I will simply have to hold my breath and cross my fingers to hoping it releases around Valentines Day (wouldn’t that be perfect?) ;) No pressure though I will be overjoyed no matter when Pursuing Prissie comes out. :P


  3. Arian says:

    I’ve also been thinking about this quote from the blurb of ‘Pursuing Prissie’ :

    “An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe.”

    We haven’t got a lot of candidates for the position of ‘old enemy’.

    To start with, there are few enemies in the series who aren’t Fallen angels, and this enemy is a ‘he’, which excludes Elise or any of Prissie’s former friends. So it must be a Fallen.

    Adin is rather too securely imprisoned for it to be him. We haven’t heard that Dinge or Murque were formerly known to any Guardians we’ve met, although I guess they could have been. It’s not as likely to be anyone we’re yet to meet in ‘Angel Unaware’ or ‘Sage and Song’, seeing Asaph and Kester are Worshipers and Marcus is a Protector.

    And we only know of one other Fallen. I think the old enemy must be Blight. And the Guardian is therefore Ethan.

    *sigh* I’m still really upset when I think about Blight. We saw Adin as a Fallen before we saw him as a newfoundling, so his eventual Fall was always looming in the background of the story.

    Strictly, we saw Blight as a Fallen before we saw him as an Observer, too… but I didn’t recognise him until I saw him as Blight again. That realisation is the thing that’s affected me worst in the series so far.


    • Arian says:

      To my startlement and great dismay, yes, he is. We were told in ‘Rough and Tumble’ that he was a former Observer, and if you go back and look at the description of his appearance and the way he speaks, it becomes obvious which Observer he was. :(


    • Arian says:


      I confess I wasn’t quite so careful in this post as I’ve been in the past, because at first only those who’d bought ‘Angel on High’ were able to read part 10. But it’s been freely available for a while now – you mean there’s someone out there who didn’t read it the minute they had the chance?!

      We still didn’t name him, if that mitigates the crime any.


      • Most assuredly. I’ve had people drop in on the website when they’re still in the process of reading through the main series. So I always tread lightly where plot points and twists are concerned.

        When it comes to stories, there’s nothing worse than the utter ruination of an unwanted spoiler.


    • Arian says:

      That ‘sorry’ looks rather bald sitting there by itself. It needs a tone-indicating emoticon.

      *tries again*

      Sorry. :(

      That’s better.


    • Arian says:

      I do know how completely inconsiderate spoilers are. I once read a review where an event that happened near the end of the book, which was meant to be shockingly unexpected, was revealed by the reviewer. :/ Another time, someone’s full name, not meant to be known until about halfway through, was written on the back cover. :/

      Even as a reader, I was furious. If I’d been the author, I would have felt like shredding the offenders.

      So your own restraint is highly laudable. And much appreciated. *blush*


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