OUTTAKE: A Dream Come True

Prissie & Koji

In the upcoming year, I plan to bring you occasional “outtakes” from the Threshold Series. If this little devotional seems familiar, that’s because I shared part of it several months ago in one of my newsletters. (Do you subscribe?) I’m sharing it tonight as a Christmas treat. ♥


An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream
and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid
to take Mary home as your wife.”

A Dream Come True

It was a snowy, sleepy Sunday afternoon, perfect for getting lost in a good book. Which was exactly where Prissie was when Koji’s foot nudged hers under the fleece blanket they shared. Her best friend sat on the opposite end of the couch, a history textbook open against his knees. Dark eyes sparkling, he nodded toward the other side of the room where Prissie’s father and younger brother occupied the loveseat next to their Christmas tree. “Listen,” Koji urged in a low voice.

Prissie marked her page with one finger and tuned in just as Dad asked, “More of the Christmas story this week?”

“Yep,” Zeke replied. “Milo says we gotta review, even though I mostly know all the story by now.”

Mr. Pomeroy propped his stockinged feet on the coffee table as he skimmed the blue half-sheet Zeke’s Sunday school teacher always sent home for quizzing his students. “Seems to me he gave things an interesting twist. Ready for the first one?”


Holding up one finger, Jayce Pomeroy asked, “What usually happened when people in the Bible met an angel?”

Zeke rumpled his hair, face scrunching in concentration. Clapping his hands, he pointed at Dad and exclaimed, “Stop, drop, and roll!”

Mr. Pomeroy chuckled. “Isn’t that for when you’re on fire?”

“Well it’s something like that. Milo was saying how some guys freeze up and fall over.” Stretching out his legs to brace his toes against the coffee table next to his dad’s, Zeke said, “When Gabriel showed up at Mary’s house, she was smart to be scared, but he said, ‘Fear not,’ and that made it okay.”

Prissie poked Koji with her foot and whispered, “You guys don’t seem so scary to me.”

He gazed at her thoughtfully. “I am sure that is for your sake.”

She blinked. “I’ve seen you guys looking like angels. You’re a little strange, but I hardly think anyone would faint at the sight of you.”

Koji shook his head. “You have only seen the smallest part of who we truly are.”

Prissie filed that tidbit away for future thought and gave her attention back to Zeke, who was wrapping up his answer to the second question. “… so angels are a dream come true.”

“Wait,” she interrupted. “Milo actually said that?”

Dad and Zeke both looked her way, and her brother replied, “Sorta. Mostly. It’s ’cuz angels sometimes talk to people when they’re sleeping. Like Joseph got his messages in dreams, and all the stuff the angel told him came true. Like that.”

Prissie had firsthand experience with those kinds of dreams, but it was interesting to think that people from the Bible had met angels in the same way. Tossing one long, blonde braid over her shoulder, she said, “That makes more sense. Go on.”

Their father lifted the paper. “Third and final question. Would you rather meet an angel face-to-face like Mary … or have a dream like Joseph?”

It was funny to hear Zeke and her dad weigh the pros and cons when there were angels all around. They had no idea that Milo was a divine messenger from the same order as Gabriel. And their family had been giving hospitality to an angel for months, ever since Koji moved in. The young Observer poked her with his toe and whispered, “How would you answer?”

Prissie thought back over the Christmas story. “Mary must have been shocked, but once she got used to the idea, I’ll bet she was glad she met Gabriel.”


“And Joseph must have had it hard, but I know he was glad he listened to his dream. Thanks to the angel’s warnings, Joseph was able to save his family’s lives. Do you suppose it was his Guardian?”

If Koji knew, he wasn’t telling. Instead, he quietly asked, “Are you glad, Prissie?”

She scooted her feet across the couch cushions, and Koji met her halfway, resting the soles of his bare feet on top of her fuzzy slipper socks. Glad didn’t even begin to cover it. Thinking over her answer, Prissie finally said, “I feel ‘highly favored’ to have met you.”

Koji brightened and replied, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.”


Look into these things …

“Even angels long to look into these things.” –1 Peter 1:12

♦ Have you ever thought of the Christmas story from an angel’s point of view? How would that change things? What would remain the same?
♦ Would you rather meet an angel face-to-face like Mary … or have a dream like Joseph?”
♦ What do you think it means to be “favored” by God? Are you? In what ways?

3 thoughts on “OUTTAKE: A Dream Come True

  1. Arian says:

    *waves* Got all my Christmas Milbrandt now. Can’t start in on it yet, because I’m kitchen hand for the Christmas lunch (remember I told Baird that my husband was cook?), but I read very fast. Should be through all six by, ooh, day after tomorrow. *Then* what will I do for your writing? I’ll have to get the nonfiction, I guess.


    • Arian says:

      Or read all the fiction again, of course. If I can forget things such as T & T & V & A sharing a tent, I clearly haven’t read it enough yet. I’m falling down on my duties as a fanfrau.


  2. Jesslyn says:

    I haven’t really thought about it from an angel’s point of view. That must’ve been a really exciting/joyful time for them!

    I think I would rather see them face-to-face. That would be awesome (and scary)! I have had two prophetic dreams and they came to pass just a couple minutes after I woke up, which was totally awesome. It didn’t have anything to do with angels though.

    Favor is kind of like blessing. And yes, I am favored/blessed in every area of my life because of all that Jesus had done for me 2,000 years ago. God has promised all sorts of things in the Bible and I am taking hold of those promises! :D Blessed going in, blessed going out!


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