22 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE: Angel on High

    • Micailah Cialella says:

      Okay, yes I have the Kindle App so I will definitely be downloading Angel on High! I just won’t be able to get it until christmas (best present ever!)
      Miss Christa, will Persuing Prissie be out before or after christmas?


  1. Arian says:

    The Threshold series and the three short stories are definitely on Google Play, because that’s where I ran across them.

    *comes across ‘Angels All Around’*
    *downloads it*
    *reads it*
    *searches for all other fiction by same author*
    *downloads all of it*
    *reads it all*

    But if newfoundling Koji has to live in the Kindle app by himself for a while, so it goes, I guess. :)


    • The main series and those three short stories were put out by my publisher. Naturally, Zondervan made sure they’re available everywhere. But Angel on High (and Rough and Tumble) are independently-published, so my resources are limited to … me! : )


  2. Arian says:

    *cautiously* How many books are we talking about? One should not be precipitate when faced with the weighty decision of whether to start reading the first book in a series…


    • Arian says:

      :O Words. You wrote each chapter of ‘Galleries of Stone’ around a *word*. From Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day.

      Why did nobody ever tell me I had a sister in America? This is… providential.


    • Welp, Galleries of Stone is a trilogy, and the third and final volume will be out in February 2015. Not too intimidating, I think. Although I’ll admit, there are short stories and a serial planned. And I’m writing a second trilogy in the same universe … so … more.

      Byways shall not be for the faint-hearted, though. Scheduled to spin out in 50+ volumes, this storyline will take me a decade to tell (give or take). Long haul. ; )


  3. Arian says:

    Well, as long as I don’t have to buy all fifty at one time, I imagine my wallet will hold out. :)

    *clasps hands* It’s a deal. Long haul. :D


    • Arian says:

      I’ll ask my husband to give me all currently-available Milbrandt books as *my* Christmas present, and that way he won’t reproach me for going on an expensive downloading spree.

      He should be grateful I’m not after them in hardcopy. A standard-size paperback here is commonly $20. At least. No, I don’t know why. But I’m not prepared to go on book-buying strike to make them stop it.

      OTOH, buying e-books sort of *is* going on hardcopy-book-buying strike, isn’t it? Victory!


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