This Week’s Accumulation cvi

October is turning out to be a very exciting month. (A little on the crazy side, but completely worthwhile.) Those of you who’ve read Galleries of Stone will understand what I mean when I say I’ll be gilding my nails today. But there are lots more reasons to celebrate. I have three books releasing on Monday, and I’m excited for next weekend’s big SDCWG Fall Conference.  Ready for this week’s heap of authorial clutter? Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ I shared this picture earlier in the week on both Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t want to leave you out. Since I dabble in graphic design, I’m something of a font geek. My daughter and I excel at font-spotting, but rarely do I have a jaw-dropping moment of recognition.

My Font

When I saw this mat on the front step of an acquaintance’s home, I knew I needed my camera. Who knew that “my” font is sitting on thresholds far and wide? I call that appropriate!

The Blue Door font

♦ One project that’s taking up my time is edits on that angel-themed devotional. (Angels of the Bible: A 90-day Devotional will release in September 2015.) Early on, we’d planned to include several scenes with the Threshold Series cast, but those aren’t happening now. Which leaves me with a small stack of unused moments. Many of them are series outtakes, and I expect you’d enjoy reading them. A little here, a little there. They’ll be cropping up. Mostly in my newsletter. (Do you subscribe?) Today, I’m in the mood for Milo & Zeke, so I’ll share one of their encounters!

Apple Picking by MistyTang

Playing Favorites

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Zeke Pomeroy stood in front of the corner store’s soda machine. He had two quarters and permission, but he hesitated, the picture of indecision.

The store’s automatic door swung open, and Milo Leggett strode in, still in his postal uniform. “Hey, Zeke!”

“Milo! Whatcha doing here?”

“Visiting a friend.”

Zeke looked around at the other customers, then back up at his Sunday school teacher. “Me?”

“Yep!” Dropping to a seat on the wooden bench beside the soda machine, Milo asked, “You look like you’re facing a tough choice.”

“Kinda.” The boy pointed at the machine. “They’re out of my favorite.”

Milo hummed. “I know Beau prefers lemon-lime, and Jude always asks for root beer. But I didn’t realize you had a favorite.”

“I mostly like to try new stuff, but yeah … I got a favorite.” Pointing to the button with the orange light lit next to it, he said, “Red pop. Cuz it’s mysterious.”

“Is it?” Milo asked.

“Well, yeah. Because it doesn’t taste like anything normal. It tastes like red, and drinking a color is the best. Don’t ya think?”

Milo smiled warmly. “When you put it like that, I can see the appeal.”

“I wonder what green tastes like. Or yellow. Or pink.” Zeke looked at the mailman and asked, “Do you have favorites?”


“Why not? Can’t you make up your mind?”

“I suppose I just take what comes my way,” Milo replied. “I’m not fussy.”

“About nothing?” Zeke asked incredulously. “I don’t believe it.”

“No? And why’s that?”

“Cuz I know stuff,” argued the boy. “Like your favorite color is blue. And almond cookies are your best favorite, and you always pick honey for on biscuits. And your favorite book is the Bible. And your favorite mailbox is ours, on account of saving the best for last.”

“You notice lots of things.”

“’Course! But I know you gotta be fair,” Zeke said wisely. “Cuz of being a teacher on Sundays and a mailman on all the other days. We gotta share you. All over the place.”

Milo chuckled. “It’s not as if I can’t have friends.”

“Zactly!” With a mischievous light in his blue eyes, Zeke whispered, “I won’t tell!”

Lowering his voice, Milo whispered, “Tell what?”

“That I’m your favorite.”

“And how do you know that?”

Zeke cheerfully explained, “It’s not church, and work’s over. So you don’t gotta do nothing. You can pick anything you want in the whole world.” With a triumphant smile, he concluded, “And you picked me.”

Rough and Tumble 180I remember using that same soda machine in a chapter of Rough and Tumble, which is complete in 300 chapters. You can read that story right here on the blog, but it’s also available for purchase if you’d like to add Ethan’s & Zeke’s story to your virtual library.

Now Available!
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♦ Do you do the whole Facebook thing? You can now “like” me over there because there’s a Christa Kinde author page. I also have pages for two of my fantasy series, which are published under my maiden name.

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So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Accumulation cvi

  1. Micailah Cialella says:

    That is so cool that you found that mat! You chose a really pretty font for your books.:)
    Oh my goodness that little unscript of Zeke and Milo is adorable! I can’t wait to see the others.:) So excited for the new Byway books!


  2. Your current beneficial know-how and kindness inside actively playing with all the current pieces was very helpful. When i don’t really know what I’d do easily hadn’t came across a real stage similar to this.


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