This Week’s Accumulation cv

My days have been full, busy, and actually quite fun. It’s been a researching-editing-formatting kind of week, which is a little different than writing. But good beginnings are important, and so are finishing touches. I can honestly say I enjoy every stage of storytelling. ♥ This week’s clutter is a mix of odds and ends, with some Threshold stuff, some Byways news, and a Bible study report. Did you know I started out writing those? Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Since this has been a relatively quiet week, let’s do a little “housekeeping.” I want to make sure we’re connecting wherever possible, so here’s a rundown of where to find me on the interwebz. You should be able to click the little watercolor buttons to find my various profile pages.

Request notification when new books arrive. Like my Author Page.
Friend and follow. Add my books to your virtual bookshelves!
Another place to find Christian fiction … and leave reviews.
My publisher for the Threshold Series. You can review books in their store.
I have Threshold group boards and inspiration boards for upcoming books.
This is where I tweet and retweet. Great for sharing quotes & pics.
Facebook Please like my author fanpage on Facebook. Shares & comments welcomed!

Angel on High 250♦ The next installment of Angel on High came out earlier this week in the October issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. We’re getting close to the finale on this story. Only two chapters left, and so many things that could happen before then. Have you been reading along? Story Summary: As the newest member of his order, Koji is eager to learn what it means to be an Observer. But looking and listening lead to trouble when he spots danger and overhears secrets. Heaven’s archivists weren’t made for battle, but Koji will need a warrior’s courage to be ready for the unusual plans God has for him.

♦ One excessively fun thing that came via courier this week was a package from Zondervan. I have some events & school visits coming up over the next few months, and they wanted to make sure I’m prepared. Aren’t these bookmarks pretty?


♦ Unless my study is turned into a book sometime down the line (which would be amazingly great), this news is mostly personal. I’ll be leading a weekly women’s Bible study at my church. I’ve been muddling around in Psalms and Proverbs quite a bit recently, so that’s where I’ll begin with the ladies at The Branch. Hey, I’m curious! Do you attend a group Bible study?

Rain or Shine, O My Soul

♦ And it’s hard to hold back my excitement for a set of books releasing in just ten days. I’m publishing the Byways books under my maiden name—C. J. Milbrandt. Readers can follow the adventures of three brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths as they race each other across their homeland.

Byways, 2, 3, 4

All three e-books are available for pre-order on Amazon.
Release Day: October 20, 2014

I have review copies of Book 1: On Your Marks available. What does that mean? I’ll “gift” you an e-book via Amazon in exchange for your review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Goodreads, etc. Please do give your honest opinion, keeping potential readers in mind. If you want to request a review copy, email me at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com. I’m eager to know what you think of Ewan, Zane, and Ganix!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Accumulation cv

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a very buzy week! So exited about the byways series! My little sister would love it! I hope the Bible studdy goes well!!!


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