This Week’s Accumulation civ

Whew! This week was so crowded with new things, I fell behind. As some of you may recall from past posts, I’m a Mrs. Pastor. This week, our church was able to move their staff into new office space, so the last few days have been mostly occupied with hauling books and office furniture around. But Tried and True is now caught up (yay!), and I have an interesting accumulation of authorial clutter on my desktop. Let’s go through it together!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ First off, thank you to everyone who suggested music during last week’s milestone celebration for The Blue Door. I’ve been slowly working my way through the stash, listening to each. You guys are introducing me to some awesome artists and songs! I’ve purchased a handful already because they Needed to be on my writing shuffle. : )

♦ I heard back from Zondervan about Realms of Glory! After a meeting about the angel-themed devotional coming out next year, they finalized the title. And changed it! According to people who know what they’re doing, straightforward titles are the trend, so my devotional will be called Angels of the Bible: a 90-Day Devotional. The book is due to release in September 2015.

♦ Newsletter subscribers! I have something special planned for the October issue, so make sure you’re on the list! SUBSCRIBE NOW >>

♦ I’ve been sharing peeks at the sketches for Angel Unaware, the new serial that’ll debut in my column at Christian Fiction Online Magazine in January. Well, here’s another wee sample of Anna Earley’s art…

Closeup, Angel Unaware

♦ Speaking of book covers, here’s an interesting fact. The art I showed you for Pursuing Prissie is like a first draft. While that’s the gist of what the final cover will look like, it’s going to change a bit. When the cover’s FINAL, I’ll let you see. ; )

SDCWG♦ October means it’s almost time for the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild‘s fall conference. This will be my second year in attendance, and I’m really looking forward to the various speakers and workshops that are lined up. These events bring opportunities to talk with editors and agents, publishers and experts, experienced authors and newcomers with big aspirations. And we’re all standing on common ground because we’re Christians. I’ll be spending the next two weeks making sure I have everything ready for the two-day event. More information here. Do you have a local chapter of the Christian Writer’s Guild in your neck of the woods? Find out!

Ethan by Dana Guerrieri♦ Do you have a moment to jot off a review? Many of you have read Rough and Tumble right here on the blog, and I’m grateful! Not many months ago, I e-published the story because some of you said you’d like to add the book to your virtual libraries. Yay! However, I noticed this morning that the story has zero reviews. I’d be most grateful if you could show your appreciation for Ethan & Zeke with a few kind words.  Rough and Tumble on Amazon >>

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


12 thoughts on “This Week’s Accumulation civ

  1. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    I loved reading about everyone’s song suggestions!!! Next book birthday we should do favorite books suggestions!!!!! That would be awesome since I’m dieing to hear some of your fav’s!!! Though that list is probably pretty long =)!! Love it!!!


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