The Blue Door: Milestone Celebration

Today is the second birthday of The Blue Door, the book that kicked off the Threshold Series! Our celebration will certainly make Koji happy because there’ll be “much song.”

The Blue Door

Like many writers, I listen to music while I work. I have different shuffles to suit different storytelling “moods,” and I have playlists for each series I write. And naturally, there are songs that remind me of specific cast members. A quick peek just confirmed that I have more than eight hours of music on my Threshold shuffle!

Throughout the weekend, I’ll be sharing songs that are on my personal “sound track” for the Threshold Series. And I’m inviting you to add to my list. Know an angel-themed song? Is there a tune that reminds you of Prissie … Ransom … Ethan … Baird … Ephron … Tamaes? Tell us why! And don’t be surprised if the cast members respond to your comments and suggestions. ; )

Angels in the Lyrics

  • Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies] • Chris Tomlin
  • Angels [Acoustic Version] • Bethel Music
  • Angels Long to Look into These Things • Acapella
  • Angels • Owl City
  • Angel By Your Side • Francesca Battistelli

Threshold Shuffle

  • You’re Not From Here • Lara Fabian | For the moment when everything changed.
  • Listen! They’re Singing! • Evan Wickham | “The darkness is banished by light…”
  • I Am Understood • Relient k | For Prissie, who’s easily embarrassed.
  • Arms Around Me • Hawk Nelson | “You’re always near me.”
  • Begin • The Send | “Meet me where I am, just so I can begin again.”
  • Made for You • Chris Taylor | This always makes me think of Guardians.
  • Jesus Loves You • Stellar Kart | For Prissie, with Ransom in mind…
  • We Need Each Other • Sanctus Real | For the study buddies
  • Blink • Revive | “I try to hold on tight, but there’s no stopping time.”
  • Scared • Above the Golden State | “If you go, I’ll be forsaken.”
  • Speak to Me • Evan Wickham | This brings Messengers to mind, especially Gabriel.
  • Little Wonders • Rob Thomas | For Prissie, who’ll never forget.
  • Still Here • Superchick | For all who are Faithful.

Character Songs

  • We Shine • Steve Fee | Baird
  • By Your Side • Tenth Avenue North | Prissie
  • Pale • Within Temptation | Tamaes
  • Avalanche • Manafest | Ransom
  • Fallen • Delerium | Adin
  • Sing Through Me • Jason Gray | Baird in “Angels in Harmony”
  • Unseen Warriors • Michael Card | Ethan
  • Somewhere • Within Temptation | Ephron
  • Nothing Like You • Chasen | Abner
  • Halo • Manic Drive | Baird
  • Faithful • Hawk Nelson | Taweel
  • Fireflies • Owl City | Omri

These lists will update regularly over the next week, so check back!

31 thoughts on “The Blue Door: Milestone Celebration

  1. Emma H says:

    Happy birthday to The Blue Door! -streamers- Avalanche totally reminds me of Ransom. It’s the perfect song for him! : )

    I’ve got a song! Baby Blues by Plumb reminds me of Prissie through Tamaes’ eyes (if that makes sense).


  2. Congradulations Miss Christa!!
    Oh those are some great songs! Jesus Loves You is so perfect for Ransom.
    Here are some song suggestions:

    Angels Sing by Press Play (just another angel song)
    Mood Rings by Relient K (reminds me of Ransom ;) )
    Fly- Bekah Shae (another angel song)
    Fight Forever- Anthem Lights (for those who fight)
    Through My Father’s Eyes- Holly Starr (Prissie)
    Show Jesus-Jamie Grace (Prissie)
    Superhero-KJ52 (Ransom)
    Human- Manifest (Ransom)
    Jesus Freak- Newsboys (Ransom)
    Count your Rainbows- 1Girl Nation (Prissie)
    Still that Girl- Britt Nicole (Prissie)
    Yours-Steven Curtis Chapman (For the grafts)


    • Mood Rings” – Relient k

      Ransom: Girls are definitely hard to figure out. And Prissie’s especially hard to fathom. But I’m not so sure she wants a ring from me. >__>

      Author here: I’ve had this song for a few years now. It always makes me laugh! : )


    • Fly” – Beckah Shae

      “Here is where my joy is found, high above the tears and frowns, because in your presence I’m no longer bound.”

      Author here: This makes me think of the joy Milo takes in flight. Slipping free of the constraints of life as a Graft and flying “higher and higher!”


    • Through My Father’s Eyes” – Holly Starr

      “He changed my life by changing my mind.”

      Prissie: I needed to see things differently. Learning that lesson left me angry, scared, and embarrassed a lot of the time. But looking back, I can see God’s kindness.


    • Human” – Manafest

      “Hey, I never said I was an angel…” and “I wear my heart on my sleeve…”

      The lyrics in this song remind me a lot of Ransom in this sequel I’m writing. ; )


    • Count Your Rainbows” – One Girl Nation

      “So keep believing no matter what you’re seeing…”

      This is very appropriate for Prissie. Catchy, too. Might be adding this to my shuffle! ♥


    • Still that Girl” – Britt Nicole

      “Things we face make us who we are. Girl, you’re a star, shining in the dark…”

      Oh, this makes me happy in so many ways! Glad you shared this song! ♥


  3. Jesslyn says:

    I have some of those songs on my iPod! I’m singing “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)” on Sunday (I’m in the choir at my church)! “By Your Side” is one of my favorite songs!! I love it! :D

    It’s kinda funny that Adin gets his own song…and the title really applies! Haha :)


    • I Will Rise” – Chris Tomlin

      “…I hear the voice of many angels sing, ‘Worthy is the Lamb!’ And I hear the cry of every longing heart, ‘Worthy is the Lamb!'”

      This song is simply drenched with hope. So much encouragement!


  4. Elayna says:

    Angels Among Us by Alabama-reminds me of the Grafts.
    Spare an Angel by Chris Rice- reminds me of when Taweel was sent to Prissie after Tamaes went missing.


  5. Emma says:

    Got another one (and I made sure to get the title right this time)! “Battle” by Chris August doesn’t talk specifically about angels, but it’s all about spiritual warfare and reminds me a lot of Threshold. : )


  6. Keely Hoffman says:

    Guilty, by the Newsboys, because it reminds me of when Ransom asked Prissie if she would ditch the whole faith deal, and of him, unashamedly telling the gospel.


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