COVER REVEAL: Pursuing Prissie

Cosmos Bouquet

I haven’t forgotten my promise to do a cover reveal as part of today’s festivities. ♥  There’s a Threshold Series sequel in the works, slated for release later this fall. Pursuing Prissie takes place ten years after The Blue Door, when Prissie experiences an angelic reprise.

Before I reveal the cover, how about another little snippet? This is excerpted from Chapter 1: The Usual Things.


“Jasper Reece, are you crazy?” Prissie asked, eyeing the small mountain of baked goods heaped beside the register.

“Just hungry, ma’am.”

“Don’t you ma’am me.” Twenty-four wasn’t old enough to be ma’am-ed. Especially by one of her little brother’s best friends.

“Grandmama taught me manners, and I’m not afraid to use ’em!” Jasper replied, all sass and sweet talk. “You wouldn’t turn away a hungry customer, now, would you?”

Jasper’s whole family was close as kin to the Pomeroys. Pearl Matthews, who worked the register every morning at Loafing Around, was Jasper’s aunt. And Jasper had been friends with Prissie’s brother Zeke ever since they were both in diapers in First Baptist Church’s nursery. She supposed that made these two high school seniors lifelong friends. Although normally they were a dynamic trio. “Where’s Timothy?”

“He’s got lessons,” Jasper replied, miming a trombone. “Which definitely works up an appetite.” Leaning over to inspect the contents of the glass bakery case, he pointed. “I’ll take those last two cupcakes. And all the cookies, too.”

“Did Zeke put you up to this?”

“Yep. Pitched in, too. Three-way split.” Jasper drew himself up to his full height, which was impressive. He’d be the West Edinton Warriors’ best linebacker this season. “It’s simple, Prissie. If you sell out, you lock up. Don’t you want to call it a day?”

She smiled wearily. “Yes.”

Jasper knew he’d won. “Don’t fuss with boxes. We’ll eat straight out of the case. Won’t leave a crumb. I swear.”


If you’ve read Rough and Tumble, you’ll remember Jasper and Timothy, Zeke’s two best friends. They’re just a few of the familiar faces from the Threshold Series who have a role to play in the new adventure.

Trio by MistyTang


And now… a look at the cover for Pursuing Prissie… which will be the first of (at least) three Pomeroy Family Legacy stories.

Pursuing Prissie by Christa Kinde, 400

Curious? It never hurts to ask! I’m willing to part with teaser-like tidbits. But no spoilers. If I can’t say, I’ll throw flowers at you. ✿

38 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Pursuing Prissie

  1. That cover is GORGEOUS!
    I am so excited!! And thank you for pointing that out Prissie! 24 is too young to be called “ma’am”, and so is 14!!:).
    Questions? Oh yes I have questions. :P
    Does the title of the book, “Persuing Prissie” have to do with *ahem* a suitor? The title just seemed to imply….:)


    • Oh and I know Prissie, Ransom, and Marcus are all in the same grade but if I’m not mistaken their all not the same age (due to Ransom having to repeat a grade). Prissie is now 24, so what does that make Ransom and Marcus?


    • Let’s see if I can find the full summary. Ah, yes. Here we go:

      Ten years later, Prissie Pomeroy experiences an angelic reprise when she meets another little boy she shouldn’t be able to see. Asher seems to be using his Caretaker’s powers very carelessly, but he claims to be Sent. His meddling mixes up Prissie’s life just in time for Ransom Pavlos to return to West Edinton. The newly credentialed pastry chef hopes to make a place for himself in town, preferably at Prissie’s side. But she’s too distracted by a very different pursuit to notice. An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe.

      Pursuing Prissie is an adventure with definite romantic leanings. ; )


    • OH MY…..I just screamed with excitement. I think I know who the villain might be…. But I don’t want to spoil it if I’m right. I can’t wait to meet Ahser! Is he Padgett’s apprentice?


      • I figured some of you would be able to tell who’s stirring fresh trouble for Prissie & Co. After all, I’ve been laying the groundwork for this story for quite some time.

        And yes, Asher is Padgett’s new apprentice.


  2. Emma says:

    The cover is gorgeous! I don’t know how I’m going to contain my excitement until it releases! I’ve been coming up with all kinds of theories about what’s going to happen… : )


  3. Anonymous says:

    I CAN WAIT!!!!! RANSOM: you best treat Miss Prissiellla right! Now, that I know who our villain is/will be I can hardly wait to being a new adventure. Prissie, sorry about the angels. :(

    Is there a chance that the title will change? And will Prissie remain our leading character for the rest of this series?


  4. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    I absolutely love the cover!! = ) it’s so pretty and reminds me of prissie! colorful with bits of pink! I really can’t wait for this to come out I’ve been wanting to find out what happens to the Pomeroy eversince you mentioned a sequel!! the drawing of Zeke, Timothy and Jasper is really cute I love jaspers missing tooth!! So cute!! (•‿•)


  5. Esther says:

    I totally got the bit about Lucan and Jomei! I can’t wait!!
    About Prissie and Ransom– to quote Prissie, “obviously”. I had them pegged for each other back in Blue Door.
    I was SOO excited when my brother and I found this while reading Tried and True. I had thought I had said goodbye to Prissie for the last time…
    Anyway, I’ve got a few questions…
    1: Does she remember that she used to see angels and some of her friends are angels, or has she forgotten? That would TOTALLY stink. :(
    2: Does she remember Tamaes? (please say yes! He’s my favorite!)
    3: Does she still get letters from Koji?
    4: Has Harken moved to another flight, and does Milo now have an apprentice, or is Harken still here?
    5: Does she meet all her friends in Jedrik’s flight that are still here again? (Especially Baird? He’s my second favorite! And my mom’s favorite. So please have mercy!)
    6: (I’m totally expecting a barrage of flowers for this one, but I must ask…) I’m almost certain I know who the bad guy is, therefore, I must ask, will she be meeting Ethan?
    7: Will Koji come back? (Hello, flowers…)
    8: (slightly off topic…) Will we meet Ransom and Beau’s guardians? I’ve been wondering about them for ages.
    That’s all…
    Heh. Guess I had more than ‘a few questions’. Sorry! I’ll be praying for you! Release it soon, please! I can’t wait!


    • Oooh, a lovely bundle of questions! Let’s go in order:

      1) Yes, Prissie remembers. ♥
      2) How could she forget?
      3) Yes, Koji is a faithful correspondent.
      4) Harken has moved along. ✿✿✿
      5) Oh, now that would be telling. You’ll have to wait and see! : )
      6) ✿✿✿ [Flower Barrage!]
      7) ✿✿✿ [Flower Barrage!]
      8) Very good question. I think we probably will sometime down the line, but not in this particular novel.

      I’m so glad you (and your Mom and brother) have read the series. Have you found all the short stories and serials? And do send me your mailing address if you’d like to receive postcards with story art!


  6. Esther says:

    Yes. My brother and I read Rough and Tumble and caught up to you on Tried and True about a week and a half ago, and we caught up on Angel on High today. I got all the downloadable e-books. My mom has just finished Garden Gate and has started on Angels All Around. I’ll have to ask my dad about sending you our mail address, but I’ll get back to you on that. Thanks for answering my questions. I love your books. I first started when Hidden Deep was just out, and it really convicted me on the way I was acting towards an annoying neighbor boy, and I’ve tried my best to improve my attitude. I just want to say thanks. I want to be a writer when I grow up, and you’ve really inspired me.
    I have a question, though… have you ever thought of starting a wiki for the Threshold Series? Your cast of characters is expanding and it would help newbies understand things better. I’m sure your host of fans would love to help.
    I have to go to bed now. It’s almost midnight where I am. God bless you and your writing!


    • Oh, yes, certainly have parental permission before slipping me your address. And I enjoy answering questions! : )

      No, I hadn’t considered a wiki, but I have had requests for a cast page. I may try to work one up during the celebrations for The Garden Gate‘s book birthday in January.


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