This Week’s Accumulation cii

I started this week with a To Do list that might as well have been a mile long. Completing everything on that list … impossible. But the process of creating the list helps me organize my priorities. It calms me down and gives me focus. Plus, by tackling that monumental stack day-in and day-out, I was able to accomplish plenty. Anyone else find lists helpful? In a way, these weekly posts are also lists. Of clutter! Come and see…

This week’s accumulation:
cover_Sept14♦ In case you missed it, Angel on High updated this week. That serial updates each month in Christian Fiction Online Magazine. Story Summary: As the newest member of his order, Koji is eager to learn what it means to be an Observer. But looking and listening lead to trouble when he spots danger and overhears secrets. Heaven’s archivists weren’t made for battle, but Koji will need a warrior’s courage to be ready for the unusual plans God has for him. This serial in ten parts is a prequel to Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series [Zonderkidz].

This week saw the unveiling of Part 7: “High and Mighty.” Since this serial will be complete in ten parts, Angel on High will wrap up in December. I’ll be making the whole story available for purchase in time for Christmas … with an exclusive epilogue. ★

♦ Last weekend, I figured out how to set up pages on Facebook. I invite you to like & follow the author page for Christa Kinde. I also have a series page for the Byways books, which I publish under my maiden name, C. J. Milbrandt. Come find me there! ; )

CJ, thumbnail  Christa Kinde, square  Ganix

♦ You all know how much I love snail mail (you’re on my mailing list, right?), so it’ll probably come as no surprise that when I learned about Postcrossing, I quickly picked up a new hobby. You can find out more about this international pastime at This week, I had four new postcards in my box. Two from Russia, and one each from Spain and Singapore. Fun stuff!

Postcrossing Batch 9.11.14

♦ I heard from my editor over at Zonderkidz this week. My manuscript made it through the first phase of edits and is off to another reader for a theology check. After that, it’ll come back to me for changes. In the meantime, they’re going to be finalizing the title … which means it’ll probably change. I’ve been calling the devotional Realms of Glory since it was proposed, but in essence, that’s the project’s “working title.” A couple days ago, I sent in a list of a dozen or so alternatives. It’ll be fun to find out what the publisher picks! : )

♦  Most of the rest of the clutter on my desktop is Byways related. I have final covers for Books 2, 3, and 4, which are scheduled for e-release in October. It’ll be fun to introduce more characters and do cover reveals over on as I count down to their release.

02 Aboard the Train, linesSketch for the cover of Byways, Book #2 – Aboard the Train

BOOK1♦ The next big event on the Threshold calendar is set for Friday, September 26. That’s the book birthday for The Blue Door, and I have some special things planned. One of them is a cover reveal for the Threshold Series sequel, which is slated to release later this fall. Look forward to it!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


6 thoughts on “This Week’s Accumulation cii

  1. Sheay says:

    To Prossie and her angel friends, particularly Milo and Harken: There is a new song out by Lecra ft. For King & Country titled Messangers. I heared it on my way to school in Wensday and the first people (and angels) ;) I thought of were you guys. Hope you enjoy!


  2. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    I have TONS of lists!! My mom has complaned sometimes about my useing so much paper :-)

    So excited about the cover reveal, the byways series and realms of glory!!!!!!!!


    • -laugh- I am always jotting things down, usually in some kind of notebook or journal. I’m rarely without one. : )

      And I’m just as eager for all these upcoming stories. So glad someone’s sharing the excitement. <3


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