In which I come home to a surprise…

Authorial Endeavor #040. There have been a LOT of posts lately, but I really do need to share this. Those who follow me closely know that I was out of town all last week with my daughters. Which meant leaving my sons home with my husband. Some may cringe, but I’ve always come home to a chaos-free home. They’re good boys. (Can you feel the looming HOWEVER… ?)

However, this time the manly section of my lot were suspiciously quiet. Skimpy with news. Sketchy with details. Which usually means they’re up to something. And since I know them purt near as well as anyone can, I’d prepared a mental list of possibilities. For the record, I was right on two counts. But they actually managed to take me by surprise.

In a good way.

I’m sure there are mothers out there who would have freaked out … or been horrified to come home to something like this. But I squee’d like a fangirl … and my readers will understand why.


Two Tone

And for those of you not in the know, may I introduce you to Marcus, one of the characters in the Threshold Series.

Marcus  Study Buddies, Marcus  Angels in Harmony 04

My son dyed his hair like Marcus’s. And I’m totally making him keep it. : P

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