SHOW-AND-TELL: Stained Glass

One of my readers asked if I grew up with a stained glass window like Prissie’s. While I had nothing as fine as Miss Priss’s treasure, this old farmhouse does have a pane of colored glass set above the door leading out onto the screen porch. (I’ve always loved this shade of greenish blue!) The first picture gives you a peek at the old woodwork found throughout the house, which was built in 1880.

Stained Glass Pane

However, there used to be a beautiful stained glass section in the big picture window. I don’t remember it because the window had to be replaced when I was tiny, but it matched this stained glass light fixture, which hangs over the base of a beautiful wood staircase.

Stained Glass Light

And since I mentioned the staircase, here’s a look at the newel post at its base. Some of you may understand: growing up with all this woodwork, the smells of Murphy’s Oil Soap and lemon oil are very nostalgic for me. : )

Banister and Newel Post

What about you? Does a pane of stained glass color your view in some way?

4 thoughts on “SHOW-AND-TELL: Stained Glass

  1. When I was a little girl I went to a small church where there were many stained glass windows. It isn’t a church anymore and serves as a house. Some nice folks saved it from demolition a year or so ago and I have noticed, when I drive by it, that stained glass windows still remain.


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