This Week’s Accumulation ci

This has been an eventful week, mostly because I’m currently in Minnesota, visiting my childhood home. I’ve share pictures and stories from my hometown in the past (here’s one of them), and today’s post has a hefty helping of show-and-tell as well. Come and see what’s been going on in my neck of the woods!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ First off, we’re a full week into the celebrations for the book birthday of The Broken Window (Book #3 in the Threshold Series). There’s still time to take part in the festivities to earn chances in my prize drawing! That’ll happen at noon (Pacific) on Monday, September 1. Details on that are on the Milestone & Giveaway post >> and you can still indulge your curiosity on the Threshold Q&A post >>  Here are some of the questions that have come up so far:

♦ Mrs. Kinde, what does the “J” in your name stand for?
♦ Harken, what color are Gabriel’s wings?
♦ Ethan, why are you ‘short’ compared to the other angels?
♦ Mrs. Kinde, when is the sequel to the Threshold Series coming out?
♦ Baird, what words would you use to describe each of your band mates?
♦ Mrs. Kinde, will you do another weekdaily serial series after Tried and True finishes?

♦ The little library in Marine-on-St.-Croix, MN where I worked when I was a teen has a creek with a waterfall right next to it. Some of my earliest memories include watching its rush.

Marine on St. Croix, waterfall

♦ To my delight, Marine celebrated its 175th anniversary during my stay. The town picnic included speeches by prominent citizens, a pie-baking contest, kegs of root beer, and plenty of good food supplied by the local Lion’s Club. My daughters and I strolled down the road to the general store where I used to buy penny candy. The stuff’s up to twenty-five cents now, but I sifted through and bought a couple of cream soda suckers for old time’s sake. ♥

Marine on St. Croix

♦ I’ve been sharing pictures this week on both Twitter and Facebook, so check out those profiles (and follow, if you like) if you don’t want to miss out. Here are some more from around the yard:


You can see a little of the brick on this old farmhouse in the backdrop of this picture. There’s a rich purple clematis vine climbing on the bird feeder in front of the family room’s big picture window:

Homeplace, clematis

And then there’s the round garden out front. When I left earlier this summer, the peonies were in bloom. Now, the flowering kale is the show-stopper in that garden bed.

Homeplace, flowering kale

♦ The big excitement attached to this visit was definitely our plans to attend the Minnesota State Fair. I remember trips when I was little, and when I was a college student, I was there from dawn until the closing fireworks several times a year. This year’s wishlist included a visit to the poultry barn … the all-you-can-drink milk stand … kettle corn … and Tom Thumb mini-doughnuts:

Rooster, Quilt

State Fair, Tom Thumb

♦ And let’s wrap up today’s round of show-and-tell with another Tried and True chibi by Terri Delgado. This time, it’s Adin’s mentor Valerian.

Valerian chibi by Terri Delgado

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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