The Broken Window: Milestone & Giveaway

To celebrate The Broken Window‘s book birthday, I’m hosting a giveaway. Naturally, this involves fabulous prizes, and the way this is set up, you could win more than one!


PRIZES: 50 limited edition postcards, 5 possible designs
(all featuring characters from the Threshold Series)

5 x 7″ glossies
(some of my favorite story art from The Broken Window)

GRAND PRIZE: an annotated first edition of The Broken Window
(that means I scribbled in the margins)

♦ Rules ♦

  • Comment to enter. It’s that simple. Siblings are welcome to join the fun. ; )

There are several ways to increase your chances at winning. These are entirely optional, but for each of these items, your name will be added to the drawing again. You could win multiple times!

Usual Stuff:

  • Post a quote from The Broken Window here. Or even better, tweet it using the hashtag #ThresholdSeries (I’m @ChristaKinde on Twitter, and I’ll retweet your picks.)
  • Post a quote from Angels in Harmony, since those events overlap the storyline in The Broken Window. Again, if you tweet, I’ll retweet. Or tag me on Facebook. (I’m listed under my maiden name: C. J. Milbrandt.)
  • Tell me about your favorite scene from The Broken Window. Why did it grab you?

Fun Stuff:

  • If you haven’t yet, cast a vote for your favorite angel. Informal Poll >>
  • Post a picture of The Broken Window next to a window. With your permission, I’ll share it with everyone!
  • Pin something to the Threshold Secret Santa board. (The Broken Window happens during the holiday season!) If you’re a pinner, and you want to be added to the group boards, let me know. ♥

Helpful Stuff:

Encouraging Stuff:

Review Drive. Reviews are incredibly important to authors, and you need to know that. Leaving feedback is one of the biggest ways a reader can go above and beyond to support an author. According to a blog post I read recently, a story needs at least 30 reviews before Amazon will recommend it to potential buyers. My books are all skimping along below that number. So just as I did last spring, I’m making a review drive part of these celebrations. For each new review, I’ll drop your name in the proverbial hat. Fair and honest opinions, please. Your goal is to help future readers decide if this series is worth their time.

Threshold Series books and stories:
The Blue Door ♦ The Hidden Deep ♦ The Broken WindowThe Garden Gate
Angels All Around ♦ Angels in HarmonyAngels on Guard
Rough and Tumble

Sites where the Threshold Series can be reviewed:
AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboCBD
Here (you can comment on each book’s page!)

Facebook. I finally set up an account on Facebook (using my maiden name/penname). You’re welcome to friend C. J. Milbrandt.

So! For this giveaway, you have all of this weekend and even next week to enter. I’ll do the drawing at noon (Pacific) on Monday, September 1. To alert me to entries, comment here or send me links and pictures via email. I’m christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you, and I’m so very thankful for your encouragement and support. ♥

51 thoughts on “The Broken Window: Milestone & Giveaway

  1. Micailah says:

    Comment freon the Broken window: “Crazy dreams, road trip, no vacancies, new baby who’s someone else’s, and a bunch if shepards showing up in the middle of the night telling stories about an angel invasion.” -Ransom


    • -laugh- I’m re-reading the book (and scribbling in the margins), but I’m not that far yet. I’d forgotten that line. Ransom’s gift for paraphrase is definitely on the doozy level. XD


  2. Emma H says:

    My favorite quote from The Broken Window? Hmm… probably when Ransom says, “If what the kids at school have been saying is true, I’d be a fool to even consider Christianity. But if what the Bible says is true, I’d be a fool to believe a little trash-talking.” And my favorite scene is the living nativity, when all of Prissie’s angel friends came by. That sure didn’t help Prissie’s “I don’t want to be friends with Ransom” argument any! : )
    My favorite Angels in Harmony quote is probably when Jedrick says, “Myron, you are *not* one to talk about blending,” and then Baird replies, “I’m not a blender. Or a toaster. Or a waffle iron.”


  3. Sheay says:

    one of my favorite quotes is “That ia correct,” the young angel replied.”Harken’s mentor was Gabriel.”
    To be honest, I love this whole book, its kind of hard to chose. My favorite scene is probably the one were Bau finds out about Milo. I also like the one were Ransom is born again.


  4. Elayna says:

    Favorite scene is Prissie’s dream of the hayloft when she helps Padgett. It grabbed me because it’s the first time Prissie really comes face to face with the battles that go on around her all the time.
    Favorite quote comes from this scene: “Even if this memory fades, do not fear, we shall remain. Indeed, we have always been nearby.”

    Favorite quote from Angels in Harmony : “Church history, music history, music theory, composition, hymnology, you’re a geek in at least six languages.” That sounds like my friends when they see my bookshelf.


  5. Micailah says:

    My favorite scene would have to be when Ransom and Prissie are in the kitchen and Koji and Ephron plate on the fridge and Ransom quotes the bible about “you naught be entertaining angels unawares” and the angels just start laughing.:)


  6. Micailah says:

    Quote from Angels in Harmony: “It’s Baird . . . and you’re right. I’m not a blender. Or a toaster. Or a waffle iron. But how am I going to explain him?” -Baird.


  7. Emma H says:

    I followed your other blog!
    Also, about the whole book-next-to-window thing, is it okay if it’s a Kindle? ‘Cause I have The Broken Window as an eBook, but no hard copy.


  8. Kiara says:

    This time I checked my email in time and I am joining in the challenge!! So, here’s my comment. And let me go fetch my Broken Window review copy. I haven’t read it for a while, so I shall have to sift through and find my favorite parts again.

    Oh, oh! My favorite scene beyond a doubt is when Ransom accepts Christ as his Savior. I had been hoping that he would, and I am not ashamed at all to say that I cried so much at this scene. It was beautifully written and – yes. I love it.

    Favorite quote???? Oh, my! There’s so many inspirational and hilarious quotes in these books. Hmm….I do like this one: Kester: “A musical taunt for the enemy?” Baird: “I’m feeling sassy!”

    Quote from Angels in Harmony: “You are seriously tall!” “You are lacking in stature.” “Are you calling me short?” “Diminutive.” (Baird and Kester)

    I will definitely find something to pin to the Threshold Series Secret Santa board, and I shall send you a picture later and do some of the other things!


  9. Here is a quote from Angels in Harmony: When their play ended the redhead addressed the little fellow playing Mary. “Did you draw the short straw, or are you happy to be cuddling the baby?” Baird.
    Heres a Quote from The Broken Window: “When you’re sick, it’s like everything goes wrong. I felt weak, dizzy, achy. One minute, I was too hot, and the next, I was shivering. Now, I just feel blah.” Prissie.
    My favorite scene from The Broken Window is probably the living nativity scene.


  10. I think my favorite scene from broken window is when prissie is playing with milo’s wings. I don’t know why, but that scene just sticks out as funny to me. My favorite quote… I don’t. Think I have a favorite, but I liked the part where koji says, ” harken says that Marcus says that you are forgetting something he already said.” In his attempt to make prissie understand he just confused he more.
    It seems that my favorite quote from angels in harmony has already been used multiple times, but it was where Baird said, ” I’m not a blender, or a toaster, or a waffle iron. But how am I supposed to explain kester?”


  11. Micailah Cialella says:

    Miss Christa I reviewed The Blue Door, The Hidden Deep, The Broken Window, and The Garden Gate (under my moms name, Vicky) on Amazon.


  12. Jesslyn says:

    Angels: Do all angels memorize the Bible or do only some angels memorize it?

    This cracked me up: “If either angel thought it strange that all Prissie did was sit there, staring at Tamaes while slowly twiddling her thumbs, they did not mention it.”

    I pinned something for Prissie for the Secret Santa on Pinterest. I left a comment for Angel on High. And I caught up on Tried and True (which is amazing, by the way). I’m not sure about the favorite moment yet though. I’ll have to think about it.

    I’m still rereading The Broken Window so I can’t post a favorite scene yet, although there are so many scenes/quotes that I like!

    I’m going to take the picture tomorrow and send it to you. And yes, you have my permission to share it. : )

    I also became a fan on Goodreads!


    • Harken: All angels learn the Word. It’s taught in part by our Maker when we are newly formed. The rest we learn from our mentors or from the zamarim, who continually sing through the watches.


  13. Jesslyn says:

    “Kester wracked his memory for a Scripture verse about God’s love that might inspire a snowball fight, but he came up empty. “Please explain.”-Angels in Harmony


  14. Jesslyn says:

    Flinging his arms wide, Baird managed a jumble of questions. “How . . . ? I mean, where . . . ? Do you know how long . . . ? How far . . . ?”


    Baird’s gaze snapped to his face,”You?”
    “Me,” Kester acknowledged, rising and crossing to a set of panpipes.”


  15. Christa: Where do I post the pic?
    This quote makes me laugh every time! “Even cloaked in wool, nothing should be allowed to dim your…Bairdish-ness.”


  16. Ok. So here’s everything I’ve done, all in one spot. *sighs in relief* :)

    The Blue Door: Novelcrossing/ Kobo
    The Hidden Deep: NC
    The Garden Gate:NC

    I follow your Goodreads.
    I follow your other blog.
    I commented on Koji’s story.
    I commented on Tried and True
    I pinned (the calliope)
    and I took a pic of the book.

    Favorite Quote from Angels in Harmony:
    With a rueful smile, the redhead asked, “Did you notice that she one-upped us? Thirteen stockings – a bakers dozen from a baker’s daughter.” – love how Prissie’s gifts helps Baird!

    Favorite Quote from Blue Door:
    Koji whispered, “Does he look quite dashing?”
    …Prissie frowned, “He looks quite uncomfortable.”
    “Indeed” :)

    Favorite Scene:
    Ransom tapped her shoulder and whispered, “Say, Miss Priss.”
    She turned her head just enough to hiss, “What?”
    “Marcus wants me to tell you that he thinks so too.”
    “Thinks what too?”
    Ransom blinked abashedly. “Well, crap. He got me.”…”Well, fine. Whatever,” Ransom grumbled. “You look nice, so don’t listen to the ones who say otherwise.”
    -I like this scene ’cause everybody needs to be reminded to not listen to the world whenever we (Christians) seem to be “out of it”.


  17. Hey Mrs. Kinde, I want to post my favorite quote on twitter but it is a little long. It’s the last paragraph on page 191; “A broad smile graced Harken’s face, and in a deep voice, he declared, ‘I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.’ Offering his hand to Ransom, he added, ‘I’m sure that the heavens are ringing right now, child of God.'”
    Twitter allows only so many words so could I compress it a little and post this instead; “There’s joy in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who repents The heavens are ringing right now, child of God” #ThresholdSeries


  18. Yay, Happy belated birthday to The Broken Window !
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* Mrs. Kinde, I tweeted my favorite quote on twitter. Wished I could explain why on twitter but that negative character count tho lol.
    I love all things artsy and that quote (from of pg.29 if I’m not mistaken) stood out to me because it’s so true! And I love it. On one of my old sketchbooks I had written in white ink;
    “In the beginning God created…” because I find it very inspiring in many ways! It’s probably just the biased artist in me . I love all of the angels and characters designs (especially Marcus two-toned hair…♥), including my own characters ,but I can’t even think to compare to God’s wonderful creativity.
    The Blue Door, Angels on Guard and your page on amazon is both reviewed and liked. Looked you up and left lots of love on goodreads + Zondervan + Barnes & Nobles as well ! This birthday blew by fast and I’m looking forward to the next one!
    I was nearly about to stick a question right here but I’ll head over to the Q&A and deliver it there !(:


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