Q&A Session: Threshold Series

Book Birthday! Today is the first anniversary of the release date for The Broken Window. In other words, the third installment in the Threshold Series is celebrating a book birthday today. -confetti toss- To mark the milestone, I’m opening up a brand new Q&A Session. Our one in January ended up with over 150 comments, and April’s event for The Hidden Deep easily doubled that number. I wonder if y’all are still just as curious. : )

“I’ve been wondering….”

This is like an interview. Or a pop quiz. Or an interrogation. (Eep.) You can ask me stuff. Or you can direct your questions to the characters themselves. (Heaven knows, they know their own minds on matters.) I’ll check comments throughout the week and respond regularly. (Fair warning: today’s a travel day for me, so your questions may pile up this afternoon/evening.)

Giveaways. There’s a second part to today’s celebrations. I’ll be doing a separate post shortly to explain how you can increase your chances of winning one of five limited edition postcards … 5×7 glossies of some of my favorite The Broken Window art … and the grand prize, an author-scribbled copy of The Broken Window.

So what’s on your mind? I’m ready to field your questions! ♥

214 thoughts on “Q&A Session: Threshold Series

  1. Sheay says:

    Taweel: who was your mentor?
    Jedrick: you were with Shimron when he choose Koji, so why did you ask him why he choose Koji?
    Koji: Do you have a favorite color?
    Ethan and Alpheus: are you guys close? how come you both sat/slumped when your charges were about to come into the world?
    Ethan: IF you had to trade places with Tames, how would you feel?
    Ramsom: What are the chances the you will fall for Prissie?
    Marcus:Do you feel better when you have someone to protect?


  2. Micailah says:

    Okay here we go! *takes out list*.
    Miss Christa: What does the “J” in your name stand for? Did you model any of the Pomeroy’s after your own kids and their sibling relations? Which angel is featured on the cover of The Blue Door? I thought a protecter, but I also saw he had white wings so that eliminated all the protectors I know.:).

    For Any Graft:
    Have any of you ever ridden a motorcycle? Has anyone been grafted in one of the World Wars?

    Yannis: have you always looked like your mentor? Did you have a previous mentor?

    Marcus: why were you hiding from Jennifer in the mall (book the Blue Door)? Did something happen to alarm you? Why did you not see Adin? Where did you live before West Edinton?
    Has anyone ever seen/asked you about your “tattoos”? Why Haden’s you attended church before Ransom started going? What’s your favorite color? Is there a reason you (and Ransom) don’t play football on the team?
    Is there a hedge protecting your foster-family and do you sometimes help them? Do you play any instruments in school?

    Jedrick: it has been my understanding that if you were not Marcus’ mentor you would have left with Shimron. Why? And what would’ve happened to your flight? Why are flight captains not usually given apprentices? Which member of your flight has been under your hand the longest? Why don’t angels (and the fallen) use guns? Could ether use them?

    Baird: do you play drums?

    I think that’s all for now! I’m sorry it’s so long.:)


    • Oh wait … there’s more.

      – Nope, the Pomeroys aren’t modeled after anyone in my family. They are themselves.
      – I had no input in the cover designs for the Threshold Series. If I had, feathers wouldn’t have made an appearance, but the publishers wanted to make it clear that these were books about angels. You’ve got to admit, feathers are the standard.


    • Othniel: It would be unusual for an angel to be grafted in as a soldier. We do not fight human wars. But wartime miracles are often evidence of God’s mercy, and angels often bring them to pass.


    • Marcus: Wow, kiddo. List much? Here goes.

      – I wasn’t hiding from Jennifer. I was chasing trouble.
      – Before West Edinton, I was in another small town in another state. Doesn’t really matter.
      – Yeah, people have seen my “tattoos.” They don’t ask. Mostly, they assume.
      – I go where I’m Sent, and I wasn’t Sent to church.
      – The bronze color of our armor.
      – Ransom’s into track. I’m into avoiding attention.
      – Yeah, of course there’s a Hedge. And they don’t need my help. I look like a runt next to those guys.
      – Nope. No instruments.


    • Jedrick: Yes, there were two paths before me. Marcus’s choice become mine as well. Flights experience much flux, especially when there are Guardians in the ranks. Flight captains rarely take on an apprentice because mentoring requires so much time and attention. Shimron’s name has been under my hand the longest. Angels rely on the weapons forged by the opanim. Our armaments are sufficient to combat our enemy, whose armaments are base and basic.


  3. openmeadow says:

    There have been many chapters that spoke to my heart in unexpected ways, with the most beautiful of timing. My question for you is this: How much of what your characters go through is inspired by what you are experiencing, either situational, or emotional? As an author to a fledgling writer, how do you find that balance?


    • My life is entirely ordinary. (Well, as ordinary as my sort can manage.) So very little of what goes into my books comes from personal experiences. These worlds are imaginary, yet real to me. No matter the setting, people think and feel and do in their own ordinary ways. Even fictional ones. However, since I am who I am, and I know what I know, part of me ends up in the story whether I meant it to or not. Like a child inheriting family traits, a book bears some resemblance to its author.


  4. Emma H says:

    Aril: Okay, so I’m just slightly confused. I know you’re the only Gatekeeper, but are you the only Seraph too?
    Marcus: Has Ransom ever seen your furled wings? If so, what did he think?
    I think those are my only questions for now, but I can pretty much guarantee there’ll be more… : )


  5. Sheay says:

    Harken: What color are Gabriel’s wings?
    Jayce: Do yo think Prissie will someday wed Ransom? What would you say if Prissie was hanging out with angels? What do you think of the verse that says: “Be careful, when entertaining strangers, for some have entertained angels with out knowing it.” ?
    Ida: what is your baby’s name? Have you ever seen an angel?
    Loren: Have you ever seen an angel? Why is prayer so natural for you?
    Ida & Loren: What would you say if Prissie was hanging out with angels?
    Ransom: What do you think of Marcus’s tats?
    Prissie: What would you say if someday you fell in love with Ransom?


  6. Prissie: if you looked different, what would you look like?
    Ransom: do you feel protective of anyone in particular?
    Milo: what is your favorite human food?
    Koji: what was your first thought when you saw a cat?
    Myron (just to mess with you :D) if you were any animal, what would you be?
    Ethan: why are you ‘short’ compared to the other angels?
    Miss Kinde: where would you be in life if you weren’t a writer? do you have any advice to give to rookie writers?


  7. Micailah says:

    Ethan: what was your reaction to Zeke wanting his hair to be “two too” like Marcus’s? What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen him do?


  8. Sheay says:

    Marcus: why do you think Prissie has such small faith? Do you and Ethan get along? What were your thoughts when Prissie asked you to “prove” that your are an angel? Do you ever want to hit Ransom upside the head?

    Ransom: do you think you would pass out if you were to find out Marcus was/is an angel? What is your favorite bible verse?


    • Marcus: From what I’ve seen, faith gets small when it’s neglected. You gotta use it. Live by it.

      I don’t spend a whole lot of time with Ethan since he’s always chasing after Zeke, but yeah. He’s pretty easy to talk to … for a Guardian.

      When Prissie asked for proof, my hair was standing on end. The one thing a Graft isn’t supposed to do is reveal themselves. And it’d expose me in the middle of enemy territory.

      Hit Ransom upside the head? Who says I don’t?


    • Ransom: I’ve never fainted before, but that’d probably be a great reason to start.

      Favorite verse? That’d be Mark 10:45. Because I’m sorta in there, and that makes it special. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


  9. Anonymous says:

    Marcus – Did you feel protective of Ransom when he and prissie were becomeing friends?

    Mrs Kinde the very kind :)

    When is the book about ransom and marcus coming out?
    When is the sequel to the threshold series coming out?:) I can’t wait!!!
    Is prissie married in the sequel?
    How many years is the sequel put from the garden gate?

    Angels –
    If someones gardian falls do they get a new one or does there mentor step in and take over?

    Will Eprom’s sight ever return? It’s so sad it made me cry.

    Has an angel ever had somone fall in love with him and ask him to mairy them? If so what would they do?


    • Author here: Oh, book questions. I don’t do spoilers, but teasers are totally acceptable. I’m excited to share all these stories!

      1) Ransom’s and Marcus’s story is slated for my column in Christian Fiction Online Magazine, beginning in the January 2015 issue. It’ll take the place of Angel on High. Koji’s story will wrap up in December. ★

      2) The sequel is coming out “this fall.” I haven’t gotten any more specific because I’m still writing the book, and life sometimes interrupts. I’ll set the release date as soon as the manuscript hits the editing phase. However, I can tell you that the cover reveal is scheduled for September 26, during the book birthday celebrations for The Blue Door. ; )

      3) Miss Priss is still a miss in the sequel … which is one part adventure, one part romance. ♥

      4) Ten years after the events of The Blue Door, which makes the math easy. Prissie is twenty-four. Zeke is eighteen. And so on.


  10. Micailah says:

    Miss Christa, do you ever have to think about our questions before you come up wth the answers or do you already know the answers even when we give you our hardest questions?


    • If I don’t know the answer, the characters do.

      I actually have the most trouble when you ask a question that has a different answer depending on which decade we’re in. (Because I’ve been writing events that happen ten years later.)


  11. Micailah says:

    Marcus, have you even driven before? Or have you always been grafted as a teen?
    And how do you often know what Prissie is thinking? Is that a protector thing, because I noticed Ofir kinda does the same thing? Do you know Ofir?

    Tamaes: how do you think you would be challenged if you were to have to guard Zeke?

    Beau: What were you thinking when you saw Marcus’s eyes were gold? Do you feel safer knowing some of the angel who protect your family?


  12. Kiara says:

    Baird: The Bible says that a thousand years on Earth are like a day to God. Since you are a First One, does time go quickly for you too? If it does, does it go slower when you’re a graft?


    • Baird: This is gonna be hard to explain, but angels outside of Time don’t think in terms of time. Stuff is. But yeah, when I’m part of the flow, Time definitely flies. It pushes us Grafts to make the most of moments.


  13. Micailah says:

    Shimron: are their such things as “Halflings”? Half human half angel? You said angels have fallen in love with angels, and I believe there is a verse about it in Genesis. If their are, have you or any other angel com into contact with him/her?


  14. To Mrs. Kinde. I read in the above comments and saw you are releasing a story about half angels (Nephilim). They are going to evil aren’t they? My church has studied them before and I’ve done personal studies on them and have assumed they were all evil. Are they going to be evil in your story universe or are they going to be good?
    I was also curious about what you did before you became an author and if you still have a “regular” job. If you don’t have a “regular” job are you solely supported by your books or is there another source of income. I hope I don’t come off as nosey. My dream is to become a professional author and was curious about how all those money issues work out when you are an author.

    And I have some questions for some of the angels and Zeke.
    For Baird: What is the funniest gag you’ve ever pulled on Kester?
    For Kester: Is there any instruments you don’t know how to play? Beige shouldn’t be allowed in an angel’s home. If you were to paint your apartment what color would you choose? Would you let Baird help or would that be too risky? ;)
    For Koij: Did Prissie show you puppies before you were Sent away?
    For Tamaes: Do you help Prissie take care of Aquila?
    And for Zeke: Do you still dream of angels with pink wings?


  15. Elayna says:

    Koji, What were your thoughts when you saw Prissie’s suncatcher gift to Margery in your classroom’s white elephant gift exchange?


  16. Micailah says:

    Marcus, when you and Ransom found Prissie (and Koji)on the stairs were you sent, or do you both typically use that stairwell a lot?


  17. Kiara says:

    Ransom, your efforts to become friends with Prissie went largely rejected for a long time. What about her made you want to be persistant in trying to be her friend?

    Marcus, is your quietness and Ransom’s…uh, Ransom-ness something that helps make your friendship compatible? I know that I have a friend that is very shy, and I’m quite loud, but because of that our personalities work well together.

    Zeke: What is your favorite thing to play? Or do you just like exploring in general?

    Jedrick: Is it hard, being the leader of a Flight?


  18. Kiara says:

    Hey Jude, have you ever witnessed any baby chicks hatching?

    Ethan, are you still kept on your toes with Zeke?

    Kester, since Baird’s favorite color is multi, do you have a favorite color?


    • As a matter of fact … yes! Aaand no. How about “sort of.”

      Tried and True is scheduled to wrap up at the end of December, so I’ll be kicking off a new serial in January 2015. However, the new story will only update twice a week (with slightly longer chapters) because I’m starting a new serial (in the Galleries of Stone universe) on CJMilbrandt.com at the same time. That story will also update twice a week.

      Fun Fact: The Threshold serial will feature Asaph and his young apprentice, who serve in the courts of King Solomon.


  19. Micailah says:

    Baird, as a teenager I sometimes get musical urges where I just HAVE to listen to music. do you think there is a special reason as to why?

    Milo, what do you do during evensong other than sing? Who is watching Prissie when Tamaes and Taweel are at evensong? What do you all talk about?


    • Milo: Evensong is for fellowship and refreshment. We talk. We sing. We eat. We plan. We rest. We encourage one another. We talk about whatever’s on our minds. During those times when both Taweel and Tamaes are at evensong, other members of the Hedge would stand in. Trumble is in charge of their rotation.


  20. So many people have come up with such good questions and I just read through them all to get my Q-juice for the mind flowing !
    To Angels : Who would you all say is the shyest protector in the flight ?
    Protectors : Have you all ever learned other fighting styles such as martial arts, karate etc.? Do any of them intrigue you ?

    To Prissie : If you could meet and have dinner with any person who ever lived, who would it be and what would you ask that person ?
    Do you have any spiritual gifts other than being able to view angels?
    Who performs the most random acts of kindness out of everyone you know?
    As a teenage girl in this day and age, what is advice/encouragement you have to give to other girls who worry about their appearances and other things that media is always pressuring on?
    Do you have a favorite music artist?

    To Ransom:
    If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?

    To Marcus :
    What do you think about more than anything else?

    To Milo :
    What was the best news you’ve ever received ?

    To Tamaes : If you could restore one broken relationship, which would it be?
    When do you find yourself singing?

    To Mrs. Kinde : Writing Q! When it comes to the core of writing a story, what do you say is the most important thing to develop or have a good base on?


    • Jedrick: Protectors are not normally shy. We are quick to confront.
      Marcus: There’s only two cherubim in our Flight, and between you and me, it’s you.
      Jedrick: You feign shyness as a Graft.
      Marcus: That’s reserve. I’m reserved. But maybe she meant Guardians?
      Jedrick: The hadarim are quite shy.
      Marcus: Which pegs Taweel.
      Jedrick: Yes. Taweel.


    • Jedrick: Both hadarim and cherubim learn how to defend themselves if they are somehow disarmed.
      Othniel: Our Trumble has an acrobatic fighting style. He wields a staff.
      Jedrick: Marcus was saying that one of your former students was a “regular ninja.”
      Othniel: That was a long time ago. But yes.
      Jedrick: I would call hand-to-hand combat uncommon. Even impractical against Fallen who use what is left of their wings for weapons.


    • Prissie: Gabriel, and I would ask him to tell stories about when Harken was little.

      Momma says I have the gifts of mercy and hospitality. Marcus told me I have the gift of faith.

      My Grandma Nell is the kindest person I know. She’s always doing for others.

      Advice? Umm … if the media is pressuring you, get rid of it. Only listen to people who have your respect.

      Music. Lately, it’s been Hawk Nelson.


    • I’ve met a lot of young writers who lavish a lot of time and attention on their characters, the back stories of their cast, and the world in which they live … yet they haven’t “thought of” a plot. A story needs that driving force. It’s in the conflict that makes the reader care for those characters the author loves so well. So start plotting! : )


  21. Micailah says:

    Jedrick, how are flight captains chosen? Did you have to train specifically to be a flight captain?
    Ofir, how did you get that scar?
    Shimron, how big are angel’s wings, and do they grow as the angel gets older or does the angel kinda grow into them?:).
    Koji, what did you do after Mr. P. dropped you off at the airport? Was one of your teammates waiting there for you? Did you get up into the tree Prissie saw you in all by yourself, and do you like to still climb trees?
    Milo, what inspired you to try the spin-move on the ice with Koji? We’re you pleased he enjoyed it so much?
    Tamaes, do you miss Prissie’s stain glass window as much as she does?
    Omri, what do you think about Taweel wearing a swing-earring for you to swing on?
    Taweel, what was the name of your charge?
    Marcus, are you aware that Jennifer has a crush on you? How do you feel about that, and how do you handle it? What do you like and dislike about schools? Have you ever been in a foster home with siblings who were older than you?
    Is the family your living with now a Christian family? Are the younger kids foster kids like you?


  22. Micailah says:

    Abner, are angels trained to ride horses? Because I know horses are mentioned somewhere in Revelation, and that Jesus is coming back riding one.


    • Micailah says:

      And I know this question is kinda akward, but I was curious. How do grafts learn to “cope with the process of elimination”? I mean we learn as babies, so wouldn’t it be a bit weird for them to learn so late?


      • Marcus: I can’t believe someone went there.
        Baird: Totally saw it coming.
        Milo: Does that mean you’re volunteering to answer?
        Baird: Where’s Kester?
        Marcus: Awkward she says.
        Milo: Relax. It’s natural to wonder about basic things.
        Marcus: Guess so. But if the next question involves boxers or briefs, I quit.
        Baird: Back on track, kiddo. It’s no big deal.
        Kester: Agreed. For the most part, we approximate.
        Milo: Right. I provide all my teammates with manna; we don’t need to eat anything else. On their own, most Grafts don’t. But I do enjoy good food.
        Baird: It’s how human’s fellowship. Bonding over burgers is a must! But I also skip lots of meals. People are used to it.
        Marcus: Didn’t take long for my foster parents to label me a picky eater.
        Milo: More to the point, we may look human, but our make-up is still angelic. When we metabolize solid food, there’s no waste, but … there are consequences.
        Kester: Accelerated growth, especially of the hair and nails.
        Baird: Hiccups. And I sneeze like a newfoundling.
        Milo: Does anyone else get cravings?
        Kester: Usually for sweets.
        Marcus: Plus, once you get used to chewing your food, it’s hard to go back.
        Baird: Which means that for Grafts, eating is optional and elimination translates into growth spurts and a glossy coat. We only stand in line for the restroom to keep up appearances. And Marcus wears boxers.


    • Micailah says:

      Oh my goodness that totally made me laugh.;) And a little TMI on that last part there Baird. :D. Marcus, does you affiliation with the word “kiddo” have to do with Baird calling you that, or did he get it from you? (Sorry I just pick up on these things)


  23. Micailah says:

    Taweel, how come when Adin was trying to get to Marcus in the classroom the door wouldn’t open, but for Prissie and Koji it did?


  24. Kiara says:

    Hey Marcus, I was totally enjoying that big conversation up there, and I was wondering: Do you ever get embarrassed? Have you ever accidentally done something at school (like tripped or ran into something) that was embarrassing for you? And also, have you ever been made fun of in your times as a Graft because you’re different than the other kids (as people often tend not to look past skin deep things).


    • Marcus: Kinda, but not really. I wasn’t raised in an Enclave like most cherubim. Right from the start, I was trained for grafting, which meant learning to think and react and talk like a normal human kid. Don’t get me wrong. Angels feel a lot of the same stuff you do, so it’s not so bad. I had help learning how to live in between two realms.

      And yeah, I’ve been made fun of by other kids. Hasn’t everyone?


  25. Sheay says:

    To Milo: what shade of blue are your wings?
    When Jayce got on to Prissie for not getting you a drink/snack what where your thoughts?
    Boaz: why did you think miricals where so rare?
    Jude: what do you think of Koji ?
    Zeke: what would you say if angels were always watch to see what you are going to do next? And if they laughed at your antics?
    Harken: how many books have you read?
    Jayce: what do you think about all of Prissie’s “strange” friends?
    Would you be happy if Ransom married Prissie?
    Neil: what is you biggest and wildest dream?
    Angels: what is the best thing about being around the Pomory’s?


  26. Anonymous says:

    Ransom: Have you ever asked Marcus, if he even has the desire to someday marry? If he does not then, you have reason suggest that we ask him, if thinks about marring Prissie.
    Marcus: Pleeeaaassseee set this chap straight!


    • Baird: Lemme see. Mickie’s a warm person and as steady as a drumbeat. She holds stuff together. Sheldon seems sorta plain, but he has the heart of a poet. Love his lyrics. Rick is shy and super-generous. He loves music almost as much as I do. And then there’s Kester, arguably our best-dressed member. He’s all kinds of thoughtful toward all of us.


  27. Grafts, are their any foods you don’t like?
    Marcus, have you and Ransom ever had a sleepover? Has Ransom ever baked anything that didn’t uhh, turn out as planned, and had you taste test it?


  28. Micailah says:

    Grafts, are their any foods you don’t like?
    Marcus, have you and Ransom ever had a sleepover? Has Ransom ever baked anything that didn’t uhh, turn out as planned, and had you taste test it? :)


  29. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Do your kids ever have any ideas for your books and do you put them in the books? Do you tell them the story before it comes out or do you make them wait with the readers?


    • Sure. My daughter Elza and I regularly talk through the things I’m working on. Ideas can be sparked during those conversations, and they make their way into my stories. She’s my sounding board, my research assistant, one of my editors for the Byways books, and co-author of a book we plan to publish next year.

      Both my daughters proofread my books for me and offer feedback. They often get to read each chapter as I finish it. My sons mostly prefer to wait until I finish a manuscript so they can read it all at once.


  30. Grafts, what do you do about Doctor’s visits? If you were to say get a paper cut or something, would you bleed red like a human, or luminously like an angel?
    Abner, it seems to me caretakers form graft disguises, so how do you decide what to make them look like? I mean do you just go one day, hey this time let’s see what you’d look like blonde with highlights, or do you try to keep them as close to their “real” look as possible? :P.
    Taweel, what were you thinking when you were sent to rescue Tamaes and saw him and Adin there?
    Miss Christa, do you know Dinge and Murque’s backstory of before they fell?


  31. Marcus, what’s your on paper background story for being in foster care? Did your “parents” die in a car accident? We’re you left in the hospital as a “baby”?


  32. Kiara says:

    That’s really cool, Marcus! It must have made it slightly easier to have been trained to be a Graft your whole life. Other than Prissie and Ransom, do you have any other teenage human friends?


  33. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Baird, have you ever heard the song Grace so Glorious by elivation worship? Or Carry my soul by phil wickham? love them!


  34. To Mrs. Kinde: Thank you for the great writing advice! Okay, this has been on my mind for the longest time, how do you pronounce Tamaes name? His name is probably one of my favorites in the series apart from Aril’s truth be told. Is there an origin of where his name came from or did you make it up yourself? I’ve always thought of his name to be pronounced like Tamales (Ahh… yes the delicious Mexican food) without the L, but with the “es” sounding like “ays” from says, because I tend to put a Spanish accent on things/words that really, don’t need it. Is it pronounced a different way?

    To Tamaes: The several times while your brother Adin was following Prissie around he remained in a human form in order to keep hidden as a fallen, and when Prissie saw his true form he was much taller than she anticipated, but I know that some of you are very tall in stature, so exactly how tall are you?

    To Marcus: Considering the Q I asked Tamaes, aside from your eye coloring changing when you reveal yourself as an angel, does your height change as well?
    Do you consider yourself a right brainer or left brainer?
    Is there that one story does your family always tell about you?

    To Ransom: What was the last experience that made you into a stronger person?

    To Koji: Hey Koji, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you all grown up in ten years( …or this fall) Does your skill of keeping records and drawing/painting/creating take practice over time or are you immediately gifted with it? Do you like using all types of art media or a certain medium?


    • Harken: The malakim can pass along messages in person or by directing our thoughts to one another. In times past, we have been Sent to speak to men and women on behalf of God. And in heaven, Gabriel stands before the throne of God. But in some ways, it is the same for us as it is for you. God knows our hearts. And we are in His hands.


  35. Elizabeth says:

    Prissie: When Milo got hurt what were you thinking? were you scared?
    Milo: How did you get hurt in (Broken Window)? how long did it take to get better? did it hurt alot? I cried on tht part! You are my favorite Angel! I wish that I could meet you!


  36. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Christa!
    Thank you so much for the postcard! I love it! In the picture I love how your books are on different shelves! Who is the person standing in the doorway?


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