Tried and True, Chapter 195: Hard to Imagine

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Chapter 195: Hard to Imagine

“I want to train,” Tamaes said.

“I cannot teach you to love … any more than I can teach myself to unlove.” Taweel flicked his apprentice’s breastplate, right over his heart. “We were made for this, Tamaes.”

“What if I fall short?”

Taweel shook his head. “You cannot.”

Tamaes’s boots scuffed the earth. “But I cannot imagine it. I do not understand!”

“Which part.”

“This girl. You love her.”

“I do.”

“Even though she is gone?”

“Even so.”

“And you will never forget.”

“So it seems.”

Tamaes frowned. “Even though it makes you sad.”

“Your turn will come,” promised Taweel.



Author’s Note: This story in small chapters is a prequel to Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series [Zonderkidz] and updates every weekday (Monday through Friday). More information can be found on the Tried and True index page. And don’t forget, story art is on display in my gallery.

Tried and True, © Copyright 2013-2014 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved. If you want to receive an email whenever my stories update, consider subscribing to this blog. You can also watch for notifications on Twitter.

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