Happy Birthday, Baird!

“Why are you carrying a pink box?”

“To convey it to our destination.”

“Which is …?”

“As yet unspecified.”

“Why are you being so mysterious? And don’t get me wrong … you totally rock the tall, dark, and mysterious thing. Must be the accent.”

“This way.”

“Okay, that’s it. I’m pulling rank.”

“If you insist.”

“Gimme the box.”

“With felicitations.”

“Felici–what, now? You are being so … whoa. Are these doughnuts?”

“Most assuredly.”

“With sprinkles!”


“You are totally up to something! Unbelievable. I didn’t know you had it in you!”

“This way.”

“Through here?”

“After you.”

“Why do I get the feeling I should make a grand entrance?”

“If you insist.”

“On three. One … two … three … TA-DA!”

Baird Chibi by Terri Delgado

Myron Baird

birthday: August 8, which just happens to be today!
thirty-something (on paper), a First One who outdates Time
day job: worship leader at Deo Volente (a.k.a. the DeeVee)
secret identity: angel of the order zamarim, a Worshiper

Thanks to Kester, our guest of honor has arrived, so let’s get this party started! Participation in the festivities will earn you extra chances at door prizes, so look over your options. A prize drawing will take place at noon (Pacific) on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. We’ll drop your name in the proverbial hat if you:

♦ Wish Baird a happy birthday! (Confetti tosses optional.)
Give Baird a T-shirt on Pinterest! (His collection is epic.)
♦ Share something MULTI on the Reader Show-and-Tell board.
♦ Send Baird a song recommendation! (Christian stuff is his fave.)
♦ Show support! Review “Angels in Harmony” on Amazon. (There are currently 8!)
♦ Become a newsletter subscriber and/or “like” Christa’s Amazon author page.
♦ Take part in the Reverse Q&A! (Keep scrolling. You’ll hit it soon.)
♦ Make Christa laugh. (Highly subjective, but fun!)

You can pin and rec and chat as often as you want from now until Tuesday, but it’s one chance per category. (So twenty song recommendations will still earn you one chance.) That means you can enter your name in the drawing up to eight times. (How appropriate for an 8/8 birthday!) Households with siblings, I want to hear from all of you! Note: If you’re on Pinterest but haven’t been added to any of the Threshold Series group boards yet, speak up in a comment.

Reverse Q&A

Everyone’s always asking Baird questions. He has a few for you!

♦ My signature color is MULTI. Do you have a fave?
♦ Instruments are awesome. Do you play one?
♦ Unless you count apprentices in three-piece suits, I don’t have a pet. Do you?
♦ My cooking skills come to a screeching halt right around toaster pastries. What’s your specialty?
♦ If you could hang out with one of my Flightmates for the day, who would you choose? (You totally don’t have to pick me just because it’s my b-day.)
♦  ^__^ d Do you have a favorite emoticon? Show me!

And naturally, if you have questions for Baird, go for it. Kester’s actually here, too, so you can also chat with him. Save up your other Threshold-related questions for the big Q&A coming up in just two weeks (8/22).

186 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baird!

  1. Happy birthday, Baird!! My favorite colour is black blue. I also play piano and ocarina. I have a kitten. My specialty is pizza. I would totally hang out with you!! ^-^


  2. Micailah says:

    Hm my favorite color would have to be blue.
    I don’t currently take any music lessons although I’ll occasionally mess around on our drum set.:)
    I have a goldendoodle who’s name is Prince Caspian:). We also have two birds and a fish.
    I’m not much of a cool either, but I can rustle up some scrambled eggs when I want to.:)
    Hang out with ONE of your flight mates for a day??! I choose all of them!! Although you, Milo and Marcus would probably best suit my personality.:).
    I don’t have a favorite emoticon, sorry! ^____^
    Here’s a song recommendation for you: “Alive” by Hillsong Young and Free (check out the whole album!)


  3. Emma H says:

    Hi Baird! Happy, happy, happy birthday! -streamers-
    My favorite color? Um…probably lime green. Or blue. Or silver. : )
    I’ve played the piano for several years. It’s pretty fun!
    As for pets, my family’s got a rabbit named Smokey but that’s about it.
    I’m not a very good cook, either. I did take a cooking class last year, though, and I got really good at dicing onions. Does that count?
    If I could hang out with one of your Flightmates, it might be Kester. He’s always giving Prissie good advice, and I could use some of that! : )
    My favorite emoticon is probably : ) since I’ve already used it twice!

    I’ve got a song recommendation! “Coat of Arms” by Jonathan Thulin!

    And could I be added to the group Pinterest boards, please? Thanks!


    • Baird: Dicing onions totally counts as cooking. Way more complicated than pushing down that little side-tab-doohickie on the toaster.

      And Kester’s a solid choice. Since I hang out with him all the time, I can vouch.

      b ^_^ d

      And Mrs. Author Lady just snapped up ‘Coat of Arms’ because it fits something she’s been writing. Super secret stuff. New trilogy. Very hush-hush and awesome.


  4. Happy birthday Baird!!!
    My favorite color usually changes all the time, but if I had to choose one, neon orange.
    I play the piano and will be taking violin this fall.
    I’ve got a rabbit who is yet to be named, and a cat named Usee.
    Hmm… I cook a lot, but my mom would say it’s a turkey and rice dish that I cook about once a week.
    Which Flightmate? Hmm.. You, Marcus, or Omri.
    My favorite emoticon is :P or ;D, I use both all the time, so I can’t really choose between them.

    Have a great B-day Baird!!


  5. Sheay says:

    No pets, unless you count three loud younger brothers and a sweet but whinny little sister.
    Like you Baird, it’s hard to pick one color, so give me a pastel color palet any day.
    I can play the paino, although I am not very good…. My teach quite on me years ago.
    Cooking, well lets just say improve cooking is fun but not my best work. Ahh, but give me a cookbook and I am golden!
    Come on Baird! It’s hard to choose one of your flight mates! I like them all! But if I had to choose it is a three way tie, between Kester, Marcus, and Miron Baird!
    Emoticon?… Hmmm, <3 or :)


  6. Jesslyn says:

    Happy Birthday, Baird!!!! : )

    I love all colors, but I’m leaning towards blue. Speaking of colors, I think you would love my room. My wall is kind of a bam purple, and then on my main wall, I have (all of these colors are bright) green, pink, blue, and black boxes that forms a cross in the center. And then I have rugs and whatnot that match. : )

    I don’t play an instrument, but I would like to learn how to play the violin and the piano. I do enjoy singing though.

    My family has 4 dogs and I have one of them. She’s a Labrador Retriever/Boxer mix.

    As for specialities, that has yet to be discovered. I can cook, but the only time I actually enjoy cooking is around Thanksgiving/Christmas.

    I want to hang out with all of you! : D

    My favorite emoticon would be a : ) because I’m so happy all the time. Plus, I happen to think that smiley faces are adorable.


    • Baird: Your room has vivid written all over it! n__n And I got to hang out at Prissie’s for Thanksgiving one year. Totally love the kitchen vibe during hubbub seasons!

      What’s your lab-box’s name? (Or code name, if her real name shouldn’t be revealed on the interwebz.)

      And now I want a code name.


      • Jesslyn says:

        Hmmm…maybe I could use my wall for the Multi reader show-and tell…

        Her name is Anne. Originally, she was my mom’s dog and my mom loves Anne of Green Gables so she named her from the movie.

        I loved your grand entrance, by the way!


    • Baird: You guys have such awesome taste in music. Man, so much to love in these lyrics. “Champion of heaven, you made a way for all to enter in. Into love.” And if anyone needs a little heaven-sent bravery, it’s Grafts. Seriously.

      Never enough songs. Share more if you think of another … and another! : )


  7. Nextest says:

    Baird: Did you forget it was your on paper birthday or were you not expecting Kester to do something?

    Kester: How hard was it to bring Baird to the party?


  8. Sheay says:

    Baird – in book 2 you told kester you almost had the bridge figured out, were you writing a worship song?? And if so Mrs.Kinde will it be in the next series?

    Kester- when you meet Tames, how many of the Psalms did you teach him?
    And how does it work now that those songs/psalms are in the Bible??


  9. Micailah says:

    If you did have a pet/pets what would they be and what would you name them?
    Has a yahavim ever been grafted into an animal companion and can/do yahavim Fall?


  10. Happy birthday Baird! *throws confetti* Great intro to the party!
    My song suggestion is Jesus Freak. ’cause that’s what all Christian’s are suppose to be, right?! :)
    Favorite emotion :) -I can never write anything without it-


  11. Jesslyn says:

    I liked you on Amazon. I was going to leave a review on Angels in Harmony but you have to make a purchase before you can leave a review. : o


  12. Elayna says:

    Happy Birthday Baird!!!🎉🎉

    My fave color is royal blue.
    I play piano in my spare time, mostly when I’m by myself.
    I have a pet brother 😉 His pet name is “Little Guy”
    I make a great baked barbecue chicken dish.
    My favorite song recommendation right now is Forever by Kari Jobe.
    If I could hang out with any of your Flight mates, it would be Milo.

    I have to tell you how much your advice to Prissie meant to me. When you told her Koji was leaving, you showed her how to cut the pain in half by focusing on him instead of how she felt. In my case, I’m the one leaving in 8 days to live away from my family for six months. It’s hard on all of us, but your advice has helped me focus on my family and on how much fun I can have with them before I leave. It’s definitely eased the pressure of this time of transition. Thanks so much, and again, Happy Birthday!!!!!


    • Baird: You guys and your pet siblings are making me laugh. Better be takin’ good care of your family-type critters! : D

      Wish I could send Fly-boy your way. Mail will have to do. Make sure you pass along your new address. ; )

      Oh, man. That Kari Jobe can sing. “Forever He is glorified. Forever He is lifted high. Forever He is risen!”

      And, man. Who knew the advice I gave Prissie would be stuff you needed to hear? Well, God knew. And that’s why He’s awesome.


  13. Hey there, it’s your birthday. Get happy!
    Happy when you’re born, happy when you’re young!
    Happy when you’re old and grey! (In your human years anyways)
    Congratulations, here’s to you!
    My favorite colors are blue, black, and green (all shades)
    I play the trombone (currently first chair) and i would like to learn how to play the piano and how to read the treble clef ^_^
    I have 3 dogs(all labrador/Rottweiler mix)-Tundra, Rogue, and Falcor- and my one cat Ruby
    I am awesome at cooking (as long as i have it memorized or a recipe), i can also draw really well, and i am a writer
    Hmm… Which one of your flightmates…. I’d either pick Tamaes, you, Omri, Marcus, or Ethan
    And my favorite is -_- or ^.^ or ^_^ or :3


    • Baird: Happy, happy, happy. That’s me! Oh, hey! We have a trombone player in the cast. Wait. You guys don’t know that yet. (Whoops, my bad.) <__<

      Kester: >__>

      Baird: You would not believe how often Kester is all -_- and I’m all :3


  14. LinZ says:

    Just saying, you’re my favorite angel!
    My favorite colors are blue and pink
    I play the piano, although I love to sing
    I have a cute Netherland dwarf rabbit who is gray
    My favorite thing to cook is probably pancakes and garlic bread ( not at the same time though)
    And I would love to hang out with you for a day or two!


  15. Sheath says:

    Baird- what is you favorite kind of soda?
    Which of Prissie’s brothers is your favorite ?
    How is your mentoring with Ransom going?
    Do you think Prissie and Ransom might start dating?
    Why do you get so meloncoly ?
    Kester – is your harp the same one you played for King Solomon?
    What do you think will happen between Prissie and Ransom?
    Are you and Tad’s guardian friend and if so do you both enjoy your black wings?
    Do you think Baird’s band will ever discover Baird’s and your secret?
    Why are the fallen afraid of Baird and his light and songs?
    What is your favorite apple based food?


    • Baird: Whoa. Pop quiz! O___O

      1) I don’t really have a favorite soda. I’m more of a lemonade guy.
      2) Playing favorites with siblings can be totally dangerous.
      3) Ransom’s reading is at the voracious level. And his questions are doozy level.
      4) Who can say? Definitely not my area of expertise.
      5) Do I? Maybe I did. I got over it.


    • Kester: I will endeavor to yield adequate responses.

      1) No. David’s harp was neither mine to take or keep.
      2) I am in no position to speculate.
      3) While my furled wings do appear as black marks on my skin, they are in fact multi-colored once unfurled. Prissie compared my wings to stained glass windows. The description is apt.
      4) That is highly unlikely this side of heaven.
      5) Fallen shy away from light, perhaps in shame of what they have become. Also, I have seen the enemy flee from the truth, and a First One’s songs are exceptionally pure.
      6) Slices. Especially those prepared in a manner resembling rabbits.


  16. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    CHA CHA CHA!! Happy birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire! Hau`oli la hanau! Feliz Cumplean~os!
    Yom huledet sameach! breithlá sona!

    My favorite color is pink (I was so happy the dounut pox was pink:))!
    I play the Piano, am going to start learning gittar this school year, sing (my very own instrument that I cary around everywhere) AND I reallly really really want to learn the harp!

    I have a pug (who poops all over the floor), a cat (calico) and 5 pigmey goats!

    I LOVE COOKING! and my specialty would be desserts but my specialty of desserts is well… this is really hard! probably cinnamon rolls and cupcakes! (from skratch of coures!)

    I would tollaly pick to hangout around you and Kester!!!

    My favorite emoticon is :D


  17. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Myron is not such a bad name have you ever read orioles adventures by amy bell marlowe. My mom love that book! her grandma and her would read them and tell eachother how they liked them even though her grandma lived in Illinois and my mom live in Washington.


  18. Happy Birthday Baird! *confetti toss*
    I am a very MULTI person too, but if my life depended on it and I had to chose one color it would have to be orange.
    I don’t really play any instruments now that I’m in High School. I used to play the piano when I was a little girl. I rocked at playing Yankee Doodle. :D
    My house is filled with many furry babies. I have two elderly dogs and five cats. I take care of all the animals in my home except for my younger sister’s fishies and her hamster Brochacho (pronounced bro-cha-ch-oh). My cats names are Sterling, Minx, Candy, Babes, and Penelope and my dog’s names are Angel and Pink. I’m telling you what Baird you would LOVE Penelope. She’s going on two years old this August and she still acts like a kitten. No joke.
    I’m not much for cooking, but I do know how to make spaghetti.
    If I had the chance to hang out with one of your flight mates, besides you because you’ll always be my first choice, I believe I would pick Koji/Taweel or Marcus/Jedrick.
    I don’t mean to sound like a big chicken, but extremely tall people give me the wiggins. I am VERY short for my age and people who are really tall and with big muscles make me feel like a bug. I would love to hear Taweel or Jedrick’s stories of faith and bravery in the face of un-imaginable horrors, but I would have to have someone human sized in our presence so I wouldn’t feel out numbered. And I say out numbered because one of me probably equals two of Taweel, and especially Jedrick, so… well, you probably KNOW how that feels, right Baird?. ;)
    My favorite emoticon is the winkie face because I like to make people smile when they read what I’ve wrote. ;)

    Oh yeah, you should really listen to “The Happy Song” by Delirious?. The song is totally you Baird!

    Have an awesome b-day!


  19. Nextest says:

    Happy Birthday~ *sets off virtual confetti cannons*

    – I love all the warm colors of the spectrum, but my favorite since little girlhood has always been pink.
    – I LOVE music, love it. Lots. I’m learning to play the cello, which is probably my number one instrument.
    – Our family has two chihuahua’s, although I claimed one as mine when I first saw him.
    – We do lots of cooking and baking, so I get lots of time in the kitchen. My savory specialty is probably biscuits (from scratch), and sweet is either cheesecake or cream puffs. All good stuffs!
    – Out of all the angels, you would probably be the one I would pick to hang out with! I think you would be the most fun (and maybe Kester would be there since you’re his mentor?).
    – I like using >:D (it looks like an evil genius laugh, bwaahahahaa!).
    – Song suggestion: Symphony by Chris Taylor. It’s a little melancholy, but the lyrics make me think about Worshipers. Also, Search My Heart (Radio Version) by Hillsong United.

    Are you going to put any candles in your doughnuts? It’s always fun to blow them out!


    • Baird: O___O Confetti cannons. I like your style! And if we tried to stab all those candles into some poor doughnut, there’d be nothing left but smouldering crumbs and wax puddles. .__.

      “Symphony” is a beaut. “Teach me the harmony to all You love.” And “Search My Heart” makes me happy. Gotta love it when song-writers crank up the volume and give some bounce to Bible passages. “With all that I am, Lord, I will follow You.”


  20. Esther;) says:

    Happy birthday Baird!!!!!!!!!!
    To answer ur questions In no particular order;) I have an awesome Tom cat named milo. I love greens and blues. I think the best instrument is the voice and I love to sing!!! I can cook quesadillas and ramen noodles I can also do any cake or cupcakes w a recipe ;) I would hang w koji tamaes or Baird!!!!!! <3 😉


  21. Esther;) says:

    Hey Baird!!! Happy birthday again!!! And an awesome song recommendation would be shake by mercy me or my lighthouse by rend collective! <3


    • Baird: Do you even know?
      Kester: I reviewed my paperwork.
      Baird: Are you older than me?
      Kester: Hardly. You are one of the First.
      Baird: Yeah, yeah … but on paper?
      Kester: Yes.
      Baird: Oh, man. Hold up fingers.
      Baird: Guys, you are not gonna believe this! He’s one-upped me! Literally!
      Kester: On paper.
      Baird: I’ve always wanted to say this. Kester’s totally my +1!


      • Baird: On paper, I’m an adult. Most of my DeeVee teens are convinced thirty-something is ancient. Let’s just say I’m older than Milo and younger than Kester … when in reality I’m older than Methuselah, Timbuktu, and dirt. :3


  22. LinZ says:

    Well… my name is LinZ on Pinterest.
    And Baird? Did you come up with your hair do yourself? or did someone give you the idea?


  23. LinZ says:

    Oops! I meant to say that my name is LinZ Halverson on pinterest and I will have my older sister try to help me send you a link! :)


    • Author here! One of my plans for the milestone celebration for The Blue Door (coming up in September) was to share some of the songs on my Threshold Series shuffle. I often create an OST for the books I write … or find a song that really fits one of the characters. So I’ll save the music recommendations for then and challenge you guys to add to my playlist with recs of your own! : )


  24. Happy Birthday Baird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My sister thinks I should dump a bucket of confetti of you.
    I really like the K-love fan awards 2014 mash-up that anthem lights did. You should sing that and do all the parts. By yourself. Live. (some of the parts overlap.)
    This is my favorite emoticon – thingy: <(") = < ( " ) this should make a penguin! (it does on facebook, if no where else.)


  25. Kiara says:

    Okay. Wow. Baird, I am SO SO SO SO SO sorry! I wasn’t really checking my email, and so I missed your birthday!!!!! D: But I’m here now, if I can still participate in the party. Yes, I do always ask you questions, so I will be more than glad to answer ALL of yours. :)

    My favorite color is blue. Any shade, but I like lighter blues the best.

    I DO play an instrument, actually! I am learning to play acoustic guitar.

    I have a shih-poo (which is a dog that is part poodle, part shih tzu) named Bella, and my sister has a lion-headed bunny named Mistletoe.

    Well, I don’t have much cooking skills….YET. WAIT! I have my infamous peanut butter sandwiches. Two pieces of bread and a LOT of peanut butter. They’re infamous among my family because I put so much peanut butter on them.

    I may not have to choose you for your birthday, but I really WOULD love to hang out with you! You or Tamaes, probz.

    Favorite emoticon….well, I like this one: ^_^


    • Baird: I’ll be honest. There are people who can’t see past skin color. I’ve been on the wrong side of more misconceptions than I can count because of my “tattoos.” And the closest thing to a copycat would be Zeke. There was this memorable incident involving a red Sharpie. Very flattering. And thankfully, very funny. We posed for pictures together. (His folks are so cool.)


    • Anonymous says:

      Okay now I want to hear the whole story! Lol. I could totally see Zeke doing that.:) what kind of stuff do you do with the teens at DV (besides worship music)?


      • Baird: I’m sorta half-time semi-official with the youth at the DeeVee, so I spend a lot of time with the guys. We hang out (bowling alley, skating rink, burger place, mall). Pizza happens pretty often. There’s a weekly Bible study. One-on-one mentoring once in a while. And texting.


  26. Jesslyn says:

    One of the classical songs that I really like is “Mozart: Piano Concerto #4 In G, K 41 – 2. Andante”. : )

    Baird and Kester: What did you two do this summer, other than writing/playing music?


    • Baird: Summer usually means lots of youth events. Skating rink is popular during hot days. Bowling alley is good for staying up too late. Kester likes libraries and concert-in-the-park events. We’re totally lurking all kinds of cultural festivals, and not just local stuff. Caretakers and their doors make it easy to go national … and international! :3


  27. ♦my favorite color is blue
    ♦ I play a bit of piano
    ♦ 2 cats, and 2 giant guard dogs (no joke) -unfortuantely they don’t play-
    ♦ apple pies and muffins!
    ♦ WAY too hard. maybe…Nope, can’t pick. I love all you guys!
    ♦ and :) is my favorite emotion.

    Baird: Why were you sent as a graph? Was it so you could eventually meet the Pomeroys and Ransom?
    Mrs.Kinde: How did you come up with Baird’s personality? He makes me smile every time.


    • Author here: In the beginning, I knew I wanted an angelic duo that seemed like a mismatch. And I knew the mentor-apprentice relationship would seem flipped. When I wrote Baird’s first scene in The Blue Door, he surprised me, delighted me, and made me laugh. ♥ I’m not sure if it’s fair to say I came up with Baird because he’s one of those characters that showed up. He has always been himself.


  28. Sheay says:

    Hi Baird and Kester
    How do you feel about the Newsboys song Entertaining Angels?? And does this song fit Prissie and her family or what?
    What about their songs Shine, Wherever we go, God’s not dead, and Million Pieces?
    Who is you favorite Christian band?
    Kester: How is it that you do not have a job, but you have a car?
    Do you always follow Baird down?
    on paper how old are you guys?
    Baird: When and where was your first grafting?
    Why did you kink-name The Holy Spirit Dove?
    Have you ever been to Hawaii?


    • Kester: It would be most accurate to say that I give the impression of having a source of income.
      Baird: But you never actually go to work.
      Kester: Not in the traditional sense.
      Baird: So you’re like … a man of independent means.
      Kester: That is an accurate description.
      Baird: Our neighbors totally think you’re a foreign spy!
      Kester: Only because that is how you introduced me.


    • Baird: Dove? No great mystery there. It’s a Bible-thing turned nickname. “At that moment heaven was opened, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on Him” (Matthew 3:16). There’s no disrespect intended, nor taken.


  29. Savvy says:

    Happy birthday Baird! *confetti toss*
    My favorite color is purple!
    I like to play the piano.
    2 cats and 2 dogs. I wish i had a horse:)
    Not to good at cooking but i guess eggs :) But if you mean talent wise Rock Climbing or Horse Riding!
    I don’t know who I would hang out with. i haven’t read the book. Yet!
    ;}) -smiley face w/ a mustache.

    I subscribed to your newsletter.
    My song suggestion is “Everything is Awesome” from the lego movie. :D


  30. Jesslyn says:

    I participated in six out the eight ways. I couldn’t leave the review on amazon and (as far as I know) didn’t make you (Mrs. Christa) laugh.


  31. Jesslyn says:

    Mrs. Christa: Thank you for taking the time to interact with your readers and for doing all of these celebrations! They are so much fun! : )


  32. Sheath says:

    Baird what were your feelings and thoughts on that first Good Friday? How did you take it? I mean the High King of Heaven laid down his life for the whole world. I bet that was devastating! And how did those thoughts and feelings change on Easter Sunday?


  33. Arian says:

    A very belated birthday to you, Baird!

    ♦ My favourite colour is indigo
    ♦ My best instrument is voice (alto) but I also play descant, treble and tenor recorders
    ♦ I sometimes claim that my son, whose mind is about 3 even though his body is 18, does the job of pet-equivalent in my house. Which often offends people who hear me, but the artless enthusiasm and unstinting love of young children has a lot in common with those same characteristics in puppies. Maybe I’m especially lucky because my puppy is a person :)
    ♦ I don’t cook; that’s one of my husband’s jobs. He’s good at it.
    ♦ I’d like to hang out with you and Kester together. I have a close friend who, the better we get to know each other, the more different we find ourselves to be. We keep negatively surprising each other by discovering how very differently we think about things, and then we feel sad. It’s obvious that you two have got the hang of how to love each other unconditionally, and it would be great to have some time to study your joint example. ;)


  34. Arian says:

    Yay! And for a song recommendation – my favourite song is “If I Stand” by Rich Mullins.

    If I stand, let me stand on the promise that You will pull me through,
    and if I can’t, let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You.
    If I sing, let me sing for the joy that has borne in me these songs,
    and if I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home.


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