REMINDER: Baird’s Birthday

Dress the PartIt’s a surprise party…
Tomorrow (8/8) is the official on-paper birthday of a thirty-something worship leader by the name of Myron Baird. Kester and I will find a way to get him onto the blog in time for the festivities to begin. There’ll be swag for attendees and fabulous prizes for a fortunate few. You can chat with the birthday boy, give him t-shirts over on Pinterest, and share music recs all weekend long in order to increase your chances in the prize drawing. But the biggest question on my mind right now is … what should Baird wear to the party? Help Kester choose some “nice togs” in the comments! : )

15 thoughts on “REMINDER: Baird’s Birthday

  1. Sheay says:

    Bells! He should have bells tied in his hair! Ooo, his favorite tee and some kaki shorts! And his fave instrument that is blue ridding on his hip.


  2. Nextest says:

    Since it’s August, it’s too hot to wear a suit even if you are comfortable in them, so here is my vote: Flip-flops, ripped jeans, multi-colored tank top, and a simple white button up shirt that he can leave unbuttoned or tied around his waist.


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