In which I see station wagons…

Authorial Endeavor #039. I’m pleased to direct your attention to a new interview, which is all over the pages of ChildressInk. Kim Childress talked to me about my writing process, how long it took to develop the Threshold Series, how my perspectives on publishing are unique because my husband was in the business, and the oft amusing little debates I had with my editors behind the scenes. For instance:

Editor: “You can’t have Grandma Nell drive a station wagon. They’re completely outdated.”

Me: So I grudgingly changed Nell Pomeroy’s vehicle to a mini-van, but my kids can testify. Ever since then, I mark the passing of every station wagon on the road in a sing-song voice. “Sta~tion Wa~gon!” ♫  One of my poor, baffled sons finally asked, “What’s a station wagon?” (Case in point that my editor may have been right.) My daughter just shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. Mama’s the only one who can see them.”

4 Books 2“As editor for the Threshold Series, Christa’s manuscript was on my desk when I first arrived at Zondervan.”

You’ll find Kim’s name in the fine print on the copyright pages of the Threshold Series books because she was my editor at Zonderkidz. She’s since resigned and is winging it as a magazine editor, book reviewer, life blogger, and freelance editor extraordinaire. Indeed, she’s one of my editors for the Byways series, so we’re in and out of each others’ inboxes on a regular basis.

Childress Ink Kim has relaunched her website, ChildressInk, and I have a part in the kick-off. You’ll find I’m her featured author this month, and content from our interview is spread across four pages:

Featured Author, Christa Kinde
Christa Kinde on Writing
Slushpile Stories, Threshold Series
Writing Tips from Christa Kinde

ChildressInk is also hosting a Threshold Series giveaway. Part 2 of Kim’s interview, which talks more about my self-publishing adventures as C. J. Milbrandt, is due to appear by the end of the month. So look forward to more!

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4 thoughts on “In which I see station wagons…

  1. Arian says:

    You’ve prompted me to go on a station wagon hunt now. And I’ll start with the one standing in the driveway of my own house: that’s ONE!


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