The Week’s Accumulation xcvii

My week was chock full of new and interesting things, which always keeps my creativity humming along. I crossed some big items off my never-ending To Do List, and fun stuff showed up in my mailbox. This week, I have updates, reminders, snapshots, and new art, so come check out my clutter!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Lovely things have been arriving in my inbox. One was my stamp order from the USPS. (Isn’t that tiny box the cutest thing?) These pretty ferns mean I’m equipped to send off the next Threshold Series postcard. I’ll probably start addressing them over the weekend. : )

New Stamps

♦ On a related note, I discovered postcrossing earlier today. Naturally, I signed right up (using CJMilbrandt) and sent off my first batch of postcards. This hobby is right up my alley. Looking forward to having glimpses of the world show up in my mailbox!

First Batch

Many international participants ask for unique stamps in their profiles, so I raided my stash and added pretty ones to their cards. : )

♦ This week, I finished the manuscript for Realms of Glory, a 90-day devotional due out from Zonderkidz sometime next year. It’s full of little outtakes and missing scenes from the series, giving you more moments with Prissie & Koji … Milo & Zeke … and other familiar folks from West Edinton. One of my favorite parts of the devotional are re-told scenes from the Bible where people meet angels. I’ll pass along more details about this book as they come my way! : )

Rough and Tumble 250♦ A quick reminder that Rough and Tumble, which is always free to read here, is also available for purchase. If you’d like to add this Threshold serial to your virtual library, it’s $2.99 on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo. Also, If you loved Ethan’s story, please consider leaving a review on these sites. That’s one of the best ways to lend your support to these guys! : )

♦ I’ll be doing something new on the blog. I’ve been approved as a BookLook Blogger. Which means I’m adding book reviews to the docket of posts here. They’ll show up once a week or so. On this blog, it’ll primarily be Christian books (both fiction and non-fiction). On my CJMilbrandt blog, I’ll be reviewing a wide range of kid-friendly titles. When I have everything ready, there’ll also be spots for you to recommend books to me. Because sharing favorites is fun! ♥

♦ And before we wrap up, let’s share one more tidbit of news plus another chibi from my friend Terri Delgado. If you’re detail-obsessed, you may recall that Koji’s “birthday” was set for the day he and Prissie met—July 25. And that’s next Friday. If you’ve been paying very close attention to my authorial chit-chat, you may recall that I’m writing a Threshold Series sequel. I’m focused on having everything ready for a fall release for this full-length novel, which takes place ten years after The Blue Door. Next Friday, I’ll share an exclusive sneak peek at the book’s opening scene … but only with folks who subscribe to my Threshold Series newsletter. Do you? SUBSCRIBE NOW >>

_Koji chibi by Terri Delgado

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


9 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xcvii

  1. Micailah says:

    Oh my gosh, I am flipping out, SO EXCITED for your upcoming sequel!!! 10 years? Wow, everyone’s going to be old!:). Miss Christa, have you ever heard of The Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl? I recommend it for you to review!:). Koji I a so cute btw.:)


  2. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will make sure that your new book is at the top of my read list!!!!!! eeeaaakkkk!!! Soo exited!!! and is that koji!! he is absolutely adorable!! :)


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