The Week’s Accumulation xcvi

This has been a very productive writing week, and I’m pleased with progress on several fronts. My desk is full of sketches and editing drafts, and my inbox has seen a small rush of comments. Plans are underway for some fun events. And … am I the only person who gets joy from changing out the stuff that’s pinned to a bulletin board? Assorted updates and some new art await the curious. Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ I’m nearly finished with Realms of Glory, the 90-day devotional that’s coming out from Zonderkidz next year. Tying off all the loose ends is very satisfying. Readers should enjoy all the little outtakes and missing scenes that are sprinkled throughout the book. Realms of Glory will bring back Prissie & Koji, Zeke & Milo, and two “new” angels. Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter will have already seen this sketch. Who knows who these guys are?

Harken the Herald, sketch

cover_July14♦ Thank you to everyone who took part in the Byways Q&A. Everyone who commented on that post will be receiving a little something in the mail very soon. I dropped a tidy stack of cards through the mail slot this morning. Also, if you’re interested in receiving a digital review copy of Byways, Book 1: On Your Marks, drop me an email at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

♦ In case you missed the announcement, the fifth installment of Angel on High went live this week in Christian Fiction Online Magazine. “Pen and Paper” continues the story of Koji’s beginnings. I’m always glad to hear that people are reading this serial. Even happier to know that folks are eagerly waiting for each addition. I’m just a little ahead of you guys with writing my story. I turned in Part 6 to the editor last week. Fun stuff ahead! ★

♦  Travel plans are in the works! I’ll be returning to Minnesota during the last week of August, this time with my daughters. There are some author chats in the works, which is bound to be fun. And we’ll be there during the Minnesota State Fair. Kettle corn, Ferris wheels, mini-doughnuts, and bumper cars are all on my to-do list! And postcards! Be sure to join my mailing list if you’d like to receive a postcard from my home town.

♦ And lastly, I’ll share another Tried and True chibi by Terri Delgado!

Taweel chibi by Terri Delgado

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


5 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xcvi

  1. Micailah says:

    Oh wow! It looks like you’ve had a very productive week!:). I love that chibi of Taweel. :D. My guess is that those two angels are Gideon and a young Harken? I’ll be checking my mailbox to be sure!:). Hope you and your daughters have a wonderful trip!


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