The Week’s Accumulation xcv

Happy Independence Day! Our family has always found fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July. This year is a mix of old traditions and new ventures. Yesterday’s birthday doings involved prepping Youngest’s favorite meal, which we did up in true Pomeroy style despite our lack of a farm kitchen. Fried chicken, homemade biscuits, corn on the cob, watermelon, and chocolate cake. ♥ The walls are ringing with four-part harmonies thanks to the barbershop quartet convention. (We tune in every year!) And today’s the release day of the first book in my new Byways series. Lots to share!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Let’s start with Threshold stuff. This week, I made Rough and Tumble available for purchase. So far, the book is only showing up on Amazon and Kobo, but it’ll pop up on Barnes & Noble any day now.

_Rough and Tumble

I answered some of the questions that have come up over on this post. Even if you decide not to add Zeke & Ethan’s story to your virtual bookshelves, I’d appreciate it if you left an honest review over there. It really is the best way to support my stories. : )

♦ It’s been quite some time since I had new art to share, but my good friend Terri has taken on a chibi-sized project for me. She’s working her way through the cast of Tried and True … to be followed by the cast of Angel on High. Let’s start with … Adin!

Adin chibi by Terri Delgado

♦ There’s fun stuff happening all summer. Mark your calendars:

July 25 – Koji’s birthday = very special newsletter (subscribe now!)
August 8 – Surprise birthday party for Baird (games & giveaway)
August 22The Broken Window‘s book birthday (Threshold Q&A)

♦ Today’s the book birthday of On Your Marks, the first book in the Byways series, which I’m publishing under my maiden name. You can read more details in this post over on my other blog.

01 On Your Marks 600

Whether here or there, I’m me. So we’re going to celebrate a little on this blog, too. I’ll be setting up a Q&A post in a few minutes. Ask me stuff. Request a review copy. Help me celebrate this new endeavor! ♥

♦ I just realized that someone asked me a question a little while back, and I neglected to answer it! (Eep!) Y’all may have noticed those letters appearing after “The Week’s Accumulation” each week. Very mysterious, amiright? Well, they do serve a purpose. They’re numbers, but you’re probably not used to seeing Roman numerals in lowercase. XCV = 95, meaning this here’s the 95th edition of The Week’s Accumulation. : )

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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