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In honor of the release of Byways Book 1: On Your Marks by C. J. Milbrandt, I’m hosting a Q&A, offering review copies, and doing a fun little giveaway. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s the basics:

  1. I write family-friendly fantasy under my maiden name (C. J. Milbrandt).
  2. The Byways books are early chapter books, geared for young readers (K-2).
  3. This series is “born on the 4th of July” because of a game hidden in the stories.
  4. The three main characters are brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths.
  5. A race ties the series together, and books rotate between the brothers’ POV.
  6. Simple enough for young readers, plotty enough for parents and older siblings.
  7. By the time we reach the finish line, Byways will have 50+ books!

Byways, for the website

Help Me Celebrate!

♦ Ask me questions about the books, the cast, the setting, etc. Not sure where to start? Let me help: Byways Page | Byways FAQ | Byways: State by State | The Land of Liberty | Meet Ewan the Eldest | Meet Zane the Rebel | Meet Ganix the Scamp | Meet Ian Johns | A Touch of Magic

♦ Answer me this! If you could Change into an animal (like Ewan, Zane, and Ganix), what form would you want to take?

On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins is just $ .99 and is currently available at both Amazon and Kobo. It should pop up on Barnes & Noble soon. If you know parents, teachers, or librarians, tell them about the series!

♦ I’m making a limited number of review copies available! Email your request to christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com. First comers will receive a complimentary copy of the On Your Marks e-book via Amazon in exchange for an honest review.

♦ Comment below to be included in a drawing! I have some of the cutest little promo cards to share, featuring all kinds of Byways cast portraits (not just the brothers). If your name is drawn, I’ll send a few your way. : )


There you go! I’ll be answering questions all weekend. The drawing will be held on Tuesday, July 8 … so you have plenty of time to chime in!

51 thoughts on “Byways Q&A

  1. Yay, just another reason to celebrate on July 4th!

    I think if I were able to change into an animal, I’d want to be a small bird, like a chickadee or sparrow. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to sit on a power line.


  2. Micailah says:

    Wow so exciting! I have a question. What made you choose the names Ewan, Zane, and Ganix? Was there a special reason or meaning? And if I could be any animal I would have to choose cat.


  3. Micailah says:

    How old are each of the brothers? I know the youngest, Ganix is sixteen.
    Do their animal sides have anything to do with their personalities? What inspired you to write this story?


    • Ganix is sixteen. Zane is three years older, making him nineteen. And when Zane was born, Ewan was seven, making the eldest brother all of twenty-six.

      Yes, I do think their animal form ties in with their personalities. Ewan is very watchful and protective of his “herd.” Zane is quite the lone wolf. And Ganix is mischief personified. ; )

      I dreamed up this story to occupy my imagination during a road trip between California and Idaho.


    • Not really. It’s a three-way story that takes place in a fantasy world. There are stowaways and mythical creatures … close shaves and runaways … tough choices and new friends … and postcards. Because … POSTCARDS! ♥

      But there’s a game of hide-and-seek hidden in each story, and that part is tied to the fifty states. ; )


    • Yes, I’ll cover each state with a book, so the main series will be at least fifty volumes. However, knowing me (and I know me very well), there will be a bunch of fun bonus stories.


    • Micailah says:

      Eek! SO excited! :). Will the entire series be about who finishes the race, or will we get to see some other brotherly competitions later on?


      • The race is the thing, and the series will undoubtedly end up at the finish line. But I’m not sure that’s what the series is about. The brothers have no idea what’s in store for them along the way. This will be the adventure of a lifetime … times three!


  4. Anonymous says:

    hmm… something to ponder… I love all animals, but today I’m feeling like a… leopard. It would be cool to be so stealth and to blend in so well.

    PS happy 4th of July Mrs. Christa!!


  5. Kiara says:

    Hello again, Mrs. Kinde! Wow, a new series! Awesome! Since I still don’t know too much about Byways, I’ll stick to the basics too. :) If I could change into any animal, I would be a wolf. They’re my favorite animals, and I have been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. From what I’ve seen, it sounds like Zane changes into one too! Hmm…questions, questions….AH!

    What are you most excited for people to see/read about in Byways?


    • Pfft. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Let me try to answer this in a different way.

      ■ I’m looking forward to seeing Ewan discover his confidence.
      ■ I can’t wait for Zane to find new thrills and challenges.
      ■ I’m already smiling over all the trouble Ganix is sure to cause.

      To be honest, I’m eager to find out which brothers readers will be cheering on. : )


  6. Questions, umm…Which character will you enjoy writing about most? And if I could be an animal, I’d either be a wolf or a ferret. I love ferrets. ^-^


    • I’ve found that I am thoroughly delighted with whatever character I’m currently writing. So if it’s Ewan, I love him for being so earnest. He’s forever trying to do the right thing. And when I write Zane, I’m laughing at his cantankerous streak. He’s so snappish, yet so loyal. And Ganix is too cute for words, but I sometimes want to shake him for not thinking of the consequences. He means well, but it doesn’t always end well. : D


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