The Week’s Accumulation xciii

It’s been a quiet week in my hometown. (If you’re familiar with Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, you’ll understand why I’m smiling.) But small town, rural Minnesota definitely has its own pace. One that’s conducive to writing. My notebook and I have ranged all over my old stomping grounds, and I’m pleased with my fortnight’s creativity. I have enough pre-writing done to “get serious” and turn these notes into a manuscript. Not too shabby. Let’s see … today, I have more shapshots and reminders for you. Take a look!

Chives BorderThis week’s accumulation:
♦ I’m zeroing in on my summer deadline for Realms of Glory. In case this is your first time hearing about my current writing project with Zonderkidz, I’ll sum up. They invited me to write an angel-themed devotional. The book highlights what we know about angels from the Bible, so you’ll be able to tell fact from fiction. These little lessons take various forms—word studies, Q&A sessions, biblical angel encounters, and teaching moments that revisit the cast of the Threshold Series. You’ll get to see Prissie and Koji again. And drop in on Milo’s Sunday school classes. And you’ll meet a young angel who’s learning what it means to be one of God’s Messengers.

If you haven’t already subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll want to scoot over and take care of that. On Monday the 16th, the June issue will include an exclusive excerpt from Realms of Glory … and a sneak peek at new art for the upcoming 90-day devotional. SUBSCRIBE >>

♦ In case you missed it, the fourth installment of Angel on High is live. You can read “Look and Listen” in Christian Fiction Online Magazine. And frankly, I’m curious about your reactions. Did Koji surprise you? : )

I sent out a whole passel of postcards this week. This is something I’ve always loved to do, and I’m always eager to add more readers to my mailing list. To find out more about how I keep the post offices busy, check out my Postcards page. (Especially since there’ll be a brand new Threshold art card coming out in July!) Teaser….


SALE! Don’t forget that Zonderkidz is running a Summer Reading promotion right now. You can buy all four of the e-books in the Threshold series for $3.99 apiece. Spread the word. Nab them for yourself. Gift them to a friend. You only have until Monday, June 16 to take advantage of the price break. ♥

♦ More pictures to share! The peony beds burst into bloom this week, which made me happy. I grew up with those white ones, with their tiny threads of crimson. Mom added the pink ones after I married and moved away from home. (Betcha Prissie would love them!) ♥


♦ My bags are packed, and I’m flying home this afternoon. Looking forward to rejoining my mister and my girls. Travel is wonderful, and I love trying and seeing new things. But home is sweet. This homebody is ready to return. : )

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


6 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xciii

  1. I loved “Look and Listen”. Koji’s actions surprised me at the end. I did not expect the homeless man to be a Graft! I also enjoyed the scene where Weft talked about Taweel. It made me smile to see past events being woven together. :)


  2. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Are those chives in the picture at the very top!? I have a pot of them on my patio and my little sister likes to pick of the stems with no flowers and suck on the end!!! Just thought I recognized them!!


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