The Week’s Accumulation xcii

I missed last week’s post because I was traveling. If you’ve been following my Twitter account (@ChristaKinde), you know I’m ensconced in my childhood home in the small town where I grew up. Scandia is a pretty little town, and these ten acres are dear to my heart. I’ll kick off this week’s clutter with some pictures I took this morning on a ramble through the front yard. Wanna see?

MN Tweets 1

♦ People who see the old homestead where I was raised understand me and my stories a little better. This is a porch swing and strawberry patch kind of place, with a grape arbor and fruit trees, a cold frame and vegetable garden. When I was a child, the pine grove was a pumpkin patch, and there was a canoe propped up against the side of the pole barn. The old dairy barn teetered over a few decades ago, but I can remember watching swallows build nests in the rafters and hunting for kittens in the loft.


Roosters are a running theme around my folks’ house. : )

Country Morning

The peonies are almost ready to burst open. Most of the spring flowers are gone, but the columbine is looking wonderful. I’ll snap more pictures in the days ahead.

♦ If you’ve been around my blog since last year, you may have already received a postcard from my hometown. I did a little foraging last week, and I found MN postcards to share. Anybody want one? : )

♦ One of the bits of clutter on my desktop is the fifth installment of Angel on High. I just turned it over to my editor, which means I’m a month ahead of y’all. You’ll be able to read part four, “Look and Listen” in the June issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine … any day now. I’ll do a special post once I know it’s live. ★

Ongoing Serials

Tried and True reached chapter 150 this morning, which is the halfway point in Taweel & Tamaes’s story. There’s plenty ahead for our duo, Omri, Loris, Weft, Asaph, Dorum, and Valerian. I hope you’re enjoying their journey of faith.

♦ This past Wednesday, I was the guest of Scandia’s local book club. We had a wonderful chat, and I shared some special treats. I had these little cards made up to promote my upcoming Byways series. Indeed, I did a cover reveal for Book 1: On Your Marks this week on Did you catch it?


SALE! Don’t forget that Zonderkidz is running a Summer Reading promotion right now. You can buy all four of the e-books in the Threshold series for $3.99 apiece. Spread the word. Nab them for yourself. Gift them to a friend. ♥

♦ And we’re about due for a newsletter! Here’s a heads-up. I’ll release June’s newsletter in ten days. It’ll include an excerpt from my upcoming Realms of Glory devotional and an introduction to two angels who figure prominently in that book. If you don’t want to miss out, subscribe before Monday, June 16.  NEWSLETTER >>

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


8 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xcii

  1. Kiara says:

    Hmm….let’s see, what’s cluttering up my desktop. Well, this is my official last day of school (I do an online cyber school, so I actually got all my work done last week), so I feel quite sad to be saying goodbye to my great teachers.
    I finished a scene that I was writing and was able to send it to two of my friends (I was quite excited about that). I was helping my mom clean up some sticks in the backyard today, too.


  2. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Horses, Horses, Horses is what’s cluttering up my (the whole family’s) desktop I’m writing my last writing assignment and it’s a creative writing assignment my favorite! Pictures really help me with my writing so I can get a picture in my mind of what it’s like. Do you ever do that?

    Oh and the kind of horse is a gypsey vanner draft horse! You should check them out there soooooooooooo beautiful! And I love the rhubarb pic! I just made a rhubarb crisp with home grown rubarb and that picture looks just like mine except I have about HALF that amount!


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