The Week’s Accumulation xc

Southern California has been experiencing a heat wave, so this past week was mostly spent holed up in a cool, shady corner with a pitcher of ice water close to hand. I’ve put myself on a tight deadline, so cramming in enough writing time’s been a challenge. But with summer right around the corner, the sun’s been rising earlier … and so have I. This week’s clutter has something new. You won’t want to miss it! ; )

This week’s accumulation:
♦ I’m happy to report that Part 3 of Angel on High went live this week. You can read “Silver and Gold” in the May issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. Were any of you surprised to see a familiar face? Many of my stories have some kind of overlap. This one was a pleasant surprise, even to me! ★

Angel on High 250♦ It may interest you to know that as I go along, I’m prepping Angel on High for release in e-book format. You’ll be able to add the whole story to your virtual library in December, when the final installment releases. Will there be changes? Yep! Some scenes may be expanded. (I’m working with a strict word limit for the column.) And I strongly suspect there’ll be an exclusive epilogue to tie forward to The Blue Door.

One detail I can share right now is a peek at some sketches for the little illustrations Anna Earley made for scene dividers…


♦ I’ve been writing devotionals all week. As I’ve mentioned before, Realms of Glory will be angel-themed, so I’m exploring all kinds of passages in the Bible where people encountered members of the heavenly host. Questions are answered. Myths are debunked. Traditions are grounded in Scripture. And I’ve incorporated several of the questions about angels that you guys have asked me here. What do you think might be a good question for me to address? I still have a little wiggle room in my outline. Maybe I can fit yours in!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


6 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xc

  1. Micailah says:

    How is it that we are made in God’s image (unlike angels) and yet angels have free choice such as us? I mean, besides the obvious reasons, (like wings and such) what really distinguishes us from angels?


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