The Week’s Accumulation lxxxix

While I’m a big fan of same old, same old, it’s nice when there’s something that elevates a day, even in a small way. This week’s little lifts included walks to the post office (because my new P. O. Box isn’t far from home), a passion fruit boba smoothie at my new fave place to go write (I bring along Olexi, my tiny white laptop), and kicking off a countdown for a new book series (one I began writing more than three years ago). Lots of fun stuff this week, so check it out!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ A few of you still need to contact me with your address because I’m eager to send out your prize postcards. You can contact me at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

♦ Grace
♦ Scottlin
♦ Evaine

♦ Things have taken an interesting turn in Tried and True. Two “new” orders of angels were introduced this week: the Forgers and the Fourfold. If you have a chance, go read Ezekiel 1. Because I’m not making this stuff up! : )

♦ It’s been a while since I highlighted the three FREE short stories that are companions to the Threshold Series. Have y’all nabbed your copies of Angels All Around, Angels in Harmony, and Angels on Guard? If you’ve been holding off because you don’t own an e-reader, I need to tell you that there are plenty of free reading apps that work on your desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPods, and phones. So no excuses!

_Short Stories 1, 2, 3

♦ Those of you who started following my other blog will have heard that I’m counting down to a new series. I’m going to be publishing the Byways books under my maiden name, so if you want to keep up with all the news, I’ll encourage you to follow and subscribe to the brand new Byways newsletter. Here’s the series header…

Byways, for the website

Do you recognize all those critters? I’m curious what kind of story you think I’m planning to tell! : )  Of course, you could just go read the summary. I included it in this announcement post. In upcoming Thursday posts, I’ll also be introducing the cast and sharing details about their upcoming adventures. This week, followers met Ganix, who’s nicknamed the scamp. These new books are for youngsters who are ready for their first chapter books, so ages 5-8. Do you have younger siblings? Maybe they’d enjoy this tale of three brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths.

♦ Be on the lookout for a new installment of Angel on High. Part 3: “Silver and Gold” should go live any day now, in the May issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. You can find links to all the chapters on my Angel on High index page. I’ll do a special post as soon as I see that my column is up.

_Angel on High

♦ This week I made time to answer the stack of cards and letters that I’ve received from readers. Pretty notecards. Art. Gifts. Questions. Postcards from your travels. The pile was starting to teeter, and I was long past due in answering them. Watch your mailboxes! And if you’re inspired to drop me a note, my new address is P. O. Box 23053, San Diego, CA 92193. ♥

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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