The Week’s Accumulation lxxxviii

Here we are at the end of another week! My desktop has a lovely batch of clutter. Some of it is leftover from last week’s milestone celebrations. The rest is art because I’ve been working closely with Hannah Christenson all week. She’s my illustrator and cover artist for both the Galleries of Stone trilogy and my upcoming series of kids’ first chapter books. I have news, pictures, and sketches to share! Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ The first batch of prize postcards from last week’s drawing went out in yesterday’s post, so keep an eye on your mailboxes! ♥ Those who won multiple times can expect a steady trickle because I’m staggering the mailings. A handful of you still need to contact me with your address. You can contact me at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

♦ Grace
♦ Noelle
♦ Scottlin
♦ Vittoria

♦ Since we have a good start, I’ll keep the “favorite angel” poll open. If you haven’t voted yet, please feel free to chime in! Also, I wanted to share more of the pictures I received. I challenged readers to take a picture of The Hidden Deep in their favorite reading spot. These are from Paige, Emma, Anna, and Rebecca! : )


♦ Lately, I’ve been getting more “real” mail in my post office box. This is a new and exciting development, so after some hemming and hawing, my husband and I decided to move our P. O. Box closer to home. Up until now, we used to drive up and check the mail every other week or so. But now, I can walk! : )  If you should happen to want to reach out to me the good, old-fashioned way, here’s how:

Christa Kinde
P. O. Box 23053
San Diego, CA 92193

♦ I’ve mentioned it in passing, but this tidbit of writing news bears repeating. Right now, Zondervan has me working on an angel-themed devotional. Realms of Glory will take you through all the places where the Bible talks about angels, so you can tell fact from fiction. Many familiar faces from the Threshold Series will have parts to play. And there will be Bible lessons, word studies, angelic encounters from the Bible, and Q&A sessions. For instance, I’ll be answering…

♦ Do Christians become angels when they go to heaven?
♦ Why do we say that angels have wings?
♦ When were angels created?
♦ Does everyone have a guardian angel?
♦ How many angels are there?

… with a little help from Koji & Prissie, Milo & Zeke, and a very young Harken & his mentor. You remember him, right? ; )   I hope you’re looking forward to this 90-day devotional as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

♦ One more tidbit of authorial gossip. I’m on the verge of unveiling a new kids’ book series! I’ll be publishing these books under my maiden name, C. J. Milbrandt, and they’re geared for young readers who are ready for their very first chapter books. Since I have gobs of art for this series on my desktop, I thought I’d give you a teensy peek at some cast members. Hannah created cast portraits for my website, and these are just a few of the sketches:

Jovan Johns, sketch

Tamaqua and Juniata, sketch

Brielle Trenton, sketch

If you want to keep up with my family-friendly fantasy books, please consider following my other blog and subscribing to CJ’s newsletters. Before long, I’ll be hosting giveaways and sending out postcards for those stories as well! ♥

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


4 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation lxxxviii

  1. Ireland Willow says:

    ok, five major words describing what im thinking right now. ready?? I NEED THAT DEVOTIONAL DESPRATLY. with whats going on in my life right now and my love for angels, that devo is perfect 4 me!! :D


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