More than 25 prize winners! I just finished checking all the posts and comments to make sure I had collected every possible entry into this drawing. All of you had more than one. Most of you had a handful. I’ve enjoyed your questions and comments so much. And I’m looking forward to dropping those limited edition postcards into the mail for the prize winners!

With the help of random.org, names were selected from the list that’s been growing since last Wednesday. I’ll post the postcard prize winners later this evening so I can make sure I have your addresses. (Some of you won multiple times!) But without further ado, I’ll reveal the winner of our grand prize, an annotated (and doodle-illuminated) first edition copy of The Hidden Deep!


The Hidden Deep




Many congratulations! I’ll be back this evening with a postcard post. ~ Christa Kinde ♥

UPDATE: And here it is!

Postcard Prize Winners

Abbey (2)
Anna (4)
Arthwaya (1)
Cathy (1)
Elayna (2)
Elizabeth (1)
Emma H (1)
Evaine (2)
Grace (1)
Jesslyn (4)
Kiara (2)
LinZ (1)
Marie (2)
Micailah (2)
Megan (1)
Noelle (1)
Rebecca (4)
Samantha (1)
Samuel (1)
Sarah (2)
Scottlin (1)
Sheay (1)
Soleil (7)
Starr (1)
Vittoria (1)

Most of you are already on my mailing list, so I have your address (unless it’s changed). But a few of you are new. (Yay!) If you’d like your prize, please send me a quick note at christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com. Something nice will be turning up in your mailboxes soon!

The next book birthday celebration will be…

August 22
The Broken Window

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