INFORMAL POLL: Favorite Angel

So far, so fun! You guys came up with some great questions during yesterday’s kick-off of The Hidden Deep‘s book birthday celebrations. If your curiosity stirs some more today, go right ahead and add more questions to the Q&A post. I’ll be reminding you about the giveaway right on through the weekend, so we can keep things rolling. The prize drawing will happen on Monday at noon (Pacific). In the meantime, I thought I’d create a kind of leader board for our informal poll.

My favorite Threshold angel is…

   9 votes

Koji   8 votes

Marcus   5 votes

Teammates   5 votes

Bridge   4 votes

   3 votes

Taweel_   2 votes

   2 votes

Ephron  1 vote

   1 vote

Gideon  1 vote

   1 vote

Cupcakes 01   1 vote (yep, a human)

Study Buddies   1 vote (yep, another human)

Lots more to choose from. Who would you add?

I’ll leave comments open here. Feel free to add your vote!
Can’t choose? S’okay. Want to add a human? Fair enough.
I enjoy hearing why these characters found their way into
your hearts, but I’m even gladder knowing God is there. ♥

78 thoughts on “INFORMAL POLL: Favorite Angel

  1. Kiara says:

    Hmmm….Oh my….I’m not sure if I can decide….I love Marcus so much…but Baird reminds me of my former youth leader and they’re both awesome….but KOJI too and….hmm…………………………………………………………………………………….I guess I’ll put my vote for Koji. Although I love ALL of them, he’s the one that made me cry at the end of the series, and he is such a sweet little thing.


  2. Megan Williamson says:

    Kester! Love, love, love Kester! To me he is the easiest to approach because he is quiet and reserved. Also his knowledge and passion for musical instruments is amazing. I really want access to his closet.


  3. Oh my word, there are too many amazing angels to chose from!!!! I feel bad for all the ones I didn’t already vote for!!!!♥ You’re characters are too lovable Mrs. Kinde!! (don’t get me wrong, it’s a compliment)


    • -laugh- You remind me of another of my characters, who was horrified when his friend asked him to choose a least favorite. (That’s in my Galleries of Stone trilogy.)

      I’m entirely flattered that you find these guys so loveable. : )


    • To Mrs. Kinde : I am honored to be compared to Freydolf (though I’m told I act more like Aurelius at times). Thank you!
      To Ireland Willow : Seriously right? If I had to pick a favorite character over all, I don’t think I could do it. That would be an interesting poll, however.


  4. Ireland Willow says:

    you know, I’m personally guessing you would choose Barid (considering you named your car after him Mrs. Kinde.) For me, its actually probably either Boaz or Milo. Out of the two, id say Milo, but, as alaways, I love them all. ;D


    • I truly don’t have a favorite. Our car’s named Myron because of his red interior and superlative sound system. And our second car is Kester because he’s the same make/model, but in an understated black.

      And I’ll add a point for Milo! : )


  5. Savannah Perran says:

    Oh dear, looks like I’ll need to pick ONE favorite angel …. that’s really hard :-). Hmm … I’d have to go with Baird :-). -Savannah


  6. Jaidyn Perran says:

    Okay…… it’s Baird!
    He’s probably one of my favorites! :)
    – Jaidyn! :)
    sorry I didn’t know I couldn’t chose Margery! :)


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