Q&A Session: Threshold Series

Book Birthday! Today is the first anniversary of the release date for The Hidden Deep. In other words, the second installment in the Threshold Series is celebrating a book birthday today. -confetti toss- To mark the milestone, I’m opening up a brand new Q&A Session. Our last one was in January, and that post ended up with over 150 comments. I wonder if y’all are still just as curious. : )

“I’ve been wondering….”

This is like an interview. Or a pop quiz. Or an interrogation. (Eep.) You can ask me stuff. Or you can direct your questions to the characters themselves. (Heaven knows, they know their own minds on matters.) I’ll check comments throughout the day and evening and respond regularly.

Giveaways. There’s a second part to today’s celebrations. I’ll be doing a separate post shortly to explain how you can increase your chances of winning one of seven limited edition postcards featuring Threshold Series art … and the grand prize, an author-scribbled copy of The Hidden Deep.

So what’s on your mind? I’m ready to field your questions! ♥

343 thoughts on “Q&A Session: Threshold Series

    • Tad: Yes and no. I’m taking some ag and business courses to make sure I know what’s what for the farm. But Grandpa Carl is pushing for me to spend a year or two at his alma mater. It’s the Christian college where Dad met Momma.


  1. Grace says:

    To Koji & Marcus: do you think Prissie and Ransome will end up marring each other?
    Harken: Did you ever meet Jesus gaurdin angel?
    Milo: do you still hold Zeck countable ?
    Ransom: what was you first thought when you found out that Marcus is faithful?
    Twalle: why did u tremble at the thought of protecting and traing Thames?
    Thames: why did you glare at Ransome when he was talking to Prissie in the dream?


  2. Milo: When you were trying to open the jar for Grandma Nell and Taweel opened it for you, would she have seen a floating jar? Or did it too become invisible?


  3. Grace says:

    Prissie: why where you shocked to find that Marxus was an angel?
    Baird & Kester: What is you favorite worship song?
    Miss Kinde have you heard Entertaning angels by the newsboys?


    • Baird: Can’t pick. Totally impossible to answer.
      Kester: Your answer was much more poetic last time you were asked.
      Baird: I’ve been known to wax lyrical. What did I say?
      Kester: That asking one of the zamarim to chose a favorite song would be like asking us to choose a favorite heartbeat.
      Baird: Oh, hey. That is good! Huh. Does this mean that we have our own FAQ?
      Kester: So it would seem.


    • Just listened to “Entertaining Angels” by the Newsboys. (“Host of heaven, sing over me… ♫) Although I have several of their songs, this one was new to me. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Turnabout is fair play. Have you heard “Angels” by Owl City?


  4. Starr Steele says:

    Ephron: were you surprised that Lavi chose to stay with you over his own flock?
    Baird: have you ever heard the song Looking for Angels by Skillet?


  5. Micailah says:

    Sorry this is a bit lengthy.:)

    Tamaes- Did you end up giving Ransom that ride?:). Who would you say is your best friend in the Hedge (not your flight)?
    Marcus- How long have you been a graft? I’d assume quite awhile considering it was mentioned that you have been moved from foster home to foster home. Are you adopted now? (My little bro is adopted). Where do you live when your not in the garden behind the blue door? Do you have any siblings? Oh and how DID you make those sun catchers? Did you have help from one of your teammates, or did they not know that you were making them?
    Randsom- What’s your favorite song? I know Baird must have shown you a ton.:)
    Prissie- I agree with you, yavhim are SO ADORABLE! Did Abner ever let you borrow one of his flock??:). Did you ever tell Tamaes that you remember him from the time he caught you when you fell from the loft?
    Neil- What is the relationship between you and Prissie? Is it any different now then before she fell from the barn loft?
    Milo- what were your thoughts when Prissie fell? You agreed to watch over her and Neil in Tamaes place, but it is Tamaes who catches her. We’re you preoccupied with Neil or did God just not send you?
    Baird- Your personality is AWESOME!:) My bedroom is full of bright colors as well.:) Have you ever heard the song “Halo” by Manic Drive? Are you planning on purchasing your own car anytime soon? If so what color (can’t be multi) and what make? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? What were you thinking when Randsom mentioned your “radioactive PJ’s”?;)
    Kester- Do you have a favorite instrument? What was one of the most memorable moments you have of Baird?



    • Marcus: Whoa. Slow down, kiddo. That’s a lot of questions. Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been a graft for almost a century, bopping in and out of orphanages and foster homes. Had to learn the ropes. Pick up all the right habits. Adapt and stuff.

      No, I’m not adopted. My current foster parents haven’t got a clue they’re harboring an angel, but they have their hands full with the younger ones. I help out some, but mostly keep to myself.

      Those suncatchers? I made them myself, fair and square, but I had help. More like lessons, I guess. And it was the human variety. Someone I know through my foster family. You’ll see.


    • Author here. I suppose there’s no harm in divulging a little tidbit here. If you’re reading Angel on High, the serial that’s in my monthly column over at Christian Fiction Online Magazine, you’re dipping into Koji’s backstory. The story will have ten parts, which means it’ll end in December. My plan for January 2015 is to dive straight into a new serial. Angel Unaware will tell Marcus’s and Ransom’s story. Look forward to it! : )


    • Ransom: Maybe this is just me, but I like songs that have a lot of Bible packed into them. And I always do a double-take if my name crops up in the lyrics. So my latest fave is “Jesus Messiah,” Chris Tomlin. I’m in there.


    • Neil: I’ll be honest. I don’t remember that day when she fell. I think maybe Dad talked to me, but I was five. Me and Priss get along okay. No complaints. Especially since her cooking’s improved. : P


    • Milo: I held my breath for so long, my face was probably as blue as my wings. I had to redefine trust in a brand new way in order to watch that precious little girl go over the edge. But it worked out. And in the best possible way. God’s amazing like that.


    • Baird: Awesome! “I rock my halo…!” ♫

      Nope, no cars for me. I’m content to carpool. Although if I had to get some kind of wheels, this might suit me >> PINTEREST LINK

      Ice cream flavor? Let’s go with… spumoni.

      And when Ransom admitted he’d spotted me in my raiment, I was beyond excited. People who see angels aren’t far from a leap of faith. God was workin’ on his heart all the way back then.


    • Kester: Rather than a favorite, I would say that I go through seasons when I am drawn to a particular sound. Lately, it has been string instruments.

      I will never forget how Baird and I first met. [Angels in Harmony] However, my mentor seems to find ways to be memorable on a daily basis.


  6. Jesslyn says:

    To all angels: Do all of you know every language or is it just Messengers? Also, do all of you remember everything you read or is it just Observers?

    Side thought: That’d be cool to know every language and to remember everything I ever read.

    Mrs. Christa: Do you know if you are coming to Colorado, more specifically, Colorado Springs anytime soon?


    • Harken: I’ll answer this one. Very few angels interact directly with humanity, but when we do, language doesn’t pose a barrier. Messengers are uniquely gifted with words, both spoken and written. And while our recall is certainly excellent, we cannot always grasp the significance of what we see or hear. Only God is all-knowing and all-wise.


    • Author Here: Colorado is on my wish-list for family trips, but I’m not sure when. If you watch my weekly posts (Fridays), I’ll mention when I have my traveling shoes on. : )

      The next author chat on my schedule will be in my hometown in Minnesota … in June.


  7. Micailah says:

    To Miss Christa:
    That is so awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about Marcus and Ransom.:)
    Your books are so amazing, God is truly using you to show is creativity, love, and faithfulness! I love reading all your stories; will you be making Rough and Tumble into a Ebook? I have Angels In Harmony, Angels On Guard, and Angels All Around, and I’d love to add Rough and Tumble to my collection.:)
    Please keep writing!:)


  8. Emma H says:

    Abner- Can angels who are stone still sense things and think, or are they unconscious? Does it hurt to get turned into stone?

    Ethan- What were you thinking when you first heard that Prissie could see angels? Do you ever wish Prissie could see you?

    Koji- Did you have a last name as a Graft? If so, what was it?

    Mrs. Kinde- How do you create such unique, complex characters? I want to be a published author someday, but a lot of my characters are flat and unoriginal.


    • Koji: Indeed.

      Author here: After much research about surnames in the islands where Koji is meant to have come from, I opted to leave his last name veiled in mystery. But! Since the classroom’s seating arrangement is alphabetical, we know it “comes after” Pomeroy. ; )


    • How do I create characters? I’m not even sure I know how to answer. Is it cheating to say that they create themselves? (Yeah, it probably is. But that’s how it feels.) They usually step up to fill a gap in my plot, then quickly take on a life and voice of their own.

      Something that may help you flesh out your characters is going through the process of crafting a detailed bio sheet for each member of your cast. Don’t just think about what they look like. Where did they come from? What influences their opinions? What do they want? How do they think? What assumptions will they make? Where are their weaknesses? What kind of ice cream do they like? ; )


  9. Grace says:

    Marcus: When you told Jedrick something was about to happen, did you wings tremble with antisapation? And what were you first thoughts when you meet Random? Also when Ransome got a little mad about the whole thing with you not telling him that you are faithful, what where your thoughts?
    Jedrick: What was you first thought when you meet Prissie?
    Bau: How r u doing with whole angels living in your town thing?
    Zeck: what is your favorite color?
    Jude: what do you dream about?
    Prissie’s mom and dad: how do you cope with all those boys????
    Prissie: Are you super hyped about your aunt Ida’ baby? And why were you mad at ransome for being an angel?
    Thames:What is it like to watch Prissie enter act with all of your team mates?
    Ransome: what is your favorite bible verse?


  10. Elayna says:

    Side note for you Christa, I want you to know how glad I am that you take time to interact with your readers. It brings your stories alive in totally new ways. I am an avid reader, but no books have captured me the way your stories have. Again, I am so glad that you do things like this!!! It’s as much fun for us as I’m sure it is for you.


  11. Jesslyn says:

    To angels: How do you know for sure if something is God’s will? For example, I’m feeling led to go to Bohemia (I’m not sure what I’ll do there) but how do I know for sure if it’s what God wants? I can’t exactly hear Him or anything like that.


    • Harken: You can’t hear God, but He’s listening to you. Talk to Him about your feelings. I’d suggest researching your options and taking practical steps to prepare for such a move. Do you need language lessons? Begin. Will you need funds? Save. Are there legalities and paperwork to tackle? Research. Are there folks already working or serving there? Befriend.

      Even if all your preparations don’t land you where you expected to go, your efforts won’t be wasted. God has a way of putting our experiences to use in surprising ways. Trust His leading. Take the first step.


    • Marcus: That wasn’t a scar or anything. It’s actually pretty normal for certain orders to have a name show up somewhere. Usually on the hand, on the thigh, or over the heart. Did you know that someday, God will put His name on you? (Revelation 22:4)


  12. Grace says:

    Baird: there is a song I can’t remember it talks about Jesus not really being welcome in my church because he had dirty feet and hands, do you know the name and artist?
    Harken: Really ???? Twelve angels just to protect Jesus??? Is’int that a bit over kill??? Why so many???
    Koji: I tend to read books about spiritual warfare and/dragons what does this tell you about me??
    Paget: what is your favorite part of being a caretaker?
    Grandma&Grandpa pomrey: what is you favorite thing about all of Prissie’s new friends? And do you think you have ever entertains Angels unaware??


  13. Elizabeth says:

    Prissie: What were your thoughts when you found out that Marcus is an Angel? Beau: what was your thoughts when you found out that Milo is an Angel


  14. Grace says:

    Loren&Ida: have you ever meet any angels? What would you do if you entertained one without knowing it till later? And what is your baby’s name?

    Prissie: Do you think that your aunt Ida and uncle Loren will be able to pick out whose an angel among your friends? With them being globe-trotting gospel sharers?


  15. Kiara says:

    Ooh, questions, questions. Let’s dive in, shall we? :D

    Kester: I mentioned this before, but I am learning to play the guitar (the acoustic version ; ) ). I can’t wait to be able to sing songs to God while playing too. Since I haven’t gotten good enough yet to play chords, I was curious, what does it feel like when you’re able to make beautiful music and sing to/for God? I expect that it would feel so wonderful.

    Jude: Hey, buddy! Guess what: you and I are both the babies of our families. : ) Except I don’t have any brothers, only older sisters. Do your big brothers ever play with you?

    Ransom: Do you have a favorite subject in school?

    Tamaes: Were you relieved when you discovered that Taweel was chosen as your mentor? Or did you have conflicting emotions?

    Taweel: Do you think Omri would let me hold him someday?

    Harken: I’ve been trying to find some good books to read lately. Any suggestions?

    I think that’s all, but i’m sure I’ll think up more questions later. :)


  16. Grace says:

    Marcus: have you ever seen one of your foster siblings come to saving faith??

    Ransom: why did you struggle to understand Prissie option of you?

    Aril-why do angels fall?


  17. Elizabeth says:

    Prissie: Do miss Koji now tht he is gone. Also will you be Friends with Ransom now tht he is a Christian?
    Ransom: Are you glad to know that Marcus is an Angel?


  18. Abbey Eady says:

    Ransom: What makes you and Marcus best friends?
    Koji: When you tried bananas for the first time, what did you think?
    Prissy: What did you think when you found out Marcus was an angel?
    The Author: Will there ever be a short story about Ransom? And would you come to Knoxville, Tennessee for a book signing? ;-)


  19. Ransom: When you wanted to ask a question about Christianity, why did you always ask Prissie even if she always gave you a hard time about it?
    Baird: Did you ever wonder why God had given you Kester as an apprentice, even if you’re nothing alike?
    Prissie: After Koji left and you had one last song with him, did you ever see him again in your dreams?
    Mrs. Kinde: What do you do when you get writer’s block, and you can’t think of any more ideas for your stories?


    • Jedrick: Training is as natural as singing for angelic warriors. Messengers require speed, agility, and endurance. Observers climb many stairs in their towers. And I have heard that Caretakers favor long walks.


  20. Micailah says:

    To any angel- What happens if a child’s guardian angel falls? Is he replaced?
    Ransom- Are Joey and Brock saved?
    Tamaes- How do you and Margery’s guardian angel feel about what went down between them?
    Milo- Baird mentioned that Prissie wasn’t the first girl to have a cruch on you. Who was?
    Baird- what’s with the name thing? If you hated the name Myron so much why didn’t you just make your name Baird? What was it like when you first met Milo? Did you nickname him then?
    Koji- who did you get for the gift exchange and what present did you buy for them?
    Marcus- when talking to Beau you glance sideways a lot as if another angel is there. Who was it?
    Are you friends with Ransom’s guardian angel?


  21. Rebecca says:

    To Prissie: Were you able to meet with Koji in dreams after he left? I thought the end might be hinting at that.
    To Koji: What’s your favorite pass-time? Also, did you get grafted into society where the tower and moved?
    To Baird: Why do you suppose you’re so happy? Most people I’ve talked to expected a First One to be very serious, but I had it pointed out to me that you “are wise enough to be silly, and silly enough to be wise.” Also, is there a specific reason you like hugs so much?(No judgment here, I’m a big believer in hugs ^w^)
    To Ransom: Did you ever get teased by people at school for working at Loafing Around?
    To Milo: When did you first start using the word providential? When and how did you get over the sadness you had after Prissie found out you were an angel? And have you ever heard of ‘Milo’s sweet tea’ (it’s in the south)? Me and my mother started drinking it a lot as a reminder of this series.
    To Kinde: I’m sorry these might be difficult questions. You mentioned the song “Angels” by Owl City, and I noticed (while promptly listening to the song) that it said “angels all around”. Is that why you named it Angels All Around?
    To Marcus: What were your thoughts when you met Prissie as an angel for the first time?
    To Tamaes: Do you and Prissie talk a lot? If so, where and when and stuff?
    To Kester: Did you ever decorate you “beige-tastic” room? If so, how?
    Thank you for your time! *virtual hugs for everyone!* ~♥


  22. Jesslyn says:

    Mrs. Christa: Thank you for interacting with your readers! It is so much fun, especially the Q&A Sessions! They interest and amuse me so much! : )


    • I’m having as much fun as all of you! Plus, letting y’all talk to the characters is helping me while I’m writing this new angel-themed devotional. Many of the Threshold cast have cameos. : )


    • Ransom: Oookay … that came outta nowhere. Are you sure you’re asking the right person? Because from what I’ve seen, Miss Priss and Marcus are the ones who’re getting close. But if there was a hypothetical wedding somewhere down the line, I’d want Marcus to be my best man. No doubt.


  23. Micailah says:

    Ethan- when Prissie is on the roof with Tamaes she mentions she sees a pink angel. Was it you? If it was, what were you thinking then?
    Which two guardians were left behind to guard the house while the others rescued Tamaes?


    • Ethan: Yes, I was there. That Sending was a great privilege. We all wanted to bring Tamaes home. Those who remained behind belonged to the Morrell family. Loren’s and Ida’s guardian angels.


  24. Micailah says:

    Marcus- you mentioned sticking around and maybe taking Harkens place at the Curiosity Shop in a few years. Is it safe to say you’ll be apart of Prissie’s life for years to come? Or will you be moved to another foster family?


  25. I just want to say thanks for doing all of this! It’s fun when authors take time to answer questions and stuff with readers. Hope that your writing will continue to be blessed. :)


  26. Micailah says:

    Zeke- What would you do if you found out you had a guardian angel and his wings were pink like the shirt Ethan (the guy who saved you from drowning) was wearing?


  27. Micailah says:

    Jedrick- who are the new angels that joined your flight? Are they caretakers, messengers, guardians, etc?
    To all guardians- I know Tamaes means twin, and Koji means friend, but what does all your names mean?


    • Author here: I’ve mentioned many name meanings before, but they’re scattered here and there. Most of the Hedge is listed in the cast list on the Rough and Tumble page, and I did a pair of articles about naming characters: here and here. Since you may not want to skip around, I’ll mention a few names here:

      Ethan means “steady”
      Conrad means “courageous adviser”
      Tycho means “on the mark”
      Taweel means “tall”
      Myron means “a sweet-smelling incense”
      Lavi means “lion”
      Padgett means “apprentice”


    • Baird: Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!
      Kester: Yes, I was there.
      Baird: This was before I knew Mr. Peverell, of course. You were probably a cute little tyke.
      Kester: No, I was not.
      Baird: Cute … or little?
      Kester: As you may recall, my first Grafting came during the reign of Solomon.
      Baird: Right, right, right. I remember hearing that back then, you were both cute and little.
      Kester: From whom did you …?
      Baird: Your first mentor waxed eloquent about your skill with pipes and timbrel.
      Kester: I was not aware you had contacted him.
      Baird: Oh, we’re old friends, Asaph and me. ; )


  28. Jesslyn says:

    To Grafts: Do you ever watch movies?
    To all angels: Do all angels’ (with wings) favorite color have to do with their wing color?


  29. Jesslyn says:

    Angels: Do you digest food the same way as humans?

    First Ones: How did you feel about Abraham and other Bible people like David? Did you like them? If so, was it because of their faith or the person themselves…or both?

    Side note: Manna must be very nutritious, considering the fact that that’s the only food angels need. I wanna try some; it sounds delicious! Plus, it would be cool because 1) that’s what you guys eat and 2) that’s what God supplied the Israelites to eat. : )


    • Abner: Angels do not metabolize manna in the same way humans digest food. With the bread of angels, nothing goes to waste, as it were. However, a Graft who consumes humane fare learns to cope with the joys of … elimination.
      Padgett: Nicely put, sir.
      Abner: I did try to be delicate.


    • Shimron: Most angels spend all their lives in the heavenlies. Very few mingle directly with humans.
      Baird: But Observers are always looking on.
      Shimron: True enough. But individually, our range is usually limited to the view from our tower.
      Baird: I never met Abraham or David. But you got close to that prophet.
      Shimron: Yes. It was my privilege to count Elijah as a friend.
      Baird: Every time I’ve been Grafted in and met someone who lived by faith, it was amazing. On all kinds of levels. No matter how famous. No matter how obscure. It’s a beautiful thing.


  30. Jesslyn says:

    Christa: I love your writing style! You have a lovely way of drawing readers in. : ) I must ask: Did you have to take a writing program to get as talented as you are or did it come as a natural gift? Or both? If you did use a writing program, do you remember what it was called? Also, could you give me some advice for writing? My mom says I write well, but I disagree. To be honest, I’m not too fond of writing (I prefer reading much more!). But, I’m taking a writing class for school (and probably will continue to take it through the rest of high school) and it’ll help me a lot if I had some advice; if nothing else, it might give me an attitude adjustment. Thank you! : )


    • In college, I chose an English major because I loved to read. I only took one writing course. I didn’t stumble into storytelling until I was in my thirties. And I mostly learned by doing. (I’ve always been a hands-on learner.)

      Many of the readers who seek out my blog are writers themselves. While I don’t have the time to become a critique partner or edit manuscripts, I’m certainly available for odd bits of advice. Email me if you like.


  31. Starr Steele says:

    Baird: do you have a birthday, and if you do, how do you celebrate?
    Christa: are you ever going to be in Texas(around the San Antonio area)?


    • Milo: I’m pretty sure this is true of all Flights … that the lead Messenger keeps us connected. Harken is in our heads and knows our hearts. He’s everyone’s best friend. And since I can’t choose my own mentor, I’ll say Tamaes.


  32. Grace says:

    Marcus&Harken- you all talked about how small Prissie’s faith is, however most people would say that she has a lot of faith, why do you call it small???
    And really Marcus??? The size of Thomas’ faith?????
    Ransome- do you believe in angels?? And what would you say if some of your friends were/are angel(s)?? E.G Marcus, Milo, Baird??
    Ms.Christa- I am aware that Randome dose not remember the dream he shared with Prissie!


    • Marcus: Putting your faith in something smack dab in front of you isn’t something to boast about. With the whole Thomas thing, I was just referring to what happened in the gospels. “Jesus told him [Thomas], “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).


    • Ransom: Yep, I believe in angels. Hard not to. They’re all over the place in the Bible. As far as my friends somehow being angels … that’s pretty hard to imagine. They’re awesome and all, but they’re just normal guys.


  33. Grace says:

    Milo- you deliver manna to your teammates, when and ehere to you meet Marcus to deliver his?
    Marcus- do you ever go into your room, the slip out of the house in’ as Prissie calls it “angle mode”??
    Prissie- what you think you parents would say about Milo, Marcus,& Kester’s “tattoos” a.k.a Wings??
    Jayce & Naomi- what are your feels about tattoos?? And what would you say if five of Prissie’s friends had them ??


  34. Micailah says:

    Kester- What were your thoughts when you saw what Ida had done to Prissie’s Koji’s and Ransom’s hair?
    Baird and Marcus- What were your reactions to the photograph?


  35. Micailah says:

    Marcus- You said you’ve been a graft for almost a century and your about that same age. Have you been a graft since your beginning? Does that mean you have more experience as a graft then Milo?


  36. Abner: Once you left your flock in Padgett’s hands, did you get a new one?
    Baird: Do you have a favorite instrument?
    Kester: How would you describe Baird?
    Prissie: Do you get to see Tamaes very much?
    Marcus: What made you choose Ransom as a friend?
    Ransom: If you were to suddenly find out that one of your friends is an angel, how would you react?


  37. Micailah says:

    To all grafts- what was the hardest thing to learn/adjust to when you first became a graft?
    Milo- if you only have to deliver manna to Tamaes and Taweel then why did you deliever some to Baird?


    • Neil: Dad was pretty blunt. He had stuff to say about my head, my heart, and my hormones. And he offered some practical suggestions for turning someone down without being harsh. As a Christian, I have both my reputation and Christ’s to think about.


  38. Eeee spent all night scrolling, discovered so many interesting things :> Super stoked .
    To Tamaes// Do you have a favorite bible verse ?
    Do you and Marcus ever train together?
    What is something about Prissie you are fond of ?
    To Marcus// When you chill with Ransom what so you guys usually do ?
    To Ransom//If you were left behind in during the Rapture, what would you do?
    To Jedrick//As you are the leader of your flight, what do you think is the most important characteristic a good leader must have ?


  39. Starr Steele says:

    Tamaes: what is the strangest thing you’ve seen a human do?
    Baird: do you ever watch tv and if you do what is your favorite show?


  40. Jesslyn says:

    Ransom: You said before that you used to run in your previous school before you moved in West Edinton. There was a pause before you finished the sentence. So what was the real reason you stopped track?


  41. Jesslyn says:

    Angels: I was just wondering, what would be the thing to say to the family/friends of someone when that someone dies, regardless if they’re Christian or not?


  42. Jesslyn says:

    Wow, Prissie! Neither of my parents had braces, yet all 4 of my siblings did! The dentist doesn’t think I need them, so I’m the only one of the kids. : )


    • Milo: Actually, that hasn’t come up. As an apprentice, I’m more of an errand boy. Most messages are for my teammates, and occasionally with other captains in our legion. I didn’t speak directly to a human until I became a Graft.


  43. Micailah says:

    Marcus- how long has Jedrick been your mentor? When you were first grafted how old were you (as a human)?
    Tamaes- do you ever see Weft or Loris anymore?
    Kester- in Angels In Harmony you mentioned your previous mentor had witnessed a guardian’s fall. Was the guardian Adin?


  44. Micailah says:

    Baird and Kester- What did you do when you were attacked at the gas station? Worshippers aren’t equipped for fighting, and I wasn’t aware of any other angels guarding you. How did you both avoid capture?

    And yes, Rebec Honest and True, I do believe baird mentioned Asaph as Kester’s first mentor back when Kester was “cute and little”. :P


  45. Jesslyn says:

    Mentors: How long do your piercings hurt?

    Winged angels: How do your wings end up being like tattoos? I know they unfold and fold back in, but could you explain?

    Christa: What’s your church like? Does it have a library? If so, do they have your books there?
    Do you like ice cream? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?
    You said elsewhere that you set your clock early. How early is “early”?

    Ransom: Why don’t you join track at your current school?


    • Baird: Pretty hard to explain something that’s always been. I can’t explain why I have furled wings any better than you can explain why you have a nose. How do they unfurl? Well… how do you sneeze? It just happens!


    • Our church is like a big family, warm and welcoming. Which is great since I’m a relative newbie. My husband has been one of the pastors there since last summer, which makes me a Mrs. Pastor person.

      Nope, no library yet. We meet in a gymnasium because we don’t have our own building yet. But lots of the families at church are readers.

      Yes, I like ice cream! Favorite flavor is subject to mood swings. Today, I could go for something fruity. Maybe lime sherbet!

      When I set my alarm for “early,” it’s usually 5:30. The house is nice and quiet then. Perfect for writing. ♥


  46. Micailah says:

    Baird- What was your flight’s reaction when you have out the stockings Prissie and Koji made? Did you give Ephron his after he was rescued? Did God fill up the stockings like Prissie and Koji hoped he would?


  47. Micailah says:

    Taweel- what’s your favorite color?
    Ethan- do you know Marcus?
    Milo- You were sent to Joey when he was injured during the football game; was Joey’s guardian there? What were his feelings when Joey went down?


  48. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Ok I just saw this to day and thought I would add in my questions to! (It took me two days to read all of them I guess that means I’m a slow reader :))

    Gardians ~ Do people who are not saved have gardians?

    Weavers ~ Wy do angels wear raiment since in the beginning of the word Adam and Eve didn’t have clothes?

    Angels, Pomeroy’s and Ransom ~ Are you good friends with Christa cause she seems to now a hole lot about you?!

    Baird~ Did you smell good when you where named because Myron means “a sweet-smelling incense and is that why you don’t like it?

    Naomi ~ why do you suspect your mother has a tattoo?

    Ransom ~ Are you kind of weirded out that people keep asking you what you would do if some of your friends where angels?

    Guardians ~ do you think it is wrong for people to Pearce there ears since it is a sign that your charge died without knowing God?

    Guardians ~ What happens when your charge dies and they are a Christian do you get a new charge?

    Angels with wings ~ Do the tattoos go away when your wings are un folded?

    Thank you!


  49. THE BOOK WORM!📚 says:

    Ok just thought of a few more questions!

    Guardians and protectors ~ do guardians or protectors ever get grafted in? If so have any ever been grafted in in the knights and castles age because people might ask you to join a war and you couldn’t do that because you can’t kill a guardians charge!

    Pomeroy’s ~ do you ever get tired and kind of mad about people making such a big deal about how big your family is? Because people do that all the time to my family and it kind of gets old!!


  50. Micailah says:

    Miss Christa- you’ve reported that you are working on a angel devotional, a sequel to the Threshold Series, and turning Rough and Tumble into a Ebook. Between Tried and True and Angel on High we readers have a lot to look forward to; I don’t know how you do it! :) Can you tell us what will be in what order these awesome additions will be available??


    • I don’t like to disappoint people, so I won’t commit to any release dates until I’m sure I can meet them. Hints are tantalizing, but I understand why they can also be frustrating. Here’s what I know:

      ♦ I would love to publish the series sequel on Koji’s birthday. That’s an ambitious goal, but we’ll see how it goes.
      ♦ Unless Zondervan changes something, Realms of Glory, the angel-themed devotional, isn’t due to release until next summer (2015).
      ♦ The Rough and Tumble release depends on a few things. One of which is my plan to expand the story. More on that later. : )

      In the meantime, as you said, Tried and True and Angel on High are here. And I’ll be publishing five more titles under my maiden name this year (C. J. Milbrandt). So many exciting things happening!


    • Aha! I actually address that in an FAQ post over on my other blog. [link] The short answer is “genre.” Everything I publish as Christa Kinde is overtly Christian: Bible studies, devotionals, Christian fiction. Under my maiden name, I play with fantasy worlds where magic is an everyday miracle. And … having two pennames makes it possible to maintain parallel publishing plans. In a way, I can do twice as much! : )


  51. (I do know he’s incased in stone and you [Mrs. Kinde] probably won’t be able to answer me but I have to try any ways)Adin: What got you to Fall? Was it your charge? Did you doubt? Were you jealous? Pride?…..Was it worth it? Would you change it if you could? (I’ve got to say, I really dislike Adin, but I feel sorry for him in that he will never be happy again. He will never return to his Creator. That is a sad existence indeed.)


    • Shimron: Cherub.

      “So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth…” Ezekiel 28


  52. Micailah says:

    Angels, what takes place when a human becomes demon-possessed? Is it their guardian’s fault?
    Do your voices change as you get older like human voices?
    Marcus- is Prissie’s name the only one under your hand?


  53. Elizabeth says:

    Marcus: Why did you run back into the school when it was on fire?
    Prissie: What were you thinking when ran back in to get Marcus? Were you scared of wht would happen?


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