The Hidden Deep: Milestone and Giveaway

To celebrate The Hidden Deep‘s book birthday, I’m hosting a giveaway. Naturally, this involves fabulous prizes, and the way this is set up, you could win more than one!

The Hidden Deep

PRIZES: 40+ limited edition postcards, 7 possible designs
(all featuring Threshold Series artwork)

GRAND PRIZE: an annotated first edition of The Hidden Deep
(that means I scribbled in the margins)

♦ Rules ♦

  • Comment to enter. Easy peasy. One chance per household.

There are several ways to increase your chances at winning. These are entirely optional, but they’re all things that will help me spread the word about the Threshold Series. For each of these items, your name will be added to the drawing again. You could win multiple times!

  • Post a quote from The Hidden Deep here. Or even better, tweet it using the hashtag #ThresholdSeries (I’m @ChristaKinde on Twitter, and I’ll retweet your picks.)
  • Tell me about your favorite scene from The Hidden Deep. Why did it grab you?
  • Answer this informal survey question: Who’s your favorite angel from the series? (You can only pick one!)
  • Send me a picture of The Hidden Deep in your favorite reading spot. We’ll add it to my Reader Show-and-Tell Pinterest board! : )
  • Become a new subscriber to my monthly newsletter. MORE >>
  • Give Baird a T-shirt … or if you don’t do Pinterest, scroll through and tell me which one is your favorite!
  • Reviews are incredibly important to authors, and you need to know that. The very best thing you can do to support any author whose writing you appreciate is to take the time to write reviews. For each review you leave for any of my books & stories, I’ll add your name to the proverbial hat. Fair and honest opinions, please. Your goal is to help future readers decide if this series is worth their time.

Threshold Series books and stories:
The Blue DoorThe Hidden DeepThe Broken WindowThe Garden Gate
Angels All Around ♦ Angels in Harmony ♦ Angels on Guard

Sites where the Threshold Series can be reviewed:
AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboCBD

I’d especially encourage y’all to join GoodReads. You can add all the books you’ve ever read to your virtual shelves. Follow favorite authors. Hunt for what you want to read next. Highlight quotes from favorite books. Create quiz questions for stories you know inside and out. And recommend good books to others by making lists. (It’s an awesome, addicting site.)

So! For this giveaway, you have the rest of this week and the weekend to enter. I’ll do the drawing at noon (PDT) on Monday, April 28. To alert me to entries, you can comment here or send me links via email. I’m christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com.

Fun Fact: If you do everything you could possibly do to get your name in the hat, you’d have 56 chances to win! Impressive odds. ^__^d

I’m excited to chat with you, and grateful for your encouragement and support. ♥

72 thoughts on “The Hidden Deep: Milestone and Giveaway

  1. Favorite Quote: He gazed at her for several heartbeats, then sighed in resignation. “Evidence, huh? Fine, we’ll give that fragile faith or yours a boost…” -reminds me of how it is in the Bible with Jesus, everyone wanted to see a miracle or evidence that He was the Son of God.

    (if we’ve already posted reviews, can we re-post them at different websites and count them all, old and new posts?)


    • Oh, that’s a great moment in the story. Marcus always surprises me with his gruff manners.

      Regarding reviews, yes. It’d be great if you took the time to add your existing review to other sites. Tally up each new posting for each book/story. And thank you.


  2. Jesslyn says:

    My favorite angel would have to be Marcus…it’s a close call though! I love em all. : )

    One of the quotes that I really liked was “They sat together in comfortable silence for a little while, but finally, Prissie complained, ‘I’m never going to get to sleep.’
    ‘I will not either.’
    ‘That hardly counts! You don’t sleep!'”

    It amused me greatly. : )


  3. Micailah says:

    My favorite quote would have to be, “Randsom hooted with laughter as Marcus unwrapped a pink mug with “Daddy’s Little Princess” written on it.” I was laughing SO HARD!!:)
    Favorite angel? That’s a toughie. It’s like asking Baird to choose a favorite song! Um….probably Marcus? I find him quite intriguing. He’s also the only graft that I know of that’s a protector.:)


  4. Micailah says:

    My favorite Short for Baird: “Warning Owner is Subject to Spontaneous Outbursts of Song” pinned by Nextest

    “Nothing should be able to dim his bard-ish eyes!”


  5. Emma H says:

    Hmm… Favorite scene… I’d have to go with when Marcus finds Prissie in the Deep. I had been expecting Padgett or Abner to come for Prissie, but instead this random friend of Ransom’s showed up. I was completely not expecting him to be an angel, but looking back on everything that had already happened, it made a lot of sense. : )


  6. Emma H says:

    My favorite quote? Probably when Padgett says, “God has chosen the weak things of this world to put to shame the things which are mighty.” It reminds me of how God can use even the little things in my life to make a difference.


  7. Emma H says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one favorite angel! I think I’ll have to go with Tamaes. It’s sweet how he cares about Prissie so much, and I feel bad for him since Adin was his good friend.


  8. Emma H says:

    My favorite T-shirt for Baird is probably the red one Elza Kinde pinned that declares, “I’m perfectly abnormal.” Besides seeming like something Baird would wear someday, it matches his hair! : )


  9. Elayna says:

    Favorite Quote: Koji reached out ,and his fingertips grazed her hand, ” Promise me that you will not go off without me again. Let me stay by your side for all the time that remains to us.” This quote touched that part of me that wants to be assured that I am never alone. I know Prissie must have felt the same way.


  10. Elayna says:

    Favorite scene is when Marcus finds Prissie in the caves. I remember the first time that I read it I was so surprised! Would never have guessed, but I suppose that was the point. Prissie was so scared, and I was relieved to see a friendly face in the story.


  11. Sheath Porter says:

    Favorite quote;”Okay,” he said, then thumped his chest.”This is the real deal. Think of it as me having a pajama day!”

    Favorite Angel: Marcus

    Tee-shirt for Baird: Celestial

    Favorite scene: Marcus telling Prissie he’s an angel. Why?? Because who would of thought that Marcus is an angel??? God taught Pissie not to judge a person before knowing them!!!


  12. Abbey Eady says:

    My favorite angel is Marcus. He always makes me laugh and cry at all the perfect times with his gruff yet caring mannerisms.
    My favorite quote: “Oh, you,” Grammie Esme scolded fondly. “Yes, me!” Neil agreed. While he nibbled, the teen cast a sidelong look at Momma, who gave him a small smile. With a put-upon sigh, he ambled over to one of the wide kitchen drawers and fished out a vegetable peeler. This is also my favorite scene because you get to see how close knit the Pomeroys are in everything they do around the house.
    Favorite tee-shirt for Baird: Short people. I’m kind of short so this one made me laugh.


  13. Quote from The Hidden Deep:
    Kester: “Thank you for extending your generosity to one whose need was gerat.”
    Prissie: “But I didn’t know Baird needed anything.”
    Kester: “God knows what we do not,” “His plans encompass yours, and His purposes are always good.”

    Favorite scene: One of the most memorable scenes for me is when Milo tries to open the pickle jar. “Be my miracle” has become a household quote thanks to him.”

    Fave T-shirt: First in Flight from Nextest. It fits Baird so perfectly since he’s a First One.


  14. Here are some reviews!
    The Blue Door: Amazon/Goodreads/CBD/Barnes and Noble/Zondervan
    The Hidden Deep: Amazon/Goodreads/CBD/Barnes and Noble/Zondervan
    The Broken Window: Amazon/Goodreads/CBD/Barnes and Noble/Zondervan
    The Garden Gate: Amazon/Goodreads/CBD/Barnes and Noble/Zondervan
    Angels on Guard: Amazon/Goodreads/CBD/Barnes and Noble


  15. 1.I liked the my brain is 80% song lyrics shirt for Baird.
    2.Our (my sister and my) favorite scene was the cave scene(where Marcus found Prissie).
    3.Our favorite quote was: He favored her with a long look,” I’m gonna turn up the wattage,and I don’t think Tamaes would appreciate me blinding his charge.”
    4.I put my favorite angel on the other page.(It’s Ethan.)


  16. Anonymous says:

    Hmm I can’t really remember any quotes and scenes from The Hidden Deep….my favorite scene I think of all time was when Ransom became a Christian but that was in the Broken Window, I believe….Oh wait I remember a scene I liked! I liked when Lavi led Prissie into the cave and then Marcus rescued her. It was amazing finding out that Marcus was an angel. :)

    I’ve made reviews before on Amazon (I don’t know if those count in the contest though). I recently made a Youtube channel where I talk about books and I was going to do a YouTube review of one of your books but I doubt that I’ll have one up before the contest ends. :/

    I’ll go see if I can find any t-shirts for Baird! :)


  17. Favorite quote: As it happened Prissie found it much easier to enjoy herself then anticipated. It was incredibly hard to frown when tiny hands kept reaching down to pat the furrow that formed between her brows.
    Favorite scene: When Prissie sees the real Baird and Kester for the first time.
    Favorite angel: Milo!
    My fav shirt for Baird is the one that says ‘Can’t get out of bed send help. Or Waffles, just send waffles.
    I also did some book reviews :-): Blue Door= Amazon / Barnes and Noble
    Hidden Deep = Amazon / Barnes and Noble
    Broken Window = Amazon / Barnes and Noble
    Garden Gate = Amazon / Barnes and Noble
    Angels In Harmony = Amazon
    Angels All Around = Amazon
    Angels On Guard = Amazon


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