The Week’s Accumulation lxxxv

This has been a fascinating week. On the one hand, I’ve been extra busy with Mrs. Pastor and Mama duties. But on the other hand … authorial stuff got done! Little windows of opportunity opened up, and when they do, I’m right there with either a notebook or my little white laptop (Fun Fact: his name’s Olexi, just like Tupper’s little ram in Galleries of Stone.) So during those scraps of time, I scribble and tap for all I’m worth. And it’s progress. : )  I have some nifty stuff to share this week—news, art, and links. Take a gander!

08 Olexi

This week’s accumulation:
♦ I linked everyone earlier this morning to an article on Marketta Gregory interviewed me as a part of a series of articles on Christian fiction for teens. The best books remind teens the Bible isn’t boring >>

Marketta: What Christian books for teens would you recommend?
In my opinion, the best books remind us that the Bible isn’t boring, church isn’t a chore, prayer connects us to our Maker, and Christians will stand out.

To see which titles I recommended, go read the whole article. And while you’re there, leave some comments, check out the other articles in “The Importance of Teen Literature” series, and take part in a Threshold giveaway!

cover_Apr14♦ The next installment of Angel on High appeared this week in Christian Fiction Online Magazine‘s April issue. On a semi-random note, I was so excited to see Susan Meissner on this month’s cover. I met her last fall because she’s a member of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild, and she was so sweet to chat with. Hooray for local author friends!

M’kay. Back to Koji and the story of his beginnings. ★ I’m so encouraged to know that y’all are enjoying his story. This is part 2 of 10, so there’s still plenty of story ahead, but “Milk and Honey” began this way…

On the fringes of heaven are secret places.
Storehouses of rainbows. The birthplaces of dew and dawn.
In these safe havens stand towers of milk-white stone,
where records are kept. From on high, angelic archivists
gaze into creation, watching to see what God will do.

More about Angel on High >>

♦ A quick reminder that we’ll be doing a milestone celebration on Wednesday, April 23 in honor of The Hidden Deep’s book birthday. There’ll be a special character Q&A session, an invitation to talk about your favorite parts and/or quotes from Book 2, a review challenge, and special giveaways. The grand prize will be an annotated copy of Threshold Series, Book 2: The Hidden Deep … which means I’ll be rereading the book and making notes and comments in the margins. If you want to be ready, I’d encourage you to do a re-read now! Refresh your memory and highlight your favorite lines/moments.

♦ It’s been a while since I mentioned the FREE short stories that are companions to the Threshold Series. They’re illustrated by Anna Earley and tell the stories behind the main story. Are these titles in your virtual library?

_Short Stories 1, 2, 3

♦ And finally, I’m sharing new art! Those of you who’ve read the entire series will likely recall the scene that inspired “Out of Season.”

Out of Season by StellaCandente

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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