Tried and True, Chapter 96: Coming Changes

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Chapter 96: Coming Changes

“Your voice is low,” Adin said, hanging onto Taweel’s arm.

“Deep,” agreed Weft.

“And big,” Adin added. “Will my voice get bigger?”

“Your voices will change,” Taweel confirmed, unfurling his wings in order to catch Tamaes, who was shyer about demanding attention. The Guardian held all three close while he could. Adin and Tamaes would go to mentors soon, and that would be goodbye. “Many things will change.”

“You changed,” Tamaes said.

Weft nodded eagerly. “You sing!”

“And your wings, too,” murmured Tamaes, who was swathed in their purple light.

To Taweel’s embarrassment, the boys held their breath and listened.



Author’s Note: This story in small chapters is a prequel to Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series [Zonderkidz] and updates every weekday (Monday through Friday). More information can be found on the Tried and True index page. And don’t forget, story art is on display in my gallery.

Tried and True, © Copyright 2013-2014 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved. If you want to receive an email whenever my stories update, consider subscribing to this blog. You can also watch for notifications on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Tried and True, Chapter 96: Coming Changes

  1. Erin Edkins says:

    Thnx so much for writing this series, im always eager to get on my email and see if there’s a new post. I’mn looking forward to what happens next.


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