The Week’s Accumulation lxxxii

This was one of those deeply-entrenched writing weeks when I was virtually scarce and rather late with my Tried and True posts. To be honest, I adore weeks like this. Whatever book I’m writing absorbs most of my time and thoughts. Even my dreams are swamped by scenes and scenarios. My focus is inexhaustible, and chapters fall into place. The plot drives me to finish. And in point of fact, this week I did finish a manuscript! -confetti toss- But more about that below. Take a gander!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ For the last three weeks, I’ve been living and breathing the world of Galleries of Stone, my fantasy trilogy. A mountain touched by magic. Freydolf the master sculptor. The boy he hires as a servant. [More about the story here.] I’ve always felt that too many fun things got lost in the time skip between the second and third sections. So in preparation for publishing Book 2: Harrow, I opted to expand the story. Four new chapters add some 17,000~ words to the tale. I’m quite pleased with the results!

Book 1: Meadowsweet is available now | Book 2: Harrow releases April 8

Meadowsweet by CJMilbrandt, 300w   Harrow 300w

If you enjoy fantasy stories, I’m publishing these family-friendly books under my maiden name. You can keep up with these adventures at I’d encourage you to follow that blog via email subscription. I’ll also be releasing a quarterly newsletter for Galleries of Stone readers, beginning at the end of this month. Subscribers will get a sneak peek at future plans for Galleries companion stories … and a brand new kids series for young readers! ; )

♦ My husband returned from a 10-day trip to the Holy Land yesterday, and he kept his promise to bring home something special. Postcards! So on Monday, I’ll be doing a giveaway. In order to have a chance to receive a postcard from Israel, you’ll need to be a newsletter subscriber. So make sure to sign up! Then on Monday, watch your inbox for further instructions. Only the first twenty to respond will find a souvenir of the Holy Land in their mailbox! : )

Fun Facts
♦ I’ve been to Israel twice, and a return visit is planned for next winter.
♦ My agent had a hard time contacting me to let me know that Zondervan wanted to publish The Blue Door because I was in Israel at the time. I was able to thank God for His perfect timing and celebrate this good news beside the Sea of Galilee.
♦ Even though I’m a happy homebody, I’ve tiptoed through wavelets along the blue-green Mediterranean’s shore, risen early to watch the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee, and braved the inky, water-filled secret passage known as Hezekiah’s Tunnel.

♦ I may have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Thank you to everyone who’s been commenting on the weekdaily updates of Tried and True! Your insights, reactions, speculations, and hopes are a real encouragement. And it’s always fun when storytelling takes on an interactive element. ; )

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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