The Week’s Accumulation lxxxi

My weekly post is a day late, and for the usual reason. I didn’t have time to write because I was wrapped up in writing. I’m very close to wrapping up the final chapter of a book, and I’m very excited to see it through. You see, the second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy will be releasing in April, and it’s nearly ready to go! But there are other points of interest from the week past. And I’m prepared to share them with you.

This week’s accumulation:
cover_Mar14♦ I think the most exciting event this week was the arrival of the March Issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. My column debuted, kicking off a brand new Threshold Series serial—Angel on High.

Summary: As the newest member of his order, Koji is eager to learn what it means to be an Observer. But looking and listening lead to trouble when he spots danger and overhears secrets. Heaven’s archivists weren’t made for battle, but Koji will need a warrior’s courage to be ready for the unusual plans God has for him.

Part One: “Stardust and Sneezes” >>

If you haven’t yet read the first installment, I encourage you to do so. If you have, I’d love to know what you thought. And I’m very excited to be sharing the second part of Koji’s story in Christian Fiction Online Magazine‘s April issue. ♥

3-10-2014 8-38-56 AM♦ I received a nice bit of news this week. It’s come to my attention that The Blue Door was nominated for the Lamplighter Award. The purpose of this award is to encourage kids “to read wholesome and uplifting books by providing lists each year of the best literature.” My book is one of ten that teachers and librarians will give to young readers. Then the kids will vote for their favorite. I’m delighted that the Threshold Series will find a new share of readers because of this program. I hope some of them will find their way here. : )

♦  I’d like to share new art, this time of Prissie and Koji in springtime. ♥

Springtime by rougemarieNewsletter alert! I’m planning to release March’s newsletter on Monday the 17th, so if you haven’t yet subscribed to this monthly bundle of exclusive news and sneak peeks, please hop onto the mailing list. NEWSLETTER >>

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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