In which I celebrate a Keeper and his mountain…

Authorial Endeavor #034. Those of you who’ve been around for a while know that I wrote a serial here on my blog back in 2012. Galleries of Stone unfolded one chapter every day for a whole year. [More about that here.] Last fall, I took down the story in order to get it ready to publish. After breaking that 300,000-word monster into a nice, tidy trilogy, I published Book 1: Meadowsweet on December 1, 2013 under my maiden name. Book 2: Harrow is set to release this coming April, and today I unveiled the cover over on But I’m sharing my news here, too. : )

When the gray mountain’s Keeper hires a new
servant, everything changes. For both of them.

Meadowsweet by CJMilbrandt, 300w   Harrow 300w

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6 thoughts on “In which I celebrate a Keeper and his mountain…

  1. I’m looking at that blog title and wondering if it would have been more accurate to say, “In which I celebrate a mountain and her Keeper…” Morven might not take well to the notion that she belongs to anyone! Freydolf is hers.

    : )


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