COVER REVEAL: Tried and True

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Taweel’s Story. As promised, I’m revealing the brand new cover for Tried and True, the serial that delves into Taweel’s past and introduces him to Omri … Loris & Weft … Adin & Tamaes … and most recently, a Worshiper named Asaph. If you’re not reading along, please do! The tale’s already more than seventy chapters strong, with new updates coming your way each weekday. Subscribe to this blog, and you won’t miss an update. I also tweet about new chapters, so follow me @ChristaKinde on Twitter.

I’ve already shared thumbnails and sketches for this artwork, which was created by the immensely talented Anna Earley ♦ Anna Earley Illustration.

But without further ado, the cover…

Tried and True

What do you think? : )

30 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Tried and True

    • -laugh- My husband (a pastor and Bible teacher) would be more likely to ask what possessed me to come up with yahavim. Part of my reasoning behind these littlest angels was a desire to reverse-engineer our stories about fairies. What if wee ickle pixies were actually angels? In my storylines, the yahavim are the easiest order of angels for people to catch glimpses of, which gave rise to fairy tales in our day and age.

      I wrote more about my manna-makers in a post during the countdown for The Hidden Deep. Here’s a link to it! : )


  1. Emma H says:

    Wow! That cover is amazing! I really like how Adin and Tamaes look almost the same at first glace, but closer inspection reveals plenty of differences. : )


  2. Kiara says:

    I love the cover so much! It’s SO beautiful. :) Like someone mentioned above, Adin and Tamaes’ differences and similarities are so cool. Like how their hair color is the same, but if you look close, you see that it’s styled a little differently. Adin’s eyes and face are a bit sharper than Tamaes’, Tamaes’ eyebrows are thinner. Tamaes just looks generally softer and gentler, like how I imagined him. (And yup, I counted 4 yahavim too!)


    • I always provide my artists with a list of both physical traits and personality quirks. Anna Earley excels at translating those prompts into people. It’s pure authorial joy to see my characters come to life in her art.


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