The Week’s Accumulation lxxvii

My desktop is comfortably cluttered after a week that allowed me some creative space. It’s tough to strike a balance between writing time, promotional efforts, and sock-sorting. But this week was a good’un. I finished a couple of things. (Nothing is more mood-elevating for a writer than getting something done.) Good news and good art arrived in my inbox. And y’all have been keeping things lively by chatting with me in comments. So let’s do some show-and-tell while I put my clutter on display for Valentine’s Day. ♥

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Last weekend, I was able to host a book table for the friendly folk at The Branch, my home church here in San Diego. Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it here, but my husband’s one of the pastors, so “Mrs. Pastor” is on my list of unearned credentials. Here’s a snapshot taken last Sunday:

02.09.14 Booktable

♦ This week’s been full of fun extra posts, all of which spurred on more interesting conversations in the comments. I’ll share just a few.

From the Valentine’s Day Invitation:

♦ I was wondering, what happens when a Guardian Falls? Is that person Guardian-less, or is a new angel Sent?
♦ Marcus and Ransom, do you guys have any nicknames for each other?
♦ Do you believe that we have Guardian Angels ourselves?
♦ Hey Prissie, can I have one of Tansy’s kittens? I love cats and would take good care of him or her.

Which led to the Pick of the Litter post, where I used the comments to share odds and ends about my feline-infested childhood (I say that fondly):

♦ I grew up with barn cats, and many of them were polydactyl. Do you know what that means?
♦ Thanks to the neighbor down the road, who owned a male Siamese, we’d occasionally get kittens that were white with gray points!
I always, always, always claimed the runt of the litter.

Tansy's Kittens by Terri Delgado_

There’s more Q&A, trivial bits, and nonsense in the comments on both those posts. If you have a chance, go back and read through them. ; )

♦ What were some of the kitten names we came up with this week? I have a list! (And new art to share!)

Strudel ♦ Marzipan ♦ Thing-a-ma-jig ♦ Wifi ♦ Mouse
Myron ♦ Milo ♦ Adagio ♦ Button ♦ Hymn No. 87 ♦ Yo
Camo ♦ Twinkle ♦ Patches ♦ Princess ♦ Starlight

Prissie, hairbrush

♦ May I just say it’s also nice that you’ve started responding with comments to my weekdaily updates of Tried and True. By all means, keep it up. I can’t always answer your questions because of my firm No Spoilers policy, but I like hearing your reactions and speculations. ♥

♦ One of the pieces of art cluttering up my desktop is a set of rough sketches from Anna Earley, who’s done the book covers and illustrations for my short stories. She’s been working her way through my serial covers, which start as nothing more than wee ickle thumbnails like the ones below. Which of these would you have picked for Tried and True?

Tried and True, thumbnails

♦ February’s newsletter went out earlier this morning. If you missed it, fear not! There’s always next month. I’m already plotting and planning the treats for March’s issue, so join the virtual mailing list (and include your address if you want to be added to my traditional one!)


So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


14 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation lxxvii

  1. I like number 1, but number 2 is really close. ( #1 goes with your other covers, and it reminds me that Taweel is getting attached to the new angels, who are helping to bring him out of his misery) Will Anna Earley put Omri in there? :)


    • All three covers have something in their favor. Anna always makes it hard for me to choose. Sometimes, I’ll pick elements from two or three different thumbnails, and she’ll create a cover with all my favorite parts.

      And yes, Omri will also be on the cover. ♥


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