The Week’s Accumulation lxxvi

I’m trying to remember what happened this week. Most of it was spent in a creative haze. If you’re a writer, maybe you can relate. Before I can write a story, I have to think about it. Thinking clearly is a big part of the storytelling process. Usually, I refer to this stage as “establishing the rules” of whatever universe I’m writing in at the moment. To the casual observer, this probably looks a lot like me sitting in a chair, staring out the window.  Catch some hints of what’s been on my mind lately in this week’s clutter heap!

The week’s accumulation:
♦ Last weekend, my daughter and I attended the author’s reception for the San Diego Public Library’s 48th Annual Local Author Exhibit. Our city’s new central library is rather epic, a nine-story showpiece with windows aplenty to take in the views.


Local Author Exhibit 2013, 3 titlesAfter the opening spiel, we bypassed the buffet line and dove into the stacks. Dozens of glass display cases were arranged throughout the first floor to show off books written by local authors during 2013. I released three major titles this past year: The Hidden Deep [Zondervan, April 2013], The Broken Window [Zondervan, August 2013], and Meadowsweet by C. J. Milbrandt [December 2013]. There’s a companion post over on my other blog if you want a little more detail about my evening.

♦ Yesterday, I made a special Valentine’s Day offer. If you’d like to receive something sweet in your mailbox, pass along your address.

♦ My next monthly newsletter will come out on Friday, February 14. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do! You won’t want to miss this one. I’ll be sharing the summary and an excerpt from the Threshold-based serial I’ll be writing for my new monthly column in Christian Fiction Online Magazine. There’ll also be a sneak peek at the postcard art for Book 4.  SUBSCRIBE HERE >>

♦ Let’s share some new art! If you played along with Prissie’s birthday game, you’ve probably already had a peek at this one. Today, I’m officially adding “Cheering Up” to the story art gallery for The Garden Gate.

Cheering Up by MistyTang

♦ One of the other fun things cluttering up my desktop right now is a series of thumbnails from Anna Earley. She’s creating the book cover for Tried and True! Maybe by next week, I can share a sketch. For those of you not already reading this serial, it’s 65 chapters along, and some familiar faces have joined Taweel. Give it a go! : )

Meadowsweet♦ Again… now that The Garden Gate is officially “out there,” you can leave reviews on sites like Amazon and B&N. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes a minute or two to leave a review. Those things make my publisher really happy.

♦ Lastly, for readers of Galleries of Stone, I’ll be revealing the artist’s sketch for the cover of Book 2: Harrow this weekend. The book’s scheduled to release in April. It’s safe to say that Aurelius helps make the second installment in the trilogy look fabulous. If you like family-friendly fantasy, you can read the first several chapters as they were originally posted back in 2012 … right here! And to keep up with news about the books I publish under my maiden name, follow my blog and subscribe to the quarterly newsletter. Thanks!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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