Valentine’s Day Invitation


Beau tapped Prissie’s shoulder, and she turned away from a spinner of Valentine’s cards to meet his concerned gaze. “Don’t worry so much, Sis.” He poked at the furrow between her eyebrows, smiling when she swatted his hand away. “Relax. You like this kind of stuff.”

“Meaning you don’t?”

He glanced around with a pained expression at the metallic glare of heart-shaped balloons, oversized boxes of chocolates, and doily-festooned sentiments. “No lie. I’d rather be in the bookstore.”

—excerpted from The Garden Gate, Chapter 9: The Truest Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I’m preparing a mailing! Those who’ve been around for a while probably already know how much I enjoy traditional mail—stationary, notes, postcards, stamps. If you join my mailing list, I drop things off at the post office from time to time. Like the art cards I have made for every story … and postcards from all over when my family travels.

Would you like a Valentine? ♦ email me your address
christa [dot] kinde [at] gmail [dot] com

Last month, I kicked off a monthly newsletter. Subscribers get first looks at book covers, excerpts from whatever I’m writing, and other exclusive stuff. (It’ll be different every time, so it’s hard to predict what’ll turn up in your inbox!) ♥ The next newsletter will be ready on Friday, February 14, so if you haven’t signed up yet … please, do!  Here’s what I have planned:

♦ Postcard reveal for Book 4: The Garden Gate
♦ Excerpt from a brand new Threshold-based serial, which will debut in Christian Fiction Online Magazine in March

subscribe-buttonWhen you subscribe to the newsletter, you have the option to add your street address or P.O. Box. That’s just another opportunity to sign up for postcards … or in this case, Valentines! ♥

Any Valentine’s Day wishes? We can have a heart-to-heart in the comments! Any questions for the cast of the Threshold Series? They’re never far.  ; )

Marcus  Study Buddies

AUTHOR NOTE: The comments below are loads of fun, but they contain

28 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Invitation

    • If a guardian angel is unable to fulfill his duties for any reason, his mentor would step in. If both mentor and apprentice were prevented from serving for some reason, then yes … I think God would Send another.


    • Ransom: You want a nickname?
      Marcus: Like what?
      Ransom: I dunno. You got an embarrassing middle name I can exploit?
      Marcus: No. You?
      Ransom: Unless you wanna start calling me Cupcake, I got nothin’.
      Marcus: Let’s go with that.
      Ransom: Uhh … Cupcake?
      Marcus: Nothing.
      Ransom: Good call. Nope. No nicknames, Miss Kiara. Me and Marcus are on a first-name basis.


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