The Week’s Accumulation lxxv

This week’s been festive, what with the release of The Garden Gate happening smack dab in the middle of it. But that’s far from the only thing going on. A brand new serial, a mammoth Q&A session, an author’s reception, and new art. This week’s clutter is downright newsworthy. Check it out!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ First off, let me remind you that there’s an e-book sale underway right now. You can still get digital versions of the first three books in the Threshold Series for $2.99 each, a significant savings. This sale ends February 3.


Book 1: The Blue Door$9.99  $2.99
Book 2: The Hidden Deep$9.99  $2.99
Book 3: The Broken Window$9.99  $2.99

♦ To celebrate The Garden Gate‘s book birthday, I hosted a Q&A session here on my blog. I’ll be honest. I was expecting maybe 8-10 questions, but you guys are amazing! Questions for me and questions for the cast came flying from all directions. Last time I checked we were over 160 comments on that post alone. Plus, one of you found my Baird interview from back when The Hidden Deep was releasing and asked more questions. ♥ Go back through and see what’s been added since you last checked in. Ask more questions if you like, or save up. I’ll host another Q&A session later this spring.

♦ Now that The Garden Gate is officially “out there,” you can leave reviews on sites like Amazon and B&N. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes a minute or two to leave a review. Those things make my publisher really happy.

♦ Something unexpected happened yesterday, and it contributed to the clutter on my desktop. Thanks to my editor and my publicist over at Zonderkidz, I was virtually introduced to the editor of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, where I’ve been given a monthly column in their Middle Reader section. Here’s where it gets extra fun! They’re letting me use the column for a serial—a story that’s released in monthly installments. Can you guess which angel’s story I plan to tell? ★

♦ Let’s share some new art! If you played along with Prissie’s birthday game, you’ve probably already had a peek at this one. Today, I’m officially adding “Blue Wings” to the story art gallery for The Garden Gate.

Blue Wings by Seague

♦ Tonight, I’ll be attending the kick-off reception for the San Diego Public Library’s 48th Annual Local Author’s Exhibit. Every year, they put out the call to authors in the greater San Diego area to share any books they published during the year. The exhibit will run for the entire month of February in the downtown library. This year, I’ll have three books in the display: The Hidden Deep [April 2013], The Broken Window [August 2013], and Meadowsweet [December 2013]. I’ll bring my camera. : )

Angels on Guard isn’t showing up yet in virtual bookstores, but I’ll let you know as soon as I catch sight of it.

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


9 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation lxxv

  1. LinZ says:

    I really enjoy your books. Is there any other way that an angel can fall besides lying and disobeying God? How did you come up with Tamaes’ and Taweel’s names?


    • I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my books! ✿

      Disobedience can take many forms, so it’s tricky to list all the possible ways for an angel to Fall.

      Taweel’s and Tamaes’s names were both chosen for their meanings. Taweel means “tall,” and Tamaes (which is a variation on Thomas) means “twin.”


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