RELEASE DAY, Book 4: The Garden Gate

One angel rescued. One angel sacrificed. One angel hidden.

The fourth and final volume in the Threshold Series is now available! Quick Summary: The Pomeroys pull together in the aftermath of the storm that shook West Edinton—and Prissie’s faith—to its very foundations. With the encouragement of a brother who’s in on her secret, Prissie finds her feet. With the help of the bane who’s now a brother, she takes a stand. While ranks of the Faithful rally to defend what’s most precious, Prissie discovers that angels aren’t the only ones who are Sent.

The Garden Gate

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“Be a good girl and stay still for me, Prissie. You don’t need to do a thing.”

She froze as he flung Tamaes’s sword straight at her, but Koji shoved hard, pushing her out of danger. Purple wings blossomed before her, knocking aside the blade, which whirled end-over-end before sticking into a pile of lumber stacked against the far wall.

As it quivered, Prissie slapped her hands over her mouth, smothering her scream.

—excerpt from The Garden Gate


Right now, you can buy the first three books in the Threshold Series for $2.99 each. This sale price is good through February 3, 2014 on ebooks. Nab your digital copies today!


Book 1: The Blue Door$9.99  $2.99
Book 2: The Hidden Deep$9.99  $2.99
Book 3: The Broken Window$9.99  $2.99

4 thoughts on “RELEASE DAY, Book 4: The Garden Gate

  1. reghan says:

    I have read the sample of the first two chapters and have been touched deeply to the heart. My book should arrive soon and I can’t wait to start reading. You have a way of putting God’s words into a finely written adventure. Thank you for writing this inspiring series.


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