Q&A Session: Threshold Series

Authorial Endeavor #033. Today’s the release of the fourth and final book in the Threshold Series. To help celebrate The Garden Gate‘s milestone, I’m opening up this Q&A post for readers who may have something on their mind.

“I’ve been wondering….”

This is like an interview. Or a pop quiz. Or an interrogation. (Eep.) You can ask me stuff. Or you can direct your questions at the characters themselves. (Heaven knows, they know their own minds on matters.) My only caution is that you not ask for spoilers. And especially for those of you who were lucky enough to read the ARC of The Garden Gate, don’t reveal anything spoiler-ish. Yep. Jedrick will be enforcing the No Spoilers rule on behalf of readers everywhere.

Stories. Short stories. Serials. Art. Back stories. Side stories. Inspiration. Behind the scenes stuff. Pinterest boards. Discussion questions. Funny stories. Bible references. Stuff.

4 Books 2

Stories 1, 2, RnT

To spark your creativity & curiosity, here are some questions the cast might ask:

♦ Prissie: Am I the only person who doesn’t know what Dad and Momma have planned for my birthday?

♦ Beau: I have a million questions. Where do I even start?

♦ Ransom: Hang on. Am I out of a job?

♦ Padgett: The meanings behind our names are often appropriate. Will you share more?

♦ Baird: Which instrument should Kester pull for this gig? Is this gonna be a cello kind of day? Or a calliope one?  ^__^

I’ll check comments throughout the day and evening. You can also tweet your questions using the #AskChrista hashtag or directly to @ChristaKinde. : )

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188 thoughts on “Q&A Session: Threshold Series

  1. Starr Steele says:

    To Tames,
    I have a phobia of being alone. Can you give me some advice?

    To Baird,
    What’s your favorite color?

    To Prissie,
    Ate you and Ransom ever going to get along?


  2. reghan says:

    To Koji and Marcus
    Do you think you can kindly knock some sense into Prissie so that she can actually be nice and friendly to Ransom


    • Koji: I can only watch and wait to see what God will do. Indeed, I am eager to see what has become possible.

      Marcus: There’s better ones than us to do that knocking. Ransom’s pretty good at talking sense.


  3. I was wondering who is the girl on the front covers of the books?
    To Milo what is your favorite color and what is your favorite meal with the Pomeroys?
    To Marcus what is your favorite activity to do with Ransome?
    To everyone else what is your favorite book, craft, and movie?


  4. Peace says:

    To Prissie
    How on earth do you stand having 5 brothers?? I have 3 and they are all younger than me, but they drive me up the wall ….. DAILY!!!
    To Koji
    What was your first thought when prissie saw you in the tree?
    To Boaz
    Why do you like working the switch board at DeVe?
    To Milo
    Have you ever meet Gabriel ?
    To Jude
    Why do you like chickens?


  5. Hope says:

    To Mrs. P
    I love that all your kids have names from the bible! Did you ever consider having the read up on the history of those of also had their names?
    To Mr. P
    What would you do if you met an angle in your bakery?
    To Baird
    What is your favorite worship song?
    To Kester
    Why do you always dress in a formal fashion?
    How did you and Grandpa meet?
    How did you ask grandma to marry you?
    What were you first thoughts when you meet Milo
    What where your feelings about Prissie crushing on Milo?
    What color are you wings?


    • Milo: Okay, I’m older than I look, but not that old! David’s reign was way before my beginning. But I have it on good authority that someone else in the Hedge was close to the shepherd-king of Israel.


    • Author stepping in here! I’m fielding the question as to why there are no girl angels in my series.

      This comes up a lot, especially since there are so many novels out there with female angels. Here’s the thing. Most theologians agree that angels are spirits. They don’t have a body, let alone a gender. But every time they appear to men and women in the Bible, they are described as young men. So that’s how my story universe spins. No girl angels.


  6. Beth says:

    Do you think Ransom will ever find out your secret?
    Do you have a crush on Prissie? If so do you think that some day you two might get married to each other?


  7. reghan says:

    To all of Prissie’s angel friends,

    When you get hurt is there a certain feeling you get? Is it like when we get hurt or is it less painfull because you are angels?

    Can you die?

    To Koji,

    What about Prissie makes you smile?


  8. reghan says:

    To angels,

    What does an angel look like when he is first created? Is he like glowing extremely bright or what? Have any of you witnessed the creation of an angel?


    • The way my universe ticks, newfoundlings look like children. More specifically, boys between the ages of 10-12. As Loris said a few days ago in Tried and True:

      “A Caretaker recently arrived with twelve youngsters.”

      “New angels?” Weft asked eagerly.

      “So new, they still have stardust between their toes!”


  9. reghan says:

    To angels,

    When a human dies is there a certain kind of heaven just for humans?

    When a human dies do there previous thoughts on Earth (assuming they go to heaven) continue in heaven?

    Do pets go to heaven?

    Have you ever seen a dead person in heaven? If so what does he/she look like?

    Do non believers go to heaven or do they go to the devil even if they were good?


    • Hoo boy. These questions are on the doozy level!

      ♦ In the descriptions of heaven in the book of Revelation, humans and angels are together. So no, I don’t think there’s a special version of heaven just for humans.

      ♦ Will you still be you in heaven? Yes, I think so. God made you a unique individual. I’ll bet He’s eager to welcome you home.

      ♦ Pets? The Bible doesn’t say. But Jesus returns to earth riding a horse. I’ve always thought that hinted at the presence of animals in eternity.

      ♦ The Bible says that we’ll be given a new body in eternity. And the Faithful are said to be robed in white.

      ♦ Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6 NIV).

      Ransom: Here’s the deal. There’s just one way to heaven. Being good isn’t good enough. Because sin’s still there to make a mess of things. If it wasn’t for Jesus making a way, none of us would ever make it. So we have to believe Him. With everything we are. So much that it changes us from the inside out. Jesus recognizes those who belong to Him. He calls us friends, brothers, and sisters. And God in heaven becomes our Father. Which kinda makes heaven one big family reunion. Personally… can’t wait. How ’bout you? Are you in?


    • Supernatural things never fail to capture the imagination, so I borrowed a little from what the Scriptures tell us, pondered several possibilities, gave the details a tiny twist, and let the story take flight.


  10. Anonymous says:

    What would you do if you found one of your friends was an angle?
    To the hedge
    Will Prissie ever meet Ethan?
    To Mr.P
    How did you meet Naomi? And how did you ask her to be your wife?
    Will your daughter be having kids any time soon?
    What were you thoughts when Prissie did not believe you, about you being an angel?
    Why did you pick Marcus?? And what are your feelings about all the rumors about him and prissie?
    Did you know Aquilla and his wife?
    Why is your guitar blue?
    Do you have a favorite book or verse of the bible?


  11. reghan says:


    Is there a way to make yourself look younger or will you forever look that way?

    All angels,

    Does heaven get crowded with all of the new angels coming in?


    What was angel school like? Was there many schools for each order?


  12. Diane says:

    To you(Mrs. Kinde):
    What was your inspiration to writing this wonderful series? How long do you think it took to write each book? Do all the Angels name’s mean something, like Milo’s is like, Cheerful- Messanger.
    And my last Q is will you ever come to Minnesota(bloomington) for book signings? (I hear your from Minnesota) that’s all. Thank-you😊📚📚


    • Regarding inspiration…
      Supernatural things never fail to capture the imagination, so I borrowed a little from what the Scriptures tell us, pondered several possibilities, gave the details a tiny twist, and let the story take flight.

      How long did the writing take…
      Oh, hey! I cover that one in my FAQ. Betcha didn’t even know I have one! -wink- and a link

      Regarding angel names…
      Yes! Nearly all the angels’ names were chosen because of what they mean. I chat about that in a couple places: here and here. If you want to know more about a specific angel’s name, go ahead and ask. (Can’t very well go through the whole cast list here! -chuckle-)

      Will I be in Minnesota…
      You betcha! I revisit my hometown at regular intervals. Last time around, my hometown‘s library held and author chat. Watch my blog and/or newsletter for announcements about upcoming public appearances in Minnesota and elsewhere! : )


  13. reghan says:

    To angels

    What do you think is the best way for someone that’s not an angel to help someone believe in God and be faithful? I also know that most of it is in Gods hands but some advice?


    What was your first thought when you first saw angels?


  14. Kiara says:

    Hey! I will apologize in advance for the amount the questions I am sure to have. ;)

    To Ransom: I really like your name!! I’ve always liked creative sounding names. My question is, what made you and Marcus become friends?

    To Marcus: I will not hide the fact that I think you’re awesome. :D Everyone thinks you’re the “bad boy” in school – are you? I mean, you’re an angel, so I wouldn’t think that you would do bad things. And does anyone ever make fun of you at school because of your hair?

    To Koji: I love your patience with Prissie and everyone around you. I think I need to learn some patience – and how to be quiet sometimes and just listen and observe. Think you could teach me some of that?

    To Prissie: My oldest sister likes a lot of the dresses you wear, and her hair’s long too (Although she’s a brunette)! OK, I guess this isn’t a question, I just thought that you two might get along if you met. :)

    To Baird: I know you lead the worship at the DeeVee youth group, but have you ever thought about becoming a youth leader? I think you’d make a great one!

    To Beau: I’m a total book nerd, like you! :D OK, not meaning to call you a nerd, but….anyway….do you have a favorite book or book series?

    To Kester: Really all I can say is that I am SUPER impressed with your knowledge of instruments and how to play them. I’m learning to play the guitar, but it must take a LONG time to learn all of those instruments – which, you know, you’ve been around for a while, so I guess you’ve had time. Kind of off topic, what is the weirdest thing Baird has ever made you do?

    I guess that’s all for now. Thanks guys!


  15. Starr Steele says:

    To all of the angels,

    I need some advice. I have a dear friend who used to come to my church. I don’t see her as much as I used too, but she has begun to drift away from God. What should I do?


    • Author here: Characters tend to show up when you need them, which is probably one of the best parts of being a writer. It’s a thrill when they stroll out of my imagination and into existence. I do apologize to disappoint you ladies, but Beau’s guardian hasn’t yet turned up. But here’s a fun fact: you’ll get to meet Tad’s guardian angel as soon as Angels on Guard releases!


  16. Starr Steele says:

    To Tamaes,
    Do you ever wish people could see you?

    To Ethan,
    Have you ever grow tired of Zeke’s constant mishaps? Did you ever learn how to lace your sandals?


  17. reghan says:


    What was your reaction when you first met Baird?
    What was your reaction when you first tasted human food? What kind was it?
    What was your reaction when you first walked through snow?

    What was your reaction when you first met Baird?
    What was your reaction when you first tasted human food? What kind was it?
    What was your reaction when you first walked through snow?

    All angels

    How did it feel when you were first created?


  18. Reghan says:


    Have you ever listened to the songs

    – when the stars burn down
    – I lift my hands
    – I will follow

    If not you can look it up because they are really heart touching (I have never heard an angel sing so this is by human standards) Christian songs! :-D


  19. Mrs. Christa what is your favorite book series that you did not write? What is your favorite movie?and who was the most fun character to write in the threshold series? (All of them were probably fun) :D


    • Favorite Books… there have been so many, and there will always be more. During my childhood and teen years, I read and re-read classics by L. M. Mongomery (Anne of Green Gables), C. S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Louisa May Alcott (Little Women), J. R. R. Tolkein (Hobbit). College introduced me to folks like Shakespeare, Milton, and Victor Hugo. I’m also a fan of both science fiction (Orson Scott Card) and fantasy (Anne McCaffrey). And mysteries. And light, sweet romances. And adventures. And fairy tales. And quests. And especially happy endings.

      Favorite Character to Write… Urgh! An impossible question. I love whichever one I’m writing at the moment. But I know that’s frustratingly vague. So here’s a for-example. I had a lot of fun writing all those scenes in which Prissie and Ransom end up bickering. : P


  20. Prissie, what is your favorite animal? Because I know your favorite color. :) (It’s the same as mine) I’m 16 and still love pink! :D Have you wanted a sister? If you were my sister you would be awesome! You have tons of the same interests that I do. We both have long blond hair, like to braid it, like the outdoors, cooking, girly things, and of course Jesus!

    Milo, have you gotten girls following you around? Or have you asked a strong Christian girl out? I would guess, girls would think you were handsome. (with that uncommon wonderful shade of blue eyes.) Lol! ;D Plus everything else about you.


    • Our family loves all kinds of music, ranging from fourteenth century choral music in Latin to barbershop. Current favorite in the contemporary Christian genre would include Tenth Avenue North, Audrey Assad, Kutless, Toby Mac, Evan Wickham, Sanctus Real, and … oh, guys! Have you met Leeland?

      YouTube Music Video – Leeland – Count Me In


    • “Calling the Twelve to Him, He sent them out two by two…” (Mark 6:7). This verse was my inspiration for having angels serve in pairs. A mentor and an apprentice serving together. One to guide, one to learn.


    • Not really! Caretakers mostly tame flocks in order to feed the Flights of angels who are Sent into Time. Weavers mostly coax wild yahavim into spinning thread where it’s easy to collect.

      Fun fact: Most flocks look to a Messenger as their shepherd. Which makes sense since the malakim deliver so many “lunch boxes.”


    • Not in the same sense as human families. Caretakers ferry newfoundlings to members of the same order, so mixed batches are quickly scattered. But in the towers and training camps, friendships do form. Still, the closest bonds are forged when an apprentice is found by his mentor.


    • I’ve never had trouble finding artists to commission, and it’s always a thrill to see a character come to life. Since each person has their own style, there’s a lot of variety in my gallery. I think that’s part of the fun. Seeing everyone’s take.


    • Finding the right frame of mind for my angelic characters was one of my early challenges with this series. They’re like us. But at the same time, they’re not. Yes, angels have feelings. But their emotions aren’t sin-tainted.

      Envy? I think angels are too grateful to grasp the point.


    • Yes, certainly. An angel’s Flight is their family. So Tycho would always be protecting Conrad and Ethan. Their names are under his hand. The same’s true for every mentor-apprentice pair in a Hedge. Trumble & Jomei. Othniel & Lucan. Taweel & Tamaes. Kin & Alpheus. Although every Flight isn’t a battle Flight like Tycho’s, that’s still a lot of potential back-up!


  21. Gabriela Garcia says:

    I’m sorry in advance for my ramble…

    To Baird- , I’m the Worship leader at my church, a sunday school teacher, and a youth leader in training. It’s a lot to juggle but I love to worship with my voice above all else. Can you give me some advice on how to minister better to children, teens, and adults. Also why do you love the calliope so much?

    Tamaes- Can you describe the love a guardian feels for their charge?

    Prissie- What bothers you so much about Ransom? Give the guy a chance! He looks to you as an example for a christian. Why won’t you be friendly
    Shimoron (or any) – What happens when an angel falls romantically in love with a human (if it’s ever happened)?

    Marcus- What was your reaction to the rumors about you and Prissie being a couple? How did you feel when Ransom became a christian, do you feel more protective over him than other humans because you to are close friends?

    To Christa – Me and my mom are reading this series together(I’m a newly turned 15 year old in January like Prissie!!!:) ~w~) and she wants to know if you’ve ever actually seen an angel? Also the vocabulary you use is uncommon why is that? I’m a writer and a reader and your books bring me such joy. Like no matter where I am or how moody I am, if I read one page I can’t keep a smile off my face. Can you give me some good tips on how to write an amazing story like yours. Also I noticed that there was a comparison between Ransom and Prissie. Prissie mainly stands strong in her faith is because she sees the supernatural, but honestly it seems like she doesn’t read the Bible directly. On the other hand Ransom, who before he was a christian, read the Bible through and the gospel multiple times. What are your thought on the new generation of christians and on how the defend their faith? Because all my friends from church and school (up until last year I went to a private christian school) were christian but mostly by name because of how they acted. I pray for them every night that they may form personal relationships with God but I hardly see them anymore and it seems like many of them had either drifted or “Fallen” after entering high school. How do I go about helping them. On the topic of Ransom and Prissie; I am a major shiper ( i ship book characters a lot!!!) and Ransom and Prissie are becoming my OTP. Will they ever get along and is there a chance of a relationship in the future….maybe….pleaseeee:)

    Thanks so much Christa!! Your books have inspired me and stirred me into becoming a stronger christian, and they’ve really helped me in my social life on how I should stand in my faith instead of hiding it by not mentioning it. And just to share a few days ago my history class was on the topic of religion and there was a public survey on what religion we all were and everyone EVERYONE!!! IN my high school class was a christian!!!(different denominations though) And i go to school in the BAy Area. It made me so happy! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me though your books!!! I love your entire series and all the side stories! I await for more!!! :) ;)


    • Baird: People of all ages want the same things. Answers (so learn some). Honesty (so be you). Kindness (so be nice). More (so be generous).

      And a calliope is so chipper, you’d never guess it’s an organ! ♫♫♫


    • Prissie: It’s hard to explain why Ransom is annoying. Maybe it’s because he never stays at a polite distance. It’s like he’s never heard of small talk. He asks questions I can’t answer. He makes me uneasy with myself.


    • Marcus: Rumors are for ignoring. Ransom’s faith means forever, something that’s probably hard for you to wrap your head around. But I’ve been there, and he’ll be there too. And that’s joy. Pure joy. And yeah, of course I’m more protective of him. Pretty sure that’s part of what it means to be a friend.


    • Have I ever seen an angel…
      Maybe. I actually answer that question over on my Threshold Series media page.

      I have an “uncommon” vocabulary…
      Guilty as charged. And believe it or not, I really hold back in the Threshold Series. My editors sometimes scold me for using words No One Knows. But sometimes I push back because they’re such fun words! As for the whys and wherefores, my inner syllabary is probably the result of a childhood steeped in books.

      How to write like me…
      Eh. I’ll write like me, you write like you! ; ) Seriously, the person you are at the heart peeks out when you write. Some authors talk about finding your voice, and that only comes through practice. So if you want to write, get crackin’!


    • Comparisons between Ransom and Prissie…
      Yes, this series places them side by side, making it easy to compare their stories. Your assessments ring true.

      Defending our faith…
      You can’t defend something you don’t understand, so get your head involved. And nothing will change unless your heart does. Go to God for that one. Honestly. Earnestly. Often.

      Praying for friends…
      You may never see the results of your prayers this side of heaven. But that’s okay. You be Faithful. And if your friends have drifted away, look around. Maybe God has put you in the path of someone else who needs you.

      Ah, a fellow romantic! ♥ The future is full of possibilities and impossibilities. I’ll let readers know if a sequel’s in the offing. ; )


    • Author here: I feel like I should be lining the Flight up in age order. But let’s just go with a few generalities:

      ♦ Shimron, Baird, and Othniel are all First Ones, so they’ve witnessed all of Time.
      ♦ Thanks to Tried and True, y’all know that Taweel was an apprentice during the time of Moses.
      ♦ Kester’s first taste of Time happened during the reign of Solomon.
      ♦ Jedrick remembers the Babylonian captivity, when Daniel was carried off.
      ♦ Harken was a child during the life of Jesus on earth.
      ♦ Milo is a mere babe by comparison, but his age is in the triple digits.
      ♦ Ephron’s also been around for hundreds of years.
      ♦ Marcus is much newer, still in double digits.
      ♦ And Koji is younger than Prissie. ★


  22. Elizabeth says:

    Prissie: Happy Belated Birthday! What was it like to find out that you had Angels living right in your town. was hard to find out that Milo was an angel?


    • Prissie: Thank you! And finding out about the angels was strange and unsettling. People I trusted had been keeping secrets. Things I took for granted vanished. What I thought was important … changed.


  23. Mrs. Christa in your books do you put people you know as characters? Like the personality of the person you are basing the character on? Or do you completely start from scratch and make there personalities and interests as you go?


  24. I have heard Count Me In by Leeland. I hear it a lot on 99.5 down here in Springfield MO. It is a good one! I have never met them though. I like Tenth Avenue North, Kutless, Sanctus Real, Toby Mac, and lots more! I have seen Toby Mac in concert at Winter Jam.

    What is your favorite food and why?


  25. To Mrs. Kinde: Will you write any more books/stories that go along with the Threshold Series?(where people can see angels) If so, will you write anything about Beau’s experience(s)?


    • I just finished an email to my editor with six different story/short story/series ideas in the Threshold universe. So, yes. I’ll write more. Lots more. ♥

      And yes, Beau will get his turn! ; )


    • Beau: I knew it was Milo laying there, but at the same time, it couldn’t be … y’know? But after all the stuff he’d taught us in Sunday school, it felt right for him to be an angel. Meant to be. Perfect.


  26. Ireland Willow says:

    I’m crazy about music, literally!! (Whenever and wherever a song comes on that I know, I at least hum it, I’m pretty brave when it comes to that.) so, any ways, have you ever listened to… Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, Robot by Trip Lee, Royal Tailor, Lecrae, Mary Mary… the list goes on and on. PS I totally wish I could get your # and text you!! XD


  27. Anonymous says:

    Koji- Will you come back to visit Prissie?
    Tamaes- Do guardians ever get frustrated with their charge?
    Baird- What was it like to be a graft at so many different times?
    Taweel- Why do you always grunt when Tamaes asks you a question?


  28. Anonymous says:

    Prissie- I have five brothers too, but I’m wondering how in the world you aren’t a tomboy. Don’t you ever want to do the stuff your brothers do?


  29. Koji- are you going to come back to visit Prissie?
    Tamaes- do guardians ever get frustrated by their charge?
    Taweel- why do you always grunt when Tamaes asks a question?
    Prissie- I’ve got five brothers too, but I can’t understand how you aren’t a tomboy. Don’t you ever want to do the stuff that your brothers do?


    • Taweel:
      Milo: I don’t think “grunt” captures the delicate nuances in Taweel’s non-verbal communication skills.
      Baird: Totally! And let’s not forget the huffs and snorts. Depths of meaning!
      Milo: Those of us who know Taweel best have are able to interpret his assorted noises.
      Baird: The concerned grunt. The surprised grunt. The disapproving grunt. The isn’t-Omri-cute grunt.
      Milo: We should stop.
      Baird: Yep. Stopping.


    • Prissie: Everyone expects me to be a tomboy, but I’m not. I grew up wanting to be a lady like my Grandma Nell and my Aunt Ida. And I wanted to be a princess. Obviously, that doesn’t mean I can’t do the same things as my brothers. I can drive a tractor, and I have just as many chores as they do. And I go along on camping trips and help with the harvest. But … I can do all that and still be myself.


    • No worries. ; )

      Let’s save up any more questions for the next Threshold Q&A session, which is scheduled for Friday, August 22. We’ll be celebrating the book birthday of The Broken Window!


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