The Week’s Accumulation lxxiii

I played catch-up this week. When I’m entrenched in a manuscript, whether writing or editing, other things tend to slide. So part of this week was spent in dealing with little piles of what-not: sending out postcards, replying to emails, and learning the ins and outs of sending a newsletter. This week’s authorial clutter is especially nice, due in part to a cover reveal. Come and see!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ My very first newsletter was sent out into the world this morning. Thank you to everyone who subscribed! If you missed out this time around, fear not! There’s always next month. I’m already plotting February’s exclusive content. Sign up here >>

♦ One of the things I did this week was write a new bio for my upcoming devotional. This is bafflingly hard. If I don’t know me, who does? The blurb we used for the Threshold Series feels like it belongs to a fiction writer. And that’s only part of what I do. So it was time to tackle another facet of my personality … while remaining true to myself. Here’s part of that bio:

Christa Kinde believes in bright colors, good manners, crazy socks, word games, cat naps, and postage stamps. But most of all, she believes in God.

Have you ever had to describe yourself? What would you put in a list of things you believe in?

♦ Let’s do that cover reveal! I’m all kinds of delighted with Anna Earley’s art for my short stories, so it was a no-brainer to have her do book covers for my serials. She finished the one for Rough and Tumble yesterday!

_Rough and TumbleI love that these Threshold companion tales all have the same look. Look forward to another short story, which is coming soon. Angels on Guard is scheduled to release in February. And Anna will be developing the cover for Tried and True over the next few weeks. I’ll probably be able to share sketches soon.

Stories 1, 2, RnT

♦ Did you catch the fun facts and trivial bits in the comments of the last Countdown post? Remember… when you chat with me, I chatter back! ; )

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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