In which I find new ways to be newsy…

Authorial Endeavor #032. With the turning of the year, I finally got around to an item that’s been lurking on my authorial To Do list for many months. After a day of rummaging around the MailChimp site, I’m ready to issue my very first newsletter! Some of the stuff in these monthly emails will be the same kinds of things you read here every Friday. But to give y’all sufficient incentive to subscribe, I’ll save extra-special fun stuff for my newsletter. For instance, the January edition will include an excerpt from the devotional I’m writing now. I won’t be posting that scene to my blog, so to read it … you’ll need to subscribe!

Signing up is super easy. Follow the link to the form. Provide your email address, and if you want to receive postcards from me, I’ve included a spot for that. I’ll issue January’s newsletter this coming Friday, so be quick. And spread the word. ♥

Cover reveals. Story excerpts. New art. Good news.
Sign up to hear all the fun stuff first! : )


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